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    • I'm not sure what if have now that isn't already available. But I tend to be a hoarder about saving found tracks, data files, and parks. So its likely that I may have more you would want to add. If you want, I could zip up my entire data folder ( I think my main folder has over 16,000 files. But I likely have more on my portable hard drives. Plus I played the original games way back in the day when they first came out and I know I saved data files on DVDs back then. I'd have to hunt those out, they're packed away somewhere in our junk room. They might contain more content that I've even forgotten about. Now, the issue is in a bit of a wait. I'm currently hospitalized at the moment, hopefully just a few days or so. And I can get that first file to you as soon as I'm out. I can upload it to my Dropbox or elsewhere. I think when I checked the contents, it was a bit less than two GB. Im not even sure, can we send each other pms on here. I can PM you my email so you'll know who I am when you get the file. Tracie
    • I have the same problem.. is there a solution?  
    • Thanks for the reply mate, that is too bad really. Yes, I wanted to raise the land higher than the current limit. Kinda strange though, since almost all other limits are raised up a lot... 🤣  I will find a way to make it work for me👌
    • No, currently not. Please check whether you really need the land to be that high, as it can already be raised quite high (turn on heightmarkers to see if the height still makes sense). If the answer is still yes, it might be possible somewhere in the future, as limits are sometimes being raised. For now, you just have to find another way to do the same concept (you might be able to skip the lower parts of the mountain without attractions).
    • I am really sorry if this has been asked before.  Hi, I am Tempelman and I have been in and out of the RCT community for quite some time, I have had a few websites and created some real tracks and a lot of other content in the past. I also have not played Openrct2 before, I think I have been out too long, haha. Lately I have had an idea to play and create something along the lines of the now defunct theme park of Ghost Town, a theme park accessible through a chairlift on the side of a mountain/hill. I wanted to raise the land more and create like a real high mountain area, but at one point could not raise the land anymore. Is there a way to raise the land even more?
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