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  2. Going through all the objects on Nedesign's page, what is the deal with the objects with a red X? Is there an image available elsehwere or is it not available anymore?
  3. I bought rct2 ages ago, on disk. Last year, I finally bought the triple thrill pack via GOG for cheap. Not long ago, I downloaded and started using OpenRCT2. Love it, btw. At any rate, this has left my computer with three different "RCT2" shortcuts. The original one, the one from GOG, and the one from OpenRCT2. The shortcut for OpenRCT2 does not recognize anything from the triple thrill pack. None of the saved games, none of the new rides from the RCT2 expansions, none of the new scenery, etc. It does seem to recognize content, such as saved ride designs, from my original RCT2 game.
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  6. Alpine Adventures and Dusty Greens are examples of scenarios I can easily beat without coasters - a single splash boats, or failing that, a 9.82 intensity launched freefall and a 9.64 intensity roto-drop do the trick.
  7. Hello to everyone reading! I have a huge collection of custom scenarios for OpenRCT2, currently with a whooping 175 of them. It includes many highly challenging scenarios, remixes of various scenarios from RCT1 and RCT2, beefed up and improved/revisited versions of all RCT2 Wacky Worlds and Time Twister scenarios (often appended with a Roman numeral 2 "II" at the end of the name), and scenarios inspired by other games/media, including 4 Halo-themed scenarios! There is at least one scenario for every objective type in the game. There is currently only one no money scenario available. Also,
  8. Thanks @jensj12 & @X7123M3-256 for your help and patience with me.
  9. GitHub is where the developers look for issues and track their progress. It indeed means the issue is known. Once an issue goes from open to closed (which it is now), it is (usually) fixed and you should be able to update your game.
  10. Actually it says the issue has already been fixed, so updating to the latest develop should solve the problem.
  11. I assumed you wanted us to look at that link. I have, but a lot of it didn't make any sense to me. I'll assume that it means the issue is now known, and can be investigated for a solution. Much of the language you guys use is a foreign language to me. I hope you can dumb it down for people like me.
  12. Nice suggestion, thanks anyway, I appreciate the attempt. It didn't make any difference at all for me.
  13. I have also had the game crash as a result of this. In fact, there are even empty windows. This issue stems from the OpenRCT2 launcher not updating the game properly. If you manually build the c72f547 commit/build, you won't get the glitchy texts/graphics and crashes.
  14. The default track designs affected by the ride group removal are: Blue Hurricane Goliath Hell Hound Krypton Dips Nitro Raven Racer Titan Verticulator Dizzymouse Mutant Mouse Rat Race Megatrucks The ones that can no longer be built due to the vertical loop's collision box being fixed are: Atomizer (Twister Roller Coaster) Bumble Bee (Looping Roller Coaster) Deep Freeze (Looping Roller Coaster) Octivator (Corkscrew Roller Coaster) Fixed track designs.zip Attached is a zip file with the
  15. Litterily around 3 hours ago. Now there are text errors showing intermittently, but frequently. They sort of look like what I'd think the actual code looks like.
  16. In the ninSFOT park from the title screen the Titan roller coaster is one of them
  17. It would be helpful to know which coasters can't be placed. Since new ride types have been introduced some designs can't be placed because they still have the old ride type, and some desgins require you to turn on 'disable support limits' and/or 'disable clearance checks'.
  18. For certain roller coasters that i saved the track design it when i go to place it the warning pops up and says cant construct this here. In the way. It will show up that it can be placed there and there is nothing in the way
  19. Hi. Within the span of a few days, I'm unable to open the app. It seems like something happened to my program files, but I don't know how it could have. The folder they appear to be in (from my install) is now locked for some reason, and I can't seem to actually unlock it myself. Despite seemingly having permissions, I'm told I have no access. Anyone?
  20. This short video shows how to do it. It's a bit convoluted as the feature is only accessible via the title sequence editor, and the ability to use it in game wasn't really intended, but you can do it.
  21. YES! Exactly like that! I was curious how to do that! You say it's by using the title sequence, though that's not necessarily how it's meant to be used? Maybe if there was an easier option for that in-game, like how I mentioned the "locate train/car" can then be clicked on again to lock the camera until you move it around again.
  22. Because it doesn't take account of the distance it has to travel. You get that message if the train takes longer than a certain amount of time to return to the station, which means that if you have a ride with a very long duration you might get that message even if the train isn't actually stuck. The best option is to keep the path layout very simple - a grid usually works. The AI isn't very smart and figuring out what's causing a particular issue is often difficult - if I get that message I usually try to identify where the guests are getting stuck and where they're trying to g
  23. Thanks @jensj12, Yet more tweeking and finaly got what I was after.
  24. I agree, if you're only interested in a vanilla ride, then there's no need for the entire park.
  25. Thanks @jensj12, that's pretty much what I suspected. Even with my glasses, I have trouble seeing when the graph goes into the red, especially if it's a short spike. I had a look to see if I could change colours of that so as to get a better contrast, but not really sure where to look.
  26. No it isn't, you can open a TD6 with vanilla RCT2. It only needs to be an SV6 file if the ride is hacked or uses terrain in a way that would make it impossible to place down.
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