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    • Tried to search, but couldn't find anything reporting this issue earlier. Whenever I get red messages, such as that guests are hungry and cannot find food, it is barely readable, see screenshot. I've tried all rendering methods, linear and smooth, but nothing helps. Changing resolution also does not help. Only thing that helps is to set the scaling factor to 2, but that makes the game quite 'big' compared to the screen. Anyone solution for this?   Edit: I see that in the screenshot it is quite readable now, but I can assure you that in game it's not. Do not know why taking a screenshot of it solves it...   Edit: It seems to be an issue with the fact that I'm using a cloudgaming service, the red is unreadable due to the compression of the stream. Anyway to change the color of the text?
    • Hi everyone, I'm wondering about something strange I've seen with mazes (this is the case both in the CD versions and in Open RCT). Let's say you have a path which goes past the exit, i.e. the exit isn't the termination point of a path but rather on one side of a path..  Some of the guests will stomp on past the exit as if it wasn't there.  Why is this?  I can attach a screenshot if it helps.
    • Hi everyone, I first started playing RCT1 in 2000 and then RCT2 from 2003 but only on and off for the past decade.  I used to be quite active on the RCTSpace forums as well and worked on a few unreleased track pack updates by Steve Franks.  I’ve finally got around to downloading RCT Open and I’m looking forward to seeing what it can do, especially with the maze as that's been holding my interest lately. 
    • Open a command prompt on the ObjData folder, then type `rename *.pob *.dat` and press Enter.
    • When you start up OpenRCT2 for the first time, a key is created. Any server you connect to saves this key so that nobody will be able to impersonate you by picking the same username. Did you remove your OpenRCT2 folder in Documents or move to a new computer?
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