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Group Park 2


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Next In Line: @UTMAN, jansj12, Wuis, Philmon11, Wuis, Squab, Broxzier, Xvalogan, qbbq, imlegos
Missed Turn: Enner


New Coaster: Steel Knot.

I noticed while building that project eggplant seems to not have a way to be fixed, the mechanic just keeps getting a path finding problem whenever he tries to find the exit. I noticed some other oddities, and i fixed one already, feel free to do some scenery work around Steel Knot BTW



Community Park V2.62.sv6

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There are some broken rides which the mechanics cannot fix (probably some weird pathing glitches):

Carousel --> Remove footpath underneath exit.

Project Frozen Eggplant --> I don't know why. The mechanics seem to ignore the exit.

Per Views --> Mechanic can't reach ride exit because they don't want to go the long way around the lake. Extend underground/lake pathway.

Edited by qbbq
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At least all water has to be equal height or higher than the water in the center lake. You are allowed to make caves/valleys/etc. but please don't simply go downhill. I'll make some dunes near the big rock and try to fix those coasters in my next turn (which is after UTMAN).

Is someone typing over the list every time instead of copying? I can spot two spelling mistakes.

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Claimed: UTMAN
Next In Line: jensj12, Wuis, Philmon11, Squab, Broxzier, WobblyRails Xbalogan, qbbq, imlegos

Missed Turn: Enner

^I think that is the right one again, if you find something odd, I can edit it ofcourse.

How does it work:

For Example:

 UTMAN is done building, he includes the save, atleast 1 screenshot, and this above. He removes his name from 'Claimed' and puts a "/" there instead. UTMAN then continues putting his name on the end of the 'Next In Line' queue. It might also be nice to make the first person in queue mentioned; '@Username'.

Jensj12 notifies so. Thus he claims it. He does so by removing the "/" from Claimed and putting his name there. He removes his name from the queue. UTMAN is done building, he makes a post here, including es. He clears his name from Claimed and puts a "/"here.

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@Squab: Basically what jensj said. On top of that I'd like to say that there could be more waterways, for example going down towards the sea area. At least one waterway should lead into the lake, otherwise it doesn't make sense with the rest of the map.

^ Or just leaving the claimed spot empty, either will do.

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I connected the frost and the lake area with a mining/hilly/mountanish theme. I built 2 coasters which are duelling with each other. The Villain and The Hero :) I fixed Per View's problem by adding a guard in front of it and having him patrolling around the exit. Also I closed down the Frozen Eggplant because it went bugged as hell. The repairman tried to reach different station and didn't go in to the normal exit... :/ So I think the ride needs to be rebuilt enterily. And I also fixed xbalogan's merry-go-round by removing the path under the invisible entrance. :)

Claimed: - nobody -
Next In Line: @jensj12, Wuis, Philmon11, Squab, Broxzier, WobblyRails Xbalogan, qbbq, imlegos , UTMAN

Missed Turn: Enner

Community Park V2.63.sv6

Edited by UTMAN
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Many, many fixes all around the park (including the waterfall near waterfall - the ride), redid thw two new buildings near pond splash to match the other building's style and added a coaster next to Rockside Terror. Both cold coasters are hopefully fixed now, Frozen Eggplant should work properly now, I've added another service entrance at the station that didn't have one yet. FrozenPlants crashed again and I've edited the coaster to (hopefully) prevent that from happening again. I had to remove the sync option from The Villain/Hero as neither of them continued to operate with. Mechanics get stuck searching for Harbor Twister Left if they enter the queue line instead of the path to the exit.

Now to the creative part of my turn: I've increased the size of the rock and pre-terraformed some dunes near. The shape of the rock is by no means it's final form, so feel free to change it and extend it. On the rock I've added another coaster near Rockside Terror which goes upside down, or Rockside Down, to be more specific. Guests: almost 6000. Park rating: 999. There is a ride that has been ridden more than 100k times.


Claimed: -
Next In Line@Wuis, Philmon11, Squab, Broxzier, WobblyRails Xbalogan, qbbq, imlegos , UTMAN, jensj12
Missed Turn: Enner

Note: watch out when using the mountain tool near walls, it can ruin a lot of ground quite fast.

Community Park V2.64.sv6

Edited by jensj12
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55 minutes ago, Wuis said:

Shall I make still make Frozen Eggplant a bigger coaster? Or shall I leavei it as it is?

It's not really needed to change it. It'll work as it is now, or correct me if I'm wrong. If you do change it, make sure it won't have the issues this one had.

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3 hours ago, jensj12 said:

 I had to remove the sync option from The Villain/Hero as neither of them continued to operate with.


@Utman ^ that happened, I'll see if they continue to operate tommorow, will do the same with Frozen Eggplant. But honestly, I doubt it.

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Well, I just finished. I made some awesome paths and a coaster called "Supercoaster 1313 fun fun 1!1!". I didn't listen to Jens and made as much tunnels on the end of the rock.


Ha, got you! I did however find the hidden tower, I wanted to make it's position more clear to the peeps.


:P I actually only build this kiddie coaster, called 'Supperman'. I was kinda rushed because of the 24 hour limit, so this is the best I came up with.


Claimed: -
Next In Line@Philmon11, Squab, Broxzier, WobblyRails Xbalogan, qbbq, imlegos , UTMAN, jensj12, Wuis
Missed Turn: Enner                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Community Park V2.65.sv6

Edited by Wuis
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WHOA. Whoa Whoa Whoa. Hold up! I updated the launcher and everything went buggy. I can't change the title sequence, all the community park versions say the same thing... um... i can't work on the park in this state. When i clicked to play the park, the game crashed also... O.o


Status: Unclaiming park until bugs are fixed. I  can't play...

Claimed: /
Next In Line @Squab, Broxzier, WobblyRails Xbalogan, qbbq, imlegos , UTMAN, jensj12, Wuis
Missed Turn: Enner, Philmon (Bugged) 

Edited by Philmon11
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