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Group Park 2


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I don't know what everybody thinks about me making lengthy posts because of all the pictures, so I am going to refrain using them a lot. You can see I finally build the Multi-Launch Coaster: 'Project: Frozen Eggplant'. And I weirdly enough, got the first spiral slide: 'Quest of the Frozen Potatoes' up and running. The spiral slide might need to be removed though, or at least replaced. As it's pretty much blocking expansion from there.

PS. I'm really proud of my 'hidden' eggplant and potatoes.

Currently working: Wuis
Next In Line: @Philmon11 , Squab, Broxzier, enner, Wobbly, UTMAN, jensj12, Wuis
Missed Turn:  imlegos, xbalogan

Community Park V2.48.sv6

EDIT: There was a path to the end of the icy part, with some weird viewing-platform. I wasn't sure about it, thus removed it in the end to make the slide. But I seem to have destroyed all trees in that area too, and forgot to place them back. :c

EDIT 2:SCR10.thumb.png.8b47989335444854af57ee28 < This to be exact. =)

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Thank you very much, Utman. :$

If it gets removed I will probably squish it in somewhere near again, the two rides are basically not to be separated.  I also despise the fact that, although the park badly needs one, I didn't build a restaurant/food court/snack corner, or anything like that.

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8 hours ago, Squab said:

Can I get any suggestions for recoloring of the area near Sunfire?  I am going to extend a pier into the lake where the immelman loop is.   Any suggestions are appreciated!

I suggest not making the lake any bigger than it is already, otherwise we might get difficult pathing problems like we had with the first group park.

19 minutes ago, xbalogan said:

Next In Line: @Philmon11 , Squab, Broxzier, enner, Wobbly, UTMAN, jensj12, xbalogan, Wuis
Missed Turn:  imlegos


You were on the missed turn list, so you can take your turn after Phil if you want.

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Scratch my last post- I am done tonight. 

I filled in the area between Valley Dash and the green square.  Added a top spin, water slide, and some shops.  Sunfire is now light brown.

Here is the file for @Broxzier to claim.  Community Park V2.50.sv6

Next In Line:  Broxzier, enner, Wobbly, UTMAN, jensj12, xbalogan, Wuis, Philmon11, Squab
Missed Turn:  imlegos



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The pier in the lake will cause trouble with pathfinding once we have attractions on the other side of the lake.

Project Frozen (giga coaster) is/gets stuck at the launch section (due safety cut-out).

Twisted Mouse needs to have the 'wait for:' checkbox removed or max wait time lowered (one queue filled, other not).

People heading for Let it go get stuck near the new mine train coaster.

At one angle (looking at it from Valley Rush), you can see that the Towers of Terror building isn't finished (behind swinging terror).

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I can partly fix ´Project: Frozen Eggplant' on my next turn, if desired someone may close the ride for the time in between. The thing I had with the first launch, is that I didn't want to make it too fast yet, so the chain stopped quite a bit before you went uphill. The second launch seems to be dealing with bigger problems though, I need to find something else for that. Maybe I'll have to turn it in a LIM Launch, somehow.

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