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Group Park 2


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Just took a look at the save. The terraformed area is just way too big (20% of entire map). We can destroy the coaster and all unused land but still we have the coaster Wobbly made which is at low ground now. The waterfall there means all the water beyond that has to be very low in order to keep the water flowing (which should be going the other way, as broxier pointed out). I can fix/remove most of it now I you guys want me to (without destroying Forest Runner).

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Ah, so wobbly continued working on enner's version.. Raising the land there might be an issue now that the coaster is in the way. Perhaps the waterfall can be scaled down in height somewhat, and making the forrest in a cliff or something, though that might look strange if it's below water level.

@WobblyRails I have the feeling you didn't really read what was going on yesterday. You continued on the wrong park and you didn't raise the ground. :/

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Just so we know what happened and what will happen next:

Someone violated a rule and the next person continued with that work. These people have been notified earlier so we can forget that now. I've removed most (left in a building) of the first turn while keeping whatever the second one made. The remains of the waterfall are still there, but with a friendly notifier that the water should come from higher ground. It's up to the next person who works on that section to decide what to do.

Enner, I've put you on the missed turn list so you can take your turn whenever you'd like (as long as someone else didn't claim it yet).

Don't build rides with super fast chainlifts anymore, as they will fail to operate after a well-timed safety cut-out (or add invisible helper track to guide trains properly).

(other fixes: fixed twisted mouse and let it go)

The file attached is the one we should continue with.

Next In Line:   UTMAN, jensj12, xbalogan, Wuis, Philmon11, Squab, Broxzier, WobblyRails
Missed Turn:  imlegos, Enner

Community Park V2.53a.sv6

Edited by jensj12
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Another Frozen vegetable joined the family! The Frozen Cabbage in the middle of a Roller Coaster which protects it from intruders!

Next In Line:   @jensj12, xbalogan, Wuis, Philmon11, Squab, Broxzier, WobblyRails, UTMAN
Missed Turn:  imlegos, Enner

EDIT: Also I forgot to meantion. You guys made 2 piers, and people stuck in it... so I made them into temporal bridges. :/ Also, Project: Frozen Eggplant is broken and stuck again... I forgot to close/reopen it, so the one who is next don't forget to do it.


Community Park V2.54.sv6

Edited by UTMAN
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Didn't count the amount of tiles, but you're very close to the max (or over it). I can live with it as the hill gives enough room for more attractions.

My turn: Rebuilt a part of the famous RCT1 thunder rock with a coaster (8 tunnels!) and a super-efficient transport ride. Also made sure the coaster doesn't crash during a safety cut-out.


Feel free to make the rock bigger at the backside and add you own attractions to it. As always, added some paths here and there and reopened Frozen Eggplant twice(!).

Next In Line:  @xbalogan, Wuis, Philmon11, Squab, Broxzier, WobblyRails, UTMAN, jensj12
Missed Turn:  imlegos, Enner

Community Park V2.55.sv6

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xbalogan has been the first to officially claim it, so Broxzier asked you @Wuis if you already started or not so xbalogan could unclaim it to allow you to finish your turn. Since xbalogan was too late, Wuis had the full rights to claim it (please be more clear if that post was meant as a claim).

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