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  1. Cover a maximum area of 30x30 land tiles in one turn. You are allowed to shape this to your likes. An area of 15x60 for example is perfectly fine.
  2. Raise the land that you are building on. There should always be enough space to have an underground path, to allow for solving unexpected pathing issues.
  3. Anyone is allowed to make minor changes to other people's content, while keeping the overall theme the same. This include, but are not limited to:
    1. Changing the height of the ground
    2. Improve scenery and footpaths
    3. Placing footpath additions
    4. Solving issues where guests get stuck
    5. Moving rides
    6. Moving or placing new shops and stalls
  4. Do not make major changes to other people's content without their approval. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Removing or replacing rides
    2. Removing or replacing detailed scenery (anything that has more than just empty walls and roofs)
    3. Changing the height of the land drastically
  5. Keep an eye on the news - solve any problems to keep the park rating high.
  6. Post at least one screenshot, the new saved game with increased version number, and the updated queue.
  7. Do not block any main paths directly, there should be an easy way to continue building a path for the people after you. Ideally continue any paths in the area so that people can easily extend it.
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1: I have them, although I always play without.2/3: Preferably not, but I don't mind if they are included. Make sure everyone has 'export custom scenery with save' enabled in case non-official themes/scenery are used.4: How about starting with the RCT1 megapark? That park was made specifically for sandboxing.How many people here have UCES (User Created Expansion Set)? The official site is down but there might be other download locations (and I have it on my computer).

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I have UCES as well, but I don't use it anymore. Still have the download-file somewhere. Only thing is...I don't have any room for new objects because I already have the max amount of files in my ObjData-Folder...5425 items in total. When I put one more file in it, I get that bug that the slider in the object selection doesn't want to move...

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Erik, been a while since I've seen that site. Personally I do like his rides, but his scenery not so much. It doesn't really fit with the rest of the scenery in RCT2 in my opinion.I have no experience with UCES'es yet, but I found this page: http://www.jumpjet.info/Classic-Games/Windows/RCT2/UCES/Expansion.htm What do they do exactly?

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Count me in.Should we use expansion packs?I'd rather not for those who can't.What about custom scenery and rides?Don't see why not, custom scenery and rides can easily be added to the game just by running a file, although i would suggest a separate scenario download for all the scenery and rides we would be adding.Custom ThemesI'm a bit iffy on this as i feel we should focus on individual items rather then full themes.Scenario LayoutWell, to start, we should start with the max area possible in the scenario creator. our last park barely passed 20. and we could definitely do a lot more with a larger plot

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Some of his scenery fits perfectly in the game, others don't.I realy can't remember anymore about UCES. Maybe Jens knows about it, but the readme on the site that you mentioned makes perfect sense. I also know that UCES came with a few very nice looking scenario's and nice scenery as wel. I think I just took the scenery that I liked and dropped the rest of it...But it's been so long since I have even played RCT. It came back to my attention when I first found out about OpenRCT2 wich is 2 weeks ago. By then I decided to install the game on my laptop and copy my old ObjData-Folder with all of my old saved games as well...and now I'm back :)

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A road system should be fine as long as we remember to use no entry signs on ride exit paths. We would also need to make sure there's no dead ends anywhere. From what i understand, if you have a path a few tiles away from the edge of a dead end, then guests can path find to it

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1. NO! I don't have em. :(2. If someone could teach me, sure.3. Someone explain this to me please? Brox, you wern't so clear in this.4. Maximum area, with mountians, trees, and I would enjoy a small little river going through the middle. Mabye you could have the wreckage of some rides that we have to fix? :POverall, I'm in! :D

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Then we won't use expansion packs :PCustom scenery are objects that can be saved together with the park, and will be stored in your ObjData folder.With custom themes I mean entire sets of custom scenery with their own tabs. For example for the supports pack, the colourable trees, and the building blocks pack.I like your idea of a park, though I prefer it a little bit less mounty than last park.

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Idea: Keep the entrance at 0m height and lower all other land to the lowest possible (-9m). When building your piece of park you first have to raise your land plot and make something out of it (river, mountain, lake, valley). Water level will be at -3m so you can't just leave it at -9m.

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For CTR's could we use the Intiman Wing Coaster and the B&M Wing from this site? http://x123m3-256.github.io/RCT2/CustomRides/index.html
That's strange...I have downloaded these new rides and put them in my ObjData-Folder and when I try to start-up the game I get this error:View imageWhatever choice I click on, the program closed down and won't start.Edit: Sorry for this post, I already found out what went wrong...I accidently put a file from "Chris Sawyer's Locomotion" in my RCT ObjData-Folder...
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Unfortunatly I can't play this scenario then, because I use WW/TT all the time...I also can't make a new installation of RCT2 without WW/TT because when I do that I will need my current ObjData-Folder where all of my DAT.files are in (including the ones from WW/TT). I don't know what will happen if I make a new and fresh installation for RCT2 and copy all of my files from my current game to the new installation...I think that the game will chrash if I install the DAT's from WW/TT without using the installer...Does anybody has done this before and know what will happen ? I probably can't play my current scenarios anymore...

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Erik, you just have to avoid using rides and scenery from the Expansions. We usually add rides and scenery later on with the debugging device to the map. Also we played the previous map just fine. And I had the expansion, while others didn't. So there will be no errors or etc. :)

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