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    • So, I just found OpenRCT2 and have been glued to the screen rediscovering RCT.  I created a custom scenario and started on my new park.  After laying all of my paths and creating a few lakes, rides, etc... I had a need to duplicate a building several times over.  So after a quick Google search, I found out about the Scenery Manager Plug In.  I downloaded it and placed it in the plugin folder.  When I opened OpenRCT2 again and started my saved game... I saw a quick notification saying there were several RCT1 files that couldn't be located (or something to that affect). When the map loaded up... all of my paths, scenery, water effects, rides that I had placed are gone.  Any ideas about this?  I'm thinking I may spend the $10 to download/install RCT1 and try to reopen the save to see what happens.  
    • I found that a pickup action with type 0 (pickup) must be executed before a pickup action with type 2 (place) can be executed. Even if a staff member is hired with "autoPosition: false" so that they are ready to be dropped, the staff cannot be dropped by the API.
    • You are correct! They are Mushroom houses. I have the files here for you. They are findable on Buggy's RCT Download Page: https://www.interactivitiesink.com/rct2/ You can download more objects and other stuff from there. Enjoy! MUSH1MKY.DAT MUSH2MKY.DAT
    • hey zach, i actually just did this for the first time (using the openrct2 launcher) and am glad to walk ya thru it. first you have to have RCT2 for openrct2 to work. linking RCT2 is done by clicking "options" and locating your "rct2 location". once that is done click okay, then play. once you're in the game is when you connect RCT:D or RCT. click "options" in the top right. then the last menu, the wrench with the screw, at the bottom of that menu is "path to rct1 installation", locate that. then you'll see there's some red text saying basically that you have to restart openrct2 for the changes to go into effect. so exit openrct2 and reopen it and rct1 should be working for ya! it's not really rct1 though, just the scenarios  hope this helps!
    • I'm trying to use the following API to move a newly hired staff member, but I'm getting a message, "Can't place person here" in the game interface. executeAction(action: "peeppickup", args: PeepPickupArgs, callback?: (result: GameActionResult) => void): void; For the PeepPickupArgs, I can't find a correct set of values to make it work. I'm even trying to place the staff member where an existing staff member is. An example value using the coordinate of an existing staff member in Forest Frontiers: { type: 2, // 0: pickup, 1: cancel, 2: place id: 0, x: 1632, y: 832, z: 96, playerId: 0, } I've also tried dividing all coordinates by 32 just in case but that didn't work either. Can someone confirm if this API is working, and what is required to get the action to succeed?
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