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  1. If you’re running RCT2 instead of OpenRCT2, you indeed won’t see your completed scenarios as both programs use different locations to save them. Try running OpenRCT2 instead of RCT2. Since you say it ‘reverted’, I suspect you replaced RCT2.exe with the openrct2 executable. Just do that again and everything should work as before.
  2. I cannot reproduce this. Closing by clicking the 'x' button and closing with backspace both work fine for me. Make sure you are on the latest version of OpenRCT2. Then check if the bug still exists and if so, please report the commit hash found in the bottom-left of the main menu (something like 26ba1c3) and your operating system.
  3. Did you select the vanilla RCT2 (not OpenRCT2) directory? If it still doesn’t work, please post a screenshot of the contents of the selected directory.
  4. They might be re-enabled for multiplayer after a new track format is in place (enabling them now would crash the game every time you would try to place a prebuilt coaster). For now, you’ll have to build them manually.
  5. Not yet. Maybe in a few years.
  6. Build a path in from of them and change the peep spawn point (enable sandbox mode (enable cheats in the options and click+hold the golden shovel) and open the map to change peep spawn points).
  7. Please check if there are any filters active (click + hold the filter button in the top right). To see every item, make sure all filters are turned off.
  8. jensj12

    RCT1 paths

    If you point OpenRCT2 to your RCT1 directory, it will already load some additional features (title screen music and wall edges). RCT1 paths are planned, but will take some time. The rulesets of RCT1 and 2 are barely different. The park value was much lower in RCT1, but can be upscaled, and RCT1 had the option to charge for both rides and park entry, which can be done in OpenRCT2 with cheats (and is enabled by default if you load a RCT1 scenario that allows it). If you want to override that, simply open the cheats menu and toggle a checkbox.
  9. They have been moved to the cheats dropdown menu.
  10. You can manually replace the peep spawn by enabling debugging tools and repeatedly clicking the correct peep spawn location. I've created an issue on GitHub, as it can be fixed on fixed on import: #9926
  11. Known bug, but it's probably not going to be fixed, as it would break existing parks and coaster designs. The same thing can happen with steep and normal slopes.
  12. Click+hold the golden shovel in the top toolbar.
  13. For question 1, the answers are no, no and no. Being able to select to which side the park expands, as well as non-square sizes, are planned, but it will still take a long time before they are implemented. 3. You should drop them in OpenRCT2/object. Also make sure you have restarted the game at least once. I'm not that good with scenery, nor a Mac user, so I can’t help you any further with the other questions.
  14. Are any other parks affected by the same issue? (Missing images often have to do with object files not being loaded properly, but that doesn't explain the empty ride list.)
  15. I found this topic. Not sure whether it contains the correct answer, but at least you can try. Also make sure you are on either the stable version or the latest develop.
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