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    • Volcania -- Completed all five coasters, all well above 6.7 excitement and the scenario won't complete. Any thought ?   Volcania -- Extreme.park
    • Thanks for the information and suggestions both of you. I have no idea what it was that I did, but after trying loading from saved games, bypassing the launcher, loading autosaves. Something seems to have gone right. Things are working as they should. The help is / was appreciated. Pity to hear about Gymansiast, but things change, and we move on.  :)
    • I saw a few reports on GitHub for crashes that happen when loading the title sequence. It may have something to do with the title sequence not loading properly for you. Can you try opening a saved game directly with OpenRCT2.exe? And can you show the folders inside your Documents\OpenRCT2\bin\data ?
    • With Gymnasiast having left the dev team and me barely playing OpenRCT2 anymore, you probably won't get much detailed OpenRCT2 info on this forum anymore, I'll give a warning to the other devs but that's about as much as I can do. GitHub issues are probably the best way to get detailed help with a long turnaround time, as discord (being the official support channel) tends to drown these discussions. One last thing to try: launch the game from explorer (that is, not using the launcher, save or autosave to open the game, just double-click the .exe or .com file).
    • I've been unable to run OpenRCT2 whether from the launcher, or an autosave, or a save game. I have no idea if this is a windows 11 thing, or an OpenRCT2 thing. I have tried disabling anti-virus, and other intrusion s/w. I have made sure the game has access through the firewall. I have deleted and reinstalled the game. It updates fine, it's just that when I try to launch it, it pops the messages. when I try a saved game all I get is a BLACK screen, if I try an autosave I get a WHITE screen. It doesn't matter if the game is set for windowed or full screen. I have even gone so far as to create a GitHub account. The message box isn't clear (to me) how or where to upload the crash data it generates. This issue has gone from being an intermittent and annoying thing, to not allowing me access to the game. Please could a Dev or influential person let me know how I can get the requested files to whoever can help. The fact that I'm in Australia makes it difficult to get a quick turn around on any responses, since probably most here are either in Europe, UK, or US.
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