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  1. Don't promote piracy please. Just get the game files from legitimate source, such as GOG and Steam. OpenRCT2 can run natively on Mac, don't use WINE for that.
  2. You might have ran into the object issue. Try opening the saved game locally to make sure have all the required objects, then connect again.
  3. Game data cannot be distributed legally. You will have to copy over your own copy.
  4. I assume you're talking about the Launcher here. The launcher likely tries to download an update, but for some reason the request times out. Try launching the game directly (so not with the launcher, which is not officially part of OpenRCT2), and the game should open immediately. If you do experience the play button being greyed out, just wait for 30 seconds and it should be enabled, even if you get an error.
  5. I agree! Twenty-twenties sounds much better than two-thousands-twenties.
  6. The first one may be because the track type is the same, which causes the game to only list one when you have both rides. The ride selection is really more of a vehicle selection. The latter sounds like a bug. Are you sure they shouldn't be available in the scenario's you noticed this on? I haven't tested it myself, so I can't verify right now.
  7. There are plenty of active groups in the community, and also lots of contests being held in them. Multiplayer is not the only area where people play, and there I haven't noticed a drop in activity at all.
  8. Just try it. Build one underground and see if guests enter it when it rains.
  9. Maybe you accidentally press T while it's starting, that hides all the UI, though it's not persistent. If that doesn't work, try removing your config.ini file from the Documents\OpenRCT2 folder and restart the game.
  10. That calculator must be incorrect then. I do believe there's another calculator that works based on an excel tool, perhaps that one is correct(er).
  11. Hey Christopher and welcome! Great to hear you're enjoying the game so far and good luck on finishing it
  12. OpenRCT2 doesn't require much of your PC. Any processor that can run modern OSes can run the game. If performance gets an issue, try increasing the window scale factor. This also gives it a more nostalgic feeling in my opinion. For Windows, support for Windows XP (and perhaps Vista too) has been dropped. Since you're on Windows 10, that's no issue at all. Do get the x64 version when you can, it's significantly faster in some areas than the 32-bit build.
  13. Eventually this will be possible, but because of the way the game's engine has been written, it's a lot of hassle to move things around, and going to negative coordinates is not possible. Once the new save format is used, we could perhaps look into using negative coordinates and odd park sizes, perhaps not even requiring them to be square.
  14. Do not put them in Documents/OpenRCT2/bin/data/object but in Documents/OpenRCT2/object/. In case you mean track designs rather than a custom ride (.td6 files instead of .dat), Documents/OpenRCT2/track/ is the folder you should put them in.
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