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    Plain shops

    There are currently two options that don't require any changes to the game: Make custom stall object with a small building. It won't be able to sell multiple types of items, so you'll need a custom stall for every item you want to sell in your park. Hide the building entirely using the tile inspector. Build a stall, open the tile inspector (from the cheats dropdown menu, you need to have cheats enabled in the settings for this), select the tile, select the stall in the list of objects on that tile and click 'insert corrupted element'. The stall is still there, but you won't be able to see it anymore.
  2. In the bottom-right corner you can see which game the object belongs to (RCT2: Time Twister in the screenshot). Make sure you own the listed game and have it installed and linked properly, otherwise OpenRCT2 can’t find the object files (which contain the graphics).
  3. Please explain what the issue is, for now I’ll assume the track design is placed within the park. Please update to the latest version, the error messages for track designs have been fixed 3 days ago. Still it looks like you should be able to build the ride there. It may be the case that the track design intersects itself, then you need to enable ‘no clearance checks’ from the cheats dropdown menu to build the ride.
  4. In the current state of the game, pathfinding does not take transport rides into account. It is planned, but will take some time. The only thing I can think of that is not already listed, is to make sure that guests never have to walk away from the ride in order to reach it. But if guests pick rides that are simply too far away, there's nothing you can do to help them.
  5. If you used cheats to make rollercoasters that are normally not possible, those might be blocking the ride rating calculator for all other rides in the park. There is also a bug that occurs when a shop is placed next to vertical track, see #10376. If that is the case, remove the shop and it should work again.
  6. Mechanics enter the ride through the exit. Try rebuilding the path to the exit of the ride. If the path at the exit is not properly connected to the exit, guests can still leave the ride normally but mechanics can’t reach the ride. Fixing the ride with debug tools should work in any case. If the issue persists, please upload the save file.
  7. You can already open the object selection in-game (in the cheats dropdown menu). Just filter on the objects selected and you should be able to find the object you're looking for quite easily.
  8. It has been moved from debugging tools to cheats. Debugging tools are something only a developer should need, which was not the case for the tile inspector.
  9. If you make the station much shorter than the train, the train will only slow down near the end. Use cheats to allow trains to be longer than the station. I used this to build a mountain snake coaster in one of the group parks, I think it was number four.
  10. Hold ctrl to build scenery at the same height as the object you’re pointing at. Hold shift to change the height of the object to be placed. These can be combined (hold ctrl to find the correct position at a given height, then hold ctrl+shift to change the height).
  11. Just change the goal to ‘Have fun!’ (or ‘100 guests in your park after year X’ if you want a time limit) if you don’t want any serious goal.
  12. As long as you are on the same OpenRCT2 version, you can play multiplayer together, no matter what RCT2 version you have.
  13. Search a bit on this forum and you’ll find out that this happens quite often. It should be a false positive, but if you’re not sure, you can download the source code, inspect it and build the game yourself.
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