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  1. jensj12

    Visual Bug

    Check whether one of the following things make a difference: Toggle day/night cycle Change the water style in the object selection (in the cheats dropdown menu) Restart the game / load a different scenario (preferably from RCT2)
  2. They are now considered hacks instead of debug tools. Enable the cheats top toolbar button (not the cheats window), and then click+hold the golden shovel that appears.
  3. You found the correct location, but correctly selecting it seems to be the issue. Select the RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Triple Thrill Pack folder, not Data or g1.dat.
  4. Looks like you've already found the cheats button. Click and hold that button and enable sandbox mode. Then, go to the map and increase the map size there. This only works if you built the park on a map that was not the max size already, the map size limits haven't been increased yet.
  5. Google even identified this whole site as dangerous because of malicious downloads. I hope google will recover soon.
  6. Look for version (3,5 years old), which is the latest release that runs on windows XP. You can build it yourself using the readme located at the bottom of this page: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/tree/v0.0.3.1 I'm pretty sure there must a precompiled downloadable version of somewhere, but I don't know where to find it.
  7. Had this one as well in a park (more than thousand stacked guests). Make sure you allow the guests to move away from there by building a path in front of them to avoid unnecessary problems with game limits, just moving the spawn point is not enough to get rid of the guests there.
  8. Try the launcher, it will automatically download the game for you and keep it up to date. In case you still get errors, please specify the error message.
  9. You can simply try the right mouse button in-game to see what it does. Make sure you move the mouse while holding the RMB. For the keyboard shortcuts, you can find and customize them in-game through the options menu.
  10. As stated, the hardest part is creating the sprites. Getting them into the game is not a problem. Even if you wanted to use existing track parts as scenery, you can already build a ride of a different type in the other direction to get the same effect.
  11. Sadly, it’s copyrighted material and sharing is thus not allowed. If you no longer have RCT1, you’ll have to buy it again.
  12. The issue is less likely to happen in parks that are smaller and/or have fewer items enabled (or items that require less image slots). Repeatedly loading saves (including the title sequence parks) increases the chance of this happening.
  13. Except for the window title, I don't see any sign of RCT2 on that screenshot. Where do you have the files from RCT2 (not OpenRCT2) on your computer? The folder you need to select probably has 'RollerCoasterTycoon 2' in its name. Someone with more knowledge of GoG on a Mac (I have steam/disk + windows) might be able to tell you exactly where to find it.
  14. You need to point OpenRCT2 to directory. That directory should contain the folder 'data' which should contain 'g1.dat'. If that doesn't help, can you post a screenshot of the directory you're pointing OpenRCT2 at?
  15. Is there any specific save that causes this consistently? If so, please upload it so that we can have a look. If not, we need a lot more information to have a chance at tracking it down. You can try to reinstall both RCT2 and OpenRCT2 from scratch to make sure you have no corrupted files.
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