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  1. First time I've heard of this idea. I like it and I don't see a reason why it can't be done, but I'm pretty sure it will be far from trivial to properly add to the peep behavior (and I've never seen a queue with a junction yet).
  2. Click+hold the top toolbar button, it's in the dropdown.
  3. Check the dot at the right side of the server selection window. If it's red, you're running a different network version. You can only join servers with a green dot.
  4. As far as I know, construction rights means land ownership except for the surface. Since the path to the entrance of the park may not be owned, the path over construction rights must be at ground level (or one unit up).
  5. It has been moved to the cheats dropdown (along with some other hacks that were in the debugging tools dropdown). Click+hold the golden shovel in the top toolbar (you may need to enable it first through the options).
  6. Looks like you have two different RCT2 installations on your hard drive. In your documents/OpenRCT2 folder, open config.ini and change the RCT2 path to the GOG-installation.
  7. GitHub is where the developers look for issues and track their progress. It indeed means the issue is known. Once an issue goes from open to closed (which it is now), it is (usually) fixed and you should be able to update your game.
  8. It would be helpful to know which coasters can't be placed. Since new ride types have been introduced some designs can't be placed because they still have the old ride type, and some desgins require you to turn on 'disable support limits' and/or 'disable clearance checks'.
  9. If you upload a track design, please tell which coaster type it is (twister in this case). The biggest problem with this coaster is the high-speed corkscrew which pulls over 3.5 lateral G's (you can see this value in red on the statistics screen). That's like moving through an unbanked sharp turn at high speed. Keep the lateral G-forces below 2.8 at all times. If you change that, you lose the intensity penalty and therefore also the excitement penalty (which will go back up to 8).
  10. This feature has been implemented in the title sequence editor. You can make a title menu sequence with your park and idle in the main menu.
  11. The commit hash should be close to the version number on the main menu (at least on the develop builds). Since you’re using v0.2.6, you’re using a version that is between 1 and 5 months old. For a rapidly evolving open-source project, this is too old to report bugs. Please update to the latest version and report back if it happens again (or if you know how to reproduce it, like ‘start a new haunted harbor game’).
  12. I need a commit hash (like abc39de) and to complete the issue template also the operating system you’re using (just win10 is enough, no need to look for the last update version).
  13. Please report this to GitHub and a dev might have a look at it. Make sure you include the exact game version (lower left in main menu) in which the problem occurs. If you don't have a GitHub account, please post it here and I'll create an issue.
  14. I found one possible fix: Destroy and rebuild the entire coaster (saving and placing the track design works fine). I hope you still know how to get the game into this corrupted state, as that will greatly help fixing the underlying issue.
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