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    • Object selection cheat tool shows the two rct fan paths missing aren't selected- it has a path count that excludes them and they're not on the list of selected paths, so weirdly they're being ignored and not selected by orct when vanilla doesn't ignore them. So orct is duplicating the desert path twice in the path selection tool in-game in the two slots of the path orct is missing.   The 'new path' is there (the one I think is 'rozy path' but with its name not showing in orct)- I'll attach that file here as it's an example of one where vanilla shows a name for the path but orct doesn't and just calls it 'new path'.   I'll also attach the two files that MAY be the missing paths- I can only guess at this as vanilla doesn't give me the filenames (I'm not sure if you might be able to dig these- or the actual filenames if they're not these two- out of the savefile)   Finally the one that's getting duplicated in their place patrctfan#dp     PATH LIT.DAT patrctfan#snd.DAT patrctfan#st.DAT patrctfan#dp.DAT
    • Useful to know- is there any way also to get the dat name by inspecting the scenery directly- some scenery pieces are quite similar so there may be times you want to click the item and know the filename, so this is where it may be useful in the tile inspector if it's not already there.
    • Your university's wifi will most likely not give you an IP address that your friend can reach. That means you have two options: If your friend has control over their internet connection (i.e. it's not a university network or something like that), they can set up the server and have to open the appropriate port in the firewall (by default, OpenRCT2 uses TCP port 11753). If your friend does not have control over their internet connection, you will need to use software like Hamachi to create a VPN between the two of you, which will effectively create a LAN. Then either of you can host the server. Starting a server is easy: you just open the Multiplayer window and click “Start server”.
    • I wasn't talking about the images. Unlike lift hills, brakes are considered distinct track pieces, so if you wanted to allow brakes on every track piece you'd have to create a braked version of every track piece. That can't be done until we have a new save format (although if we did have a new save format, we could make it so that brakes are handled the same way as lift hills rather than creating two versions of every single track piece). I already checked, there aren't. We have a few slots for new track types, but none for new elements.   This is possible and has already been implemented, but the PR was never merged.
    • Hello! I am a long time fan of RCT, and I play openRCT from my MacBook on my University's wifi. I would like to play cooperatively with a friend out of state, but I have ZERO knowledge of servers or how they work. Can my friend simply punch in my IP address to join my game? How can I start a server? I would be beyond grateful if anyone is willing to take the time to explain to me 🙂 thank you!!
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