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  2. Which console are you talking about? The one you’re starting OpenRCT2 from, or the in-game one? The latter works as it always did, the former is now a JS console that allows access to commands of loaded scripts. If you want to execute a command from the in-game console there, use the form console.executeLegacy("help");
  3. I already had a few OpenRCT2 Servers on Linux and Windows before. I recently wanted to play it again on my own server which I had set up and played on months before. I noticed that it loaded an empty savefile which was the right save. It never saved automatically to that savefile and I think a friend of mine just closed it without the command. So I wanted to save it after a few hours of playing, but none of the commands I could remember worked now. I don't know what exactly is going on and since when you couldn't use "save_park" to save your park, "exit" to save and quit and "help" to get
  4. You can find the Object Editor here: https://www.nedesigns.com/utilities/ Scroll down to the RCT2 Object Editor for the download.
  5. As of last night (my local time) this appears to have been fixed with the latest update. Whoever or however it got fixed, I thank any and all involved.
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  7. hi-just trying to find the object editor. I completely forget where it was. I pretty much forgot everything. I also got a workbench from NE Designs and put it in my custom object folder but can't seem to use that either. love this game but I feel like I need a tutor
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  9. Really loving these two songs! Great find there NightHawk and thanks 😄
  10. Thanks so much for this content! Just having maps with larger sizes is wonderful, let alone all the impressive terrain and texturing done in each individual map! You clearly have a lot of passion for this game, and I don't want that to be undermined. Kudos to you! "Fred-104's RCT2 Custom Scenarios looks too intense for me"
  11. A map with next to nothing on it yet. Tried to put in several different pre-made coasters, and I either get a crash or that message. I have the latest development version installed by the launcher. Please advise. More information - the issue occurs when I change the initial orientation of the saved track.
  12. Woops, sorry. only just read your reply. My github is : NightHawkFur
  13. Yes, but that only goes for 4 minutes then stops, at the same time as you get the "vehicle 1 hasn't returned to the station." message.
  14. Hi people, I cannot manage getting the latest version of openrct2: I'm using Linux Mint Sylvia 18.3 (and quite a noob on it) I've followed what's explained in getting started guide there https://openrct2.io/ . But titlescreen is mentioning OpenRCT2, v0.1.3-build (DEBUG). Does it means that the package is not updated? I tried then simply "Download latest release" on same website. When I double click on this openrct2 file, an error window ask me if whether I want to set it executable or not (in properties it is already set as executable). Then I get an openrct2 window apparently upda
  15. You can already follow a train in the measurements tab and see exactly where the problematic pieces are. Showing this statically while building has been suggested before but voted against. Maybe a plug-in will someday do this.
  16. Few questions: Can you post a screenshot of the grayed out object selection button in the cheats menu? Did you get a warning when selecting the scenery group? Are the objects selected when you enable advanced mode? (Select them manually there if possible) What game version are you on?
  17. I noticed the "Ride time" data on the "Measurements and test data" tab, appears to be calculating incorrectly. The clock is adding about 12 seconds per minute, to the actual attraction run time. I compared the time for one circuit with a stop watch against the game clock. The game clock is definitely running faster. It happens on any track ride. v 0.3.3
  18. Say you're building a roller coaster and you have some parts that produce too much vertical Gs and what not, it would be really handy for the problem track pieces to visually be highlighted to the player, perhaps make them flash red and white. It can be a button similar to the blue flag testing button.
  19. Earlier
  20. yea found it feel like a idiot I couldn't find it for looking at it lol
  21. The option is very easy to find if you open the Options menu.
  22. Hello, I am new to OpenRCT2. I'm looking for a B&M Supports Scenery, and I can't find them any anywhere. Does anyone have a link, and if so, do I just need to put the download in the scenery folder?
  23. Hello, I am new to OpenRCT2. I'm looking for a B&M Supports Scenery, and I can't find any anywhere. Does anyone have a link, and if so, do I just need to put the download in the scenery folder?
  24. I was wonder is thee away to let the game run in full screen mode on my widows pc ?
  25. What exactly are you failing at? If you want, you can write to me and I will explain it to you in more detail!!!
  26. Using Object Selection through the console menu (grayed out in cheat menu for some reason), I select only North American Theming and Walls and Roofs. Certain pieces from the group will show up, but when I click they don't place. Only certain ones and it's random... Any thoughts?
  27. You're right, it wasn't like this in the original RCT2. IIRC, this is how it was in RCT1, and the feature used to be optional but the option was eventually removed in order to simplify the code. There's no longer the option to have the vehicles displayed as separate rides like they were in vanilla.
  28. Oh wow... duh! Thank you so much. I don’t remember it being like that on the original version of RCT2, where bumper boats and swan boats would be listed as different rides in the build manual. I’ve been playing the original for 15+ years and just downloaded Open RCT2 yesterday. Thanks again!
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