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  1. Maybe you accidentally press T while it's starting, that hides all the UI, though it's not persistent. If that doesn't work, try removing your config.ini file from the Documents\OpenRCT2 folder and restart the game.
  2. That calculator must be incorrect then. I do believe there's another calculator that works based on an excel tool, perhaps that one is correct(er).
  3. Hey Christopher and welcome! Great to hear you're enjoying the game so far and good luck on finishing it
  4. OpenRCT2 doesn't require much of your PC. Any processor that can run modern OSes can run the game. If performance gets an issue, try increasing the window scale factor. This also gives it a more nostalgic feeling in my opinion. For Windows, support for Windows XP (and perhaps Vista too) has been dropped. Since you're on Windows 10, that's no issue at all. Do get the x64 version when you can, it's significantly faster in some areas than the 32-bit build.
  5. Eventually this will be possible, but because of the way the game's engine has been written, it's a lot of hassle to move things around, and going to negative coordinates is not possible. Once the new save format is used, we could perhaps look into using negative coordinates and odd park sizes, perhaps not even requiring them to be square.
  6. Do not put them in Documents/OpenRCT2/bin/data/object but in Documents/OpenRCT2/object/. In case you mean track designs rather than a custom ride (.td6 files instead of .dat), Documents/OpenRCT2/track/ is the folder you should put them in.
  7. In the Groups tab in the network window (the one with the pointing finger), make sure that the user group has the permissions set that you want. There should be checkmarks in front of each line, and if not simply click on it to toggle that specific permission.
  8. To me it looks like the issue is with where the builds are being hosted now. It takes a while for them to be available for some reason. Everyone is most likely having this issue, and it seems to resolve itself a few hours after an update, which can be quite annoying. Right now for example, the last download link is https://github.com/Limetric/OpenRCT2-binaries/releases/download/v0.2.3-7730b35/OpenRCT2-0.2.3-develop-7730b35-windows-x64.zip , but that one redirects to this massive link (amazonaws.com), which in turn gives me back a "Unable to connect" page.
  9. Thanks for letting us know. I've made an issue for it on GitHub.
  10. I can confirm that with the latest version the stats are different. Just checked with a version from a few days ago and the currently latest version (77f1905). The stats are slightly different however: Excitement 7.55 (0.17 lower) Intensity 9.18 (0.01 lower) Nausea 10.47 (same as vanilla)
  11. Welcome, Skinny!
  12. Windows XP is becoming a more vulnerable system by the day. You should definitely consider upgrading to an OS that is being maintained.
  13. A new release of OpenRCT2 has been made. Some of the changes include ride ghost simulation while constructing a ride, finding local servers easily, and a reconnect button for multiplayer, along with a bunch of other fixes and changes. Check out the changelog for a more complete list of changes. https://www.reddit.com/r/rct/comments/cbmur6/openrct2_xpost_from_ropenrct2_v023_release/
  14. https://openrct2.org/altapi/?command=get-latest-download&flavourId=9&gitBranch=develop This link is no longer giving any URL for recent Linux builds, nor do they appear on the download list since the last release. Has anything broken?
  15. Unable to open '/home/pi/Games/OpenRCT2-0.1.2/build/data/language/en-GB.txt' You're missing OpenRCT2's localization files. If the build process you used doesn't download them for you, you can do so manually, or copy them over from your local git clone. They're located in the data folder, probably: '/home/pi/Games/OpenRCT2-0.1.2/data/language/en-GB.txt'. Copy over the entire folder, or symlink it. It also looks like you're on version 0.1.2, but that one is ancient. The current release is 0.2.2 and going to be 0.2.3 soon.
  16. Broxzier

    Visual Bug

    Try disabling lighting effects. You first have to enable the day/night cycle to disable it, then disable the cycle again.
  17. Good find, that's not intended. I'll try to find a fix for it today. Edit: Actually I think it is intended, at least in-game, to make sure that whatever is "behind" the surface elements gets cleared. I'm not sure if a giant screenshot without the blackness looks good, but I'll try it out. Edit 2: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/pull/9422
  18. Probably not, though it makes sense for guests to not go on unshelterred rides when it's raining. The most realistic thing would be for them to stop heading to these rides when it begins to rain.
  19. A new option has now been added that makes giant screenshots transparent. This is enabled by default.
  20. Welcome HillsMaster! There are none that I know of, but the community is big so there are surely some.
  21. You can do that by using the exact same build that your brother is using to host the server.
  22. According to the message in the launcher, downloads will be fixed today most likely. It could take 24 hours for the filters to be updated for you. In the meantime, you could download the builds from AppVeyor, though it's difficult to know which one you should get exactly since many of the builds are for specific PRs.
  23. Hi Terry! This page should help you get OpenRCT2 working on MacOS: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/Installation-on-Linux-and-macOS It assumes that you're familiar with MacOS, and uses Wine or have access to a Windows computer to copy over the required files.
  24. Broxzier

    Group Park 6

    Yeah, but it wasn't finished. I did put them all together by the end of 2017, but my laptop died at the time. I should dig up the files to finish the video.
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