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Group Park 2


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Yea, I forgot about Tesla having these problems. I just made some multi-launch coasters in my own parks, and they worked out rather well. I think 'Project: FE' is just a bit too high, so I guess the second lanch is going to be a tad different.

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Progress update so far:

  • Placed benches/bins around the park
  • Fixed the Tower of Terror's gap in the wall
  • Fixed Tesla so that it works when the chain-lift breaks down.


Video of how it works in action: http://www.broxzier.com/files/ShareX/2016-01-11_23-03-32.mp4

I will make the new track pieces invisible tomorrow.

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I didn't mean to submit it yet, but wanted to insert an image..
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6 minutes ago, jensj12 said:

You can apply launch mode to all coasters, even with block sections. Find something with operating modes in the cheats menu and you can even set a ferris to powered launch mode (it just doesn't work in that case).

So I could have spared all these tricks by doing something that simple? =l

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Update 2: The extra track is now invisible, so you will not see any difference at all, except if you look underground. I didn't bother making that part invisible. The only time you might see something of it is when the coaster doesn't have enough speed, and suddenly decides to 'randomly' fly around :P

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I tried to fixit also. Even if I set it to launch mode, the launch was too weak to pass the arc. So I had to use boosters. Mine looks like this:


And congratz Brox, you managed to solve the problem while you kept the original state of the ride! :)

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In regard to fixing 'Project: Frozen Eggplant', will those entrance huts with no purpose cause any problems with guests or staff, because I want to fix it without breaking other stuff. Because else I can't do the LIM-Launch and I will have to try to make a hidden B&M type of coaster so I can use the booster wheels and make a visible giga coaster for the looks.

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I didn't build any new rides in my turn, only a few stalls and kiosks. The park is a little bit glitched because of the vehicle update. If this is giving you any issues, you can use the stable version to resolve them.

Other than fixing Tesla, I moved the second station on the tram track (the one that xbalogan made near the Two Towers) to the new area at the pier. The old station is still there, just not used as a station anymore.


Next In Line@enner, Wobbly, UTMAN, jensj12, xbalogan, Wuis, Philmon11, Squab, Broxzier
Missed Turn:  imlegos
Download: Community Park V2.51.sv6

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I'm done.

First task was to level out the ground underneath all the water as it was a bit haphazard.

Second was to figure out why the park rating was falling so quickly, took me ages to find a missing path piece which was underground trapping peeps at the exit of a ride.

Then I joined the high water with the low water by building a waterfall, put in some foliage etc to link it together etc.

Built a new Giga coaster, Whiplash.

Gotta say though I found it a real challenge trying to build with just the basic deafault pieces (genuinly the first time i've tried it), especially no corner roof pieces or a support blocker but enjoyed it none the less.

If we do another community build I would be more than happy to put together a map and building set of default and custom pieces that give more building options if anyones interested.

community park v2.51.sv6



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