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Group Park 2


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Alright, I'll claim it tomorrow then (about ~10 hours from now), feel free to work on it if you can do it within that time.

Edit: Claiming it now.

Claimed: Broxzier
Next In Line:  imlegos, jensj12
Missed Turn:  Enner, UTMAN, Wuis, Squab, Przemek, WobblyRails, Racey, qbbq, Wuis, Philmon11

Edited by Broxzier
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One new ride: A Ladybug's Flight


Other things I did:

  • Merged three very nearby rapid river rides together, clearing up two ride entries of which I used one
  • Decorated the second entrance somewhat more with a few more trees and fences
  • Changed a few patrol areas at places where handymen were needed
  • Placed more benches, bins and lanterns around the park

Claimed: -
Next In Line@imlegos, jensj12, Broxzier
Missed Turn:  Enner, UTMAN, Wuis, Squab, Przemek, WobblyRails, Racey, qbbq, Wuis, Philmon11

Community Park V2.92.sv6

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  • 2 months later...

Claimed:  Wuis
Next In Line:  imlegos, jensj12, Broxzier
Missed Turn:  Enner, UTMAN, Squab, Przemek, WobblyRails, Racey, qbbq, Wuis, Philmon11, Coastermaster

@CoasterMaster went missing so I am going to finish up this park, adding huge lakes and forests before Group Park 3 ends earlier than 2 does.

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From left to right and first to second row:

  1.  Added a woodie, not sure if I want to keep it, but I'm letting it stay as it might grow on me.
  2. Added a dam to protect Imlegos' piece of art
  3. Overview of this area
  4. Added a bunch of trees on the other side of the end of the park
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After saying goodbye to Dunediver as I don't really like it:


I built a pier wooden coaster which didn't grow on me either:


So I'm just leaving it at an entrance carrousel named Carrousel.


You can consider the park as done, but I'm notifying everyone again if they have any ideas for the last 3 slots for stalls/attractions.

Claimed:  -


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  • 1 month later...

Some quick testing:

  • Backstage drop gets stuck
  • The villain (still) gets stuck and crashes
  • The number of guests wanting to go home or feeling lost has massively decreased since #4221 (in V2.91 this increased the park rating by 600, but only 50 in V2.93)
  • The park needs more toilets and food/drink stalls, but not many can be added until the ride limit is raised
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