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    • I have had this problem since the release of the NSF but waited to mention it as I felt it would sort out in the updates. I am not sure if it is a number of path tiles (seems to happen when I hit ~50ish) or if it has to do with mixing multiple paths (this seems to cause it right away). I can't do much with that limit. I could not find a similar problem on the issue tracker so wanted to post this to see if there had been similar issues or if someone had a suggestion to fix. Thanks! Odd
    • I had something similar happen. I tried a couple of different things, but then I deleted the tile they got stuck at, and put it back. This worked for me, obviously, that doesn't mean it's for everyone, but it might be worth a try.
    • Guests in my park all end up stuck in this same area.  There are no "Do Not Enter" signs on this path.  The guests turn around when they get to the first stall (left arrow) and then walk to the red ride queue (right arrow) where they turn around again.  This is on OpenRCT2 on the most recent development build.  I can unstick the guests by deleting the first tile of the ride queue, but when I rebuilt it more will get stuck.  Any ideas on how to fix this?
    • I think that’s a good point - it might provide an outlet for them and take the heat off other servers. If all the tasteless stuff is mostly concentrated in one server, it should also be better for everyone - the trolls/immature people get their server, the “normal” users get the other servers. Simply removing the WTF server from the list is not going to cause the trolls to leave - they will just stalk other servers and I think that’s not what the OP (or most people) wants anyway. I would also like to thank you for replying. I prefer dialogue and negotiation to simply laying down rules (except as a last resort).
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