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    six flags holland

    The park name, ride names, rides and scenery are all from the time the original RCT2 was released. Renaming the park to Walibi Holland would thus be inconsistent with the park itself. The same applies to all other real parks in the game (Six Flags Belgium has also been renamed to Walibi Belgium). You can create a new version of the park, name it Walibi Holland and add the new rides and scenery, but that will then be a different park. The original scenario will not be replaced.
  2. The correct interest rate in RCT1 is 1.33%, which is not possible in RCT2. See #12466.
  3. The reason that locking scenarios does not work with difficulty sorting, is that it simply unlocks the first 5 scenarios that are not yet completed. Unlocking the scenarios in a different order than in which they are listed thus requires a lot of additional work, and (warning: opinion) I don’t think that’s worth it (in other words, I won’t code it). You can open a PR for it on GitHub if you really want it, the good thing is that it doesn’t add another checkbox to the options menu
  4. The reason for locking the issue is a combination of two: Multiple developers agreed that the scenario unlocking feature will not be removed, the issue could therefore be closed. Since the discussion was slightly heated (or at least perceived as such) and there’s no point in discussing something that won’t be changed in the proposed way if there is a chance that it will escalate. There was nothing wrong with the reasoning, but the wording could be a bit better. Here are some suggestions: Never assume someone else’s opinion, as that may be a personal attack to some. Simply remove this sentence. Change this to ‘I think this...’. While answering questions others may have is fine, doing that implicitly may be a bit more polite. Also don’t write words in all caps, as that looks very very VERY much like you’re screaming, which is (usually) aggressive.
  5. I guess it simply takes about 100 releases to reach version 1.0.0. There are still a lot of important features to be added to the game, including a new save format and new graphics/music sets (and support for that).
  6. They moved to discord. Gitter is no longer used for development chat.
  7. All vehicles are just separate ride types, but grouped together so you can easily switch.
  8. Open source graphics are still a long way off. You still need the RCT2 graphics for OpenRCT2.
  9. OpenRCT2 can load all parks made with RCT1 and RCT2.
  10. Please be patient, the building process takes some time, just like it takes some time for other forum member to open the forum and see that there’s a new message. Alternatively, you can use the launcher to auto-update the game, but it may have the same problem when a build for one platform is finished but not for another.
  11. If the options keep resetting, it means that the game is unable to write to your documents directory. Check whether the game has all permissions to do so. For the steam version of RCT1, you need to point to the RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe install directory inside the directory you pointed out. Not sure if the same thing holds for the gog version of the game.
  12. It indeed gives some interesting challenges. Nice job!
  13. If you miss objects to play an official scenario, you are missing original objects which are not freely available for download. Make sure you copied over the original game assets. Any scenarios missing objects from vanilla RCT2 or the official expansions should still load fine, but with the missing objects invisible.
  14. The scenario's you named are all from the expansion packs, which are known to be of poor general quality. Single-wide paths are always the best option. Junctions are what make pathfinding bad, and anything wider than 1 tile automatically inserts a junction every ~10 tiles.
  15. You need to copy g1.dat from your RCT2 (not OpenRCT2) installation to that location.
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