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  1. Everything should be back to normal now. Again, thanks for the quick report allowing a quick fix.
  2. Thanks for the report and testing both develop and release. There have been very recent changes to the drawing code (see #15376 and the corresponding PR) right before you posted this issue. Can you check whether it still happens and if so, create a GitHub issue for it? If you don't want to use GitHub, please attach the save (for easier reference) and include the build hash (or just screenshot the text in the bottom-left corner of the main menu) and I'll file an issue to get this fixed.
  3. Adding new coaster types and a new save format are two separate features, so no. Adding new track pieces requires the new save format, but it requires much more than just that. Information about the new save format (including download links) can be found here. For regular builds, the launcher is recommended (develop branch for latest development builds, currently without new save format).
  4. Consider purist mode as playing without cheats or plugins.
  5. You can, if you temporarily change the ride type to a ride that does allow changing the chainlift speed (and maybe also use cheats to set it below the usual minimum value).
  6. I don't know any way to increase the speed through stations. Your best shot there might be to shorten the station (there are cheats to ignore the vehicle limits imposed by station size). For the water coaster you might be able to simulate the effect by adding chain lifts to the water pieces.
  7. What might seem easy for you, can be a nightmare for developers. This one in particular requires a rewrite of the entire drawing engine. I don't think this justifies a new cheat. Perhaps a better way to handle this would be to make the 'rides don't decrease in value' cheat handle the popularity as well. FYI, the renew rides cheat literally refurbishes every single ride without the usual requirements so you don't have to do that manually. No: #2256
  8. The game currently has a limit of how many items it can display at a time (the drawing engine can not draw lists longer than 32767 pixels). You might be able to view a few more by using the filters, or use the search function. For more information, see #592.
  9. A highly requested feature (and one of the first: #450), but none of the developers made any progress on it yet. I'm not sure whether it's because it is hard or no-one tried it yet, but seeing the issue is already open for almost 7 years, probably the former.
  10. That has been suggested many times and it is on the list of things to be added to the game. See #7758
  11. It's not that OpenRCT2 is 'small' enough that Frontier wouldn't care, there simply is no copyright or license infringement. If you want to do something similar with another game, make sure you read their their EULA thoroughly before you do anything unintended (especially look for 'no decompiling or reverse engineering', which has been added to most newer games). (I have no experience with legal stuff and haven't read through much of it)
  12. A fix has been merged into develop 4 hours after my previous post, so updating the game should fix the issue for you.
  13. IIRC, csg is a file containing RCT1 graphics. Please verify whether your linked RCT1 installation is correct. If you installed RCT1 from disk, you need to copy the data directory from disk to the data directory in your RCT1 installation (as it is only partly copied by installing RCT1 and OpenRCT2 wants a file that is not copied by default).
  14. The issue is still open, so it indeed hasn't been fixed yet. It has been assigned to team member so it might get fixed soon.
  15. Can you open the game by going to ../Documents/OpenRCT2/bin and opening OpenRCT2.exe? (OpenRCT2.com is the same program, but might give some more debug information, type cmd.exe in the navigation bar and then openrct2.com in the command prompt window popping up if it goes away too fast).
  16. Going beyond the original limits is usually very stable. There are some edge cases with unexpected behaviour (such as #11756, #12851 or #13746), so that's why it is still marked experimental.
  17. Everything you need to know is already in this thread: go to the options in the top-right of the main menu, set rendering mode to 'Software (hardware display)' and (in the second tab) enable day/night cycle and night lights.
  18. All coaster types have a built-in basic intensity. For the compact inverted coaster, this appears to be quite high. Red stats aren't the only cause of high intensity ratings, almost all stats contribute to all ratings (in particular, inversions boost intensity a lot), red stats can only give simple penalties to the intensity rating.
  19. Some major crashes have been fixed, please update to
  20. Before diving into user-specific issues, it may have been caused by some bad build on the devs side or trying to download the game while a new version is being released. Does the game work now? Does switching between develop and release make any difference? If not, please report back including your OS and the version you're trying to lauch.
  21. It's an old bug that I reported back in 2016: #3830 You may want to post a proper screenshot there to give it some more attention. It feels like it may have gotten worse if it also happens to simple helices.
  22. That still doesn't answer any of the questions I had.
  23. It would be helpful if you posted a bit more information. Do you have a RCT1 installation or just scenario recreations? How did you get them into OpenRCT2 in the first place? Did you check whether your RCT1 path is still correct (and re-link it just to be sure)?
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