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  1. You can already follow a train in the measurements tab and see exactly where the problematic pieces are. Showing this statically while building has been suggested before but voted against. Maybe a plug-in will someday do this.
  2. Few questions: Can you post a screenshot of the grayed out object selection button in the cheats menu? Did you get a warning when selecting the scenery group? Are the objects selected when you enable advanced mode? (Select them manually there if possible) What game version are you on?
  3. I have no idea what's going wrong, but there have been some more reports over the last few days: #14674
  4. Servers are user-hosted and not part of the OpenRCT2 project. If you have problem with Mozar's Free 4 All server, go to their Discord server. There's nothing we can do here.
  5. There have been numerous reports on this. You can probably access it by enabling some cheats like 'ignore research status'. I'm not sure what the exact cause of the problem is, but you can track its progress here: #12981
  6. Known bug: #14415 Until it's fixed, make sure the entrances are on different tiles (not exactly above each other).
  7. When you design a rollercoaster, demolishing track pieces comes with a full refund, but only if you haven't opened the coaster before (then it's 70%). You can simply build and design you coaster freely, only paying for the final track design and the terrain/scenery lost in the process. If you need to edit a previously opened coaster and don't like the 30% cash penalty, you can refurbish the ride first.
  8. It will work but with a bit more trouble (you need to download RCT2MG as well then). It's easier (and cheaper) to buy RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack. For further reference, click HERE.
  9. You need to get the RCT2 (not OpenRCT2) files on your computer somehow. If you know someone who does have a CD reader, you can copy the files over from there. If not, you either have to buy a CD reader yourself or buy RCT2 from Steam.
  10. They are copied from your RCT1 installation, and they're likely also doubled there. The reason for this is that both AA and LL come with the AA scenarios. You can simply delete half of the AA scenarios from your RCT1 installation and they should be gone (if not, OpenRCT2 copied them over to your OpenRCT2 directory and you should delete all duplicate scenarios there). For anyone with the original disks wishing to prevent this problem: don't install AA, only RCT1+LL.
  11. If you have RCT2 on steam, you can replace RCT2.exe with a shortcut to OpenRCT2.exe, then steam will add your OpenRCT2 hours to RCT2.
  12. There are many ways to crash a coaster. If you want to know what makes a coaster safe, I've written a guide on it for RCT1 (which did not have block brakes yet, and even doesn't capture all possible crashes without block brakes): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=280492440
  13. The game simulation should be exactly the same no matter the game speed. Note that crashes can also happen due to other breakdowns or because of cascading effects of an earlier breakdown. If you have a save that has a coaster crashing without any player intervention, please upload it so we can help investigate the issue.
  14. If the ratings do show up after 30 minutes (or fast-forward the game 1 year to reduce waiting time), you're still on an older version. If not, please upload your save with and indicate which ride is the problem.
  15. The save you attached doesn't have any coasters (only two observation towers that already have their ratings).
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