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  1. RCT Classic is a modified version of RCT2 which should work with OpenRCT2, see here. It might be a bit harder to get everything working, but full out-of-the-box support for RCT classic is planned IIRC.
  2. If RCT1 is installed in the default steam directory, OpenRCT2 should detect it automatically. What is the exact path to the folder you've specified?
  3. If you have a save that reliably reproduces the freeze, please upload it.
  4. The save likely fails to open. Which operating system are you using? Are there any warnings or errors printed to the terminal (you must run OpenRCT2 from a terminal to see this)? Does it happen on only one save, multiple saves or all saves? Can you upload such a save?
  5. Known bug without a proper issue, see #5408 and #8155 (comment)
  6. No, it will only affect your current save (but if you complete the scenario there's no way to distinguish between cheated and non-cheated highscores).
  7. Glad to see this working out nicely. I'd like to help with the formula's, but since that's rather trail and error, that might be easier if I somehow got a copy of the code. (If you're willing to share it but not publicly, my GitHub name is the same as here.)
  8. In the options, enable the cheats top toolbar button. Click+hold the golden shovel and select object selection. There you can change which rides/stalls/scenery you want to use.
  9. Enable sandbox mode (you need to have the cheats toolbar button enabled in options) and open the map, there you can (re)place the park entrance.
  10. If it’s just backtracking forward, there are options that should work. Keep track of the expected speed (or maximum reachable height) and you can forbid pieces that violate these additional height restrictions. Should make it possible to add banked turns on high speed corners as well. If you need some ideas or validation of your own, I’m ready to help as this project looks really promising.
  11. Whoa, if you did not disable clearance check for the generator to get that to work, awesome job! I wouldn't expect it to be possible to create such a cluttered mess with a generator.
  12. Each attraction can either be available, researchable or locked. If all attractions that are not available are locked, you won’t be able to research any new rides. You can check the research status through the inventions list (available through cheats dropdown menu). If there are still rides left to be researched but research is locked, please let us know.
  13. This is the expected behaviour if there's nothing left to research.
  14. NE site is currently down, and there's nothing OpenRCT2 devs can do about that.
  15. https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/2253
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