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Group Park 2


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Ech, sorry for all the issues D: My Internet has been fixed for now, but I wont get involved in the park until I'm sure it's good to go...
I didn't do a whole lot of work, nothing I cant recreate so it shouldnt be an issue for my next turn, but yeah Im real sorry for all the delays I've caused :(

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6 hours ago, Squab said:

Done for tonight. I will finish this area up tomorrow and upload.  Suggestions appreciated.

Dueling Inverted Impulse Coasters (completely ripped from Cedar Point's Wicked Twister^_^)




Oi oi oi, never thought about a Dueling Inverted Impulse Coaster. I hope I can still give Banana a friend closeby. Else I got to think about a name and such.

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43 minutes ago, Broxzier said:

Please include the list when you're done, and also a screenshot please @Philmon11.

Claimed: Broxzier
Next In Line: WobblyRails, UTMAN, jensj12, Philmon11, Squab
Missed Turn: imlegos, Enner, xbalogan

I'm not on that list. :o Also, Wasn't Squab still building on the park.

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2 hours ago, jensj12 said:

Working: Squab
Next In Line: Broxzier, WobblyRails, UTMAN, jensj12, Wuis, Philmon11, Squab
Missed Turn: imlegos, Enner, xbalogan

@Broxzier  Jens post is correct as I still have it claimed..  I will upload by 10PM Eastern US time (5 hours behind GMT) tonight!  All I need to do is complete the station for the duel impulses and tidy up the area with fences and path items.

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Done!  I decided to not create a building for a station but instead built a gardens type atmosphere.  Canopies would be nice on the queue paths but I do not have time for that right now.  I also went around and added a ton of benches and trashcans in populated areas.  Here is a screenshot (I like the screenshot w/ upload idea @Broxzier):


Few things to note for the next few turns:

  • Bathroom complaints
  • Frozen Eggplant is all sorts of broken
  • Guests are getting stuck in places 

And the list/file:

Park FileCommunity Park V2.58.sv6
Next In Line: @Broxzier, WobblyRails, UTMAN, jensj12, Wuis, Philmon11, Squab
Missed Turn: imlegos, Enner, xbalogan


Edited by Squab
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10 hours ago, Philmon11 said:

Hey brox, when it's your turn (only because you did this with teslas return track) can you make the track invisible for my airplane coaster untill it enters the building? Sorry to ask this, but I have NO IDEA how to do it myself. (Boo!)

I'm not so sure if that is the smartest idea, as you don't have a marked terrain which shows exactly the borders of your coaster, and there still needs to be built around that area.

@Squab Is it doing so again. O_o

Edited by Wuis
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5 minutes ago, xbalogan said:

Has anyone claimed or could I possibly do so? My Internet is pretty stable now so I feel I could actually complete something :P

The great @Broxzier is working on the park currently. I think you can claim the turn after him though as you are on the missed turn list.

Edited by Wuis
hmm though or already
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It seems a vehicle malfunction makes trains stop at the station and call a mechanic to the station it's stuck in. I guess we can fix that by adding an entrance with a no entry sign in front of it.

One of the temporary shortcut bridges is cut off near the last duelling impulse coasters.

Seems like someone forgot to add an attraction on the big rock, paths are still there :P 

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7 hours ago, Wuis said:


@Squab Is it doing so again. O_o

Yes.  I could not close Frozen Eggplant as it was broken down.   Also, I think there are pathing issues with the ride.  I could not even figure out where the station was because I could not close the ride temporarily.  Sweet looking coaster though!  Would there have been another way for me to find the station?

Edited by Squab
My English mechanics are pitiful
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