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Group Park 2


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3 hours ago, WobblyRails said:

Claiming It!

You Forgot To Put The List @enner


Too Much Watching The News About The Terror In My Country :(

Feeling Scared :S






Next In Line  UTMAN, jensj12, xbalogan, Wuis, Philmon11, Squab, Broxzier, Enner
Missed Turn:  imlegos

Beautiful work @enner!  I was dreading how we were gonna landscape all of that area.  

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Not to be rude, but that coaster is way too big. One of the rules about this community park is that you can cover a maximum of 30x30 area (15x60 and other ratios count as well of course), and your part is way past that. The reason for this is so that the park doesn't get filled too quickly, and to prevent people from covering large areas without allowing others to build on it easily. I'm sorry to say, but I think you should redo your turn, to build something smaller.

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If you want did'nt realise you had so may different rules.

If I could make a sugestion then, how about editing the very first post with a simple dos and don'ts list so that new players don't have to trawl through 18 pages to find out.

I genuinly had no idea about these different rules and if they were mentioned in the first post I wouldn't have made any mistakes.

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There aren't that many rules, only a few to keep things fair. I should probably add them now we are able to edit old posts.

Now I've taken a look at the park instead of just the screenshots, there are more things that weren't in order. The waterfall that you made, even though it looks nice, goes the wrong way. There is already another waterfall going from the lake. It looks like you closed the coaster Let It Go, causing a major drop in popularity there. Was this needed because the trains were stuck?

Don't take this bad, this is merely feedback now, and I do like what you do with scenery. I would love seeing some things from you in the park.

I will edit the first post to include the rules later tonight.

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Any ground at the lowest possible level means it's not in use yet. Raise it before using.

The aim is to have the average land height of all area's to at least the height of the top of the waterfall you made. Building vast area's lower can give issues when building something underground (it already did with TNTeen). No problem with building a bit lower (that's why we raised it in the first case), but make sure it also goes up sometimes too (I seem to be one of the very few who do that, but it's funny to see how people react to things that weren't meant as guideline). Don't limit your imagination because the ground is low, feel free to build a massive (part of a) mountain (like in the icy corner).

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Well that's kinda my fault. When I rebuilt Phil's coaster I reduced the ground level to very low, and others seemed to try keeping thempselves to that level. But if Enner's turn is reversed, then Wobbly have to stop working on it because then he works with a wrong map :/

To be honest if you only made the coaster I think it would have been fine, since it is not that big. However with all that terraforming you made you basically used up 10% of the map in just a turn. And what's with everybody making coasters with 50 and 80 km/h chain lifts? If the ride breaks at the wrong point the whole coasters stucks and has to be closed and repoened. Keep this in mind. I would like to ask everybody to stop making coasters with chain lift boosters because at breakdown they might get stuck. If you want to use boosters there are coasters which supports normal boosters that don't get broken.

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It not entirely your fault, it was mainly because the default ground is there and people can't seem to ignore that. The slopes made by the mountain tool make it even harder to resist using the ground already there (which is why I cut those off a few turns ago). If we changed the default terrain many of us would use that as guideline.

We can still use the area enner filled, just turn some water into land and add another source for the water in the center lake (how about connecting it to the water coming from the ice corner?). Issues solved and we can still fill it with other stuff. He hadn't done much in previous turns so we can accept it for once. Note that large water areas will cause problems with pathfinding if there aren't enough bridges (which may look ugly if the river is too wide).

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Well the Ice river is kinda difficult to move or connect it to anywhere because rides close it down. Let it go and your jungle Jensj. Well we'll see what Brox says about all of this. I am a bit angry/sad/frustrated that enner closed let it go, and lost its number one place in terms of guest favourites. :'((((( :D

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I am not talking about that jensj. I am talking about when people use 80km/h chain lifts as a booster. If a ride breaks when the cars are at the end of the boosted chain lift it won't get enough speed to get pass and it will stuck there, like the same way as Tesla did.

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I agree with the chain-lift speed. Roller coasters should have enough energy from their height to make the track, or use powered launch mode or boosters to make it always work.

Also jensj has a fair point about the land not being raised, which it as some placed already annoying, because you can't build paths underground there. I don't want to decide how the map should look like, that's the entire fun of this park, however I do ask everyone to at least keep enough room under your land to solve any potential pathing issues without having to make bridges for it.

I do not agree with leaving the park as it is right now. I know the rules weren't easy to find and I'm sorry for that, though to let someone change the park so much in just one turn is not what I had in mind when starting this project. Enner should redo his part, or change it so that it covers less space, and I don't mind if he takes an extra day for it either.

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1. I haven't noticed any breakdowns on any ride while I was running enner's save file, atleast, I won't get told so, if I force one, I will.

2. I noticed if I forced it to breakdown on the end of the chain, it did indeed get stuck. But if I replace the launch chains by stations with a launch, will people see the entrances to these stations as entrances to the ride? even if they aren't connected to the main paths?

3. I think we should keep Enner's bit, possibly resulting in him skipping a turn. If so desired. I don't care that he made it bigger than usual.

If not that way, let someone, probably enner himself, save the ride. Enner will get on the missed turn list, as he is busy. We'll get back to Broxzier's save file and let Wobbly do his thing. When Enner gets back, he can put the coaster down again, hopefully for me, a bit higher elevated. He could also do this in a later stage of course or we could even save it for the next community park.

And Enner, don't let this get you. You might hate capitalising letters, you might've been a bit overexcited, you might've put a bit too long of a min. wait time on your coaster, you might've spilled a rainbow over our screens. BUT you made a hella cool ride. Okay, I was a bit frustrated in the beginning, you kinda changed a lot, also influencing other rides. But I'm seeing it as a challenge now, and it's a cool and surely possible challenge (as in getting from the current park, to the new bit and fitting a ride in the new bit). You did quite an awesome job on the terrain and all, and we might finally see a bit more coasters making contact with each other, because it's one big themed fun fair atm.

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Found A Problem

Since Enner Built Wiplash The Guest Seems Are Heading To The Ride But They Keep Getting Stuck And Making An Area Going Crowded

Resulting To Pathing Problems

So What Should I Or You To Fix This Problem?

If its not clear yet here is the pic



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