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    • i tried both lines but either of them works .....       screenrecord.mp4   If the problem is not solvable, would u mind sharing the corrected .park file with me? thanks a lot!
    • Hey I've been getting back into playing this game again after taking a 4 year break and I've been looking back at my old creations but I've been stumped by some missing custom content. I used some back in the day when there was a limit to how much you can use in the game. I've moved all of my rct2 files onto a new computer and have lost some custom content. I look up the file names but the only thing that comes up is the Theme Park Review forums but the files in the thread on there are unavailable so I was wonder if any of you guys have what I am looking for. Thanks in advance!   
    • I've just seen some of your posts. WE don't NEED them, they'd be nice, but I suspect not everybody would agree. It's great that you're making suggestions, but it'd be nicer if they didn't sound like demands. That just my opinion from the wording of your posts. I apologise if you find my response offensive.
    • When I play my custom park, it seems to stutter or even hang for about 2-4 seconds and it is random, running the latest release build. I have a lot custom content also, if that helps. I am running windows 11 Enterprise IoT, if that also helps. It does not stutter at the title screen. This is a mainframe server hardware I am using for gaming, so it has SMT and NUMA, so this may be unique to my setup also.
    • Looking good. I can clearly see the inspiration from the original scenarios in some but they look for sure a lot more challenging than what the original game offered. Be wary though the sometimes extensive use of the mountain tool is clearly visible in the terrain (though even the original scenarios had that). Now I only wish the game had custom scenario tabs and packs like these are a perfect fit.
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