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  2. I was wanting to be able to add better custom music to my OpenRTC2 game, but I noticed the crap old RAW format they want it in. Is there a way we could add support for newer formats. Particularly Ogg and WebM-Audio using Vorbis, Opus and FLAC codecs should be supported out of box. Additionally, support should be available for WebM container AAC as well as MPEG container AAC and MP3 if system support libraries are available. In the spirit of Open Source, these patent encumbered formats should rely on external libraries and soft-fail by not supporting such formats if those libraries simply aren't found. We should encourage people to use WebM/Opus as this is the ideal "fully open" format available right now.
  3. I was about to suggest the same thing. I use this method a lot, especially on spacing rides like antique cars. Getting the cars spaced perfectly can keep the lines running smoothly as there is always at least one car in the station. (Antique cars are a particularly fun gentle ride, and they give a place for a large number of gentle ride fans to stay while their friends ride the big intimidating coasters that "make them sick just looking at it.")
  4. Ruedii

    Feature: Endless Mode

    It would be nice to ship with a couple premade sandboxes for it. Do you think we could tap the community for such sandboxes? There are four possible ways to set the goal: No Goal: i.e. Have Fun Minimal Goal: Last at least one year Insane Goal: Reach 999 Approval Long term "Don't Fudge it" goal: Don't let your rating drop below 200 before year 25.
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  6. Anyone know how to build tall walls made out of stacked walls? Do you build the top wall and use the control trick to slide it up?
  7. This is an issue with having ALL the land be part of the park. You have to make a small segment outside the park bounderies for the entrance to set in. This can be as small as 3x3 to permit the entrance and a small path going to it from the side.
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  9. Hold ctrl to build scenery at the same height as the object you’re pointing at. Hold shift to change the height of the object to be placed. These can be combined (hold ctrl to find the correct position at a given height, then hold ctrl+shift to change the height).
  10. Hey guys, So just now starting to get back into Open RCT2, it's been a LONG while, so need some help with something. I am building a mega park for fun (like many of us do) and want to put in a water fall. I know there is a waterfall option in the scenery, but I can't seem to figure out how to make it stick to the wall? I can only place on top of a flat square of land, but not up walls. Here is an example video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6AuQzx3rA0 He does it, but I have no idea how. Holding Shift or Ctrl? Thanks
  11. I now have matching object files in both vanilla and orct- they are now the same so I've pretty much sorted the missing objects issue. However the orct path issue previously mentioned persists- so it does seem some paths are dropping off the selection menu for paths in the scenario editor- three that I know of are missing in the editor and two in the test park I did with these paths (where it defaults to using the same path image three times for three different path options, one of which is the last one to show up in orct's scenario designer) - as I mentioned the third path type DOES appear and is usable in the test park but not the scenario editor. All the paths are available in vanilla both in-game and in-editor so it's an orct-only problem. Any ideas? Can send files for investigation if needs be (reminders to self- test park is 'pathfinder', problem paths last three on vanilla list in editor) Another thing I've noticed is some custom scenery/rides have descriptions that appear in vanilla that don't appear in open (when previewing in Scenario editor object selection windows)- only seems to be certain items.
  12. Seems interesting (I have very basic IT skills so am not yet programming savvy) Particularly for future evolutions of the game it might be interesting in a few specific areas, for example I know some players have asked 'what if in future you could have a rival park competing with you', thus the programming challenge of implementing this, maybe the problem of pathing and guests not using transport rides as transport could also be improved (better guest aims/intent logic etc). So it could certainly have potential for future evolutions of the game
  13. Maybe as something that's tagged with the ride like the operating modes etc so the game follows the old or new rules as applicable and still doesn't break existing stuff or disallow it.
  14. Would this be possible though as both ORCT and vanilla may be set up to look in the folders' parent directory which is different for both games- is there a trick for doing this and pointing both to the same folder? Another thought was to do it manually you could set the files to date order, establish which was the newest original game file then you'd only have to copy over the ones after this date, then you'd have all the custom files. Any you add later could then just be added to both folders. Has anyone had any thoughts on the missing paths issue as to why that didn't work and why the scenario editor also had a problem with some of the paths. Thank you
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  16. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAV5tXKufVFmarXzNSEgrhw Sometimes I do some random blogs, but over there, I might not be online or post videos more often, but his is where my content is gonna go.
  17. Hi all, I'm an independent researcher/hacker, and I've been applying Deep Reinforcement Learning (i.e. Pavlovian coonditioning of Neural Networks) to open-source SimCity 1 (aka Micropolis). Check out the code. For the most part I've trained agents to maximize population, with pretty good results; they can cram a small map full of condos and cul-de-sacs, exploiting quirks in the game's traffic and economic simulations. I talk about some of this work in more detail in a recently published paper. I'm interested in undertaking a similar project with RCT2. This would mean wrapping the game engine as a Python object using Cython/SWIG. I've started fiddling with the compile process; it seems doable in theory, but this isn't my area of expertise. What I want to ask the devs/community is: is there anything in particular that would prevent me from wrapping the game in Python? And if we decide the project is indeed relatively doable, then would anyone (preferably with knowledge of the game's compile process, Cython/SWIG, or C++) be interested in working on such a wrapper? The resulting environment for planning/training agents could turn out to be a real boon for the AI community (there is a real dearth of RL environments with mixed/open-ended objectives), and the resultant AI research could provide some insight into the mechanics of the game, a bit like large-scale, automated play-testing for the developers. To my knowledge, it would be the first RL environment built around a popular, actively-maintained open-source game. I also think it would be fun to write up a paper about the new environment, with any preliminary results we manage to achieve (I'm thinking it would be relatively easy for agents to learn how to build a small 16x16 tile food court at the park's entrance, for example). I would love to have some OpenRCT2 devs/community-members as co-authors on the paper, if you're interested in providing counsel or implementation assistance. Let me know what you think!
  18. i feelnlike a necro but for my headless client i cannot find the action logs after enabling in configs. any help?
  19. When I download Openrct2 and go to my folder (windows), and i click it, theres a scrolling wheel but openrct2 doesn't open. Please Help
  20. Just change the goal to ‘Have fun!’ (or ‘100 guests in your park after year X’ if you want a time limit) if you don’t want any serious goal.
  21. A modern library included app packaging format is generally better than static linking, because it permits insertion of library patches post-release for compatibility with annoyingly stubborn systems. Your best option is to use the AppPack build for this. This one includes all it's libraries and has nice executable compression. You can also prune the libraries when making this, for further compression. There is a premade AppPack, but there is also a build script for it in the source code. Another option is to use FlatPak, which is similar to AppPack but uses a system container, providing more insulation and security. FlatPak also makes several premade run-times available with fixed library sets including the latest bugfix patches. It's a very good option. However, FlatPak requires a runtime and a special user-level package manager (supported by most major modern distros.) This makes it less portable. There currently isn't a flatpak build script last I checked, but it's easy to add. The FlatPak website has a guide, and I think I might have seen a prebuilt one on Flathub. Simply put advantages quick and dirty: FlatPak: System in place for runtime updates. AppPack: Runs as a standard monolithic Elf binary, fully portable and able to run on any system without substantial library issues. As a note, OpenRTC needs the following for FlatPak permissions: Access to Window Manager functions, Access to OpenGL and X11 functions, Sound system Access. Full network access, Access to user directory in filesystem.
  22. Does anyone know if certain foods influence nausia factor more than others? As a note, I recommend starting with one drink stall and one small stack stall, and even possibly waiting for the first guest to be hungry/thirsty to open them.
  23. Never go beyond two wide on paths or you get routing fails on guest AI. Boulevard design also works nicely. (Boulevard design are two paths separated by a small narrow physical barrier with periodic crossing, usually at the junctions.) Such designs allow a line of shops, and gardens on the inside, and rides on the outside.
  24. That's more mod area, but sounds like a cool mod.
  25. Is it possible? Sure. But it essentially means having staff that abuse the game mechanics for you. In real life, a park cannot calculate exactly how much guests are willing to pay from the ride stats, and closing and reopening a ride does not magically make guests think it's new. If you start looking at how the game works internally, you can take advantage of that knowledge to maximize profit, but I don't think having the option to automate that process is a good idea unless it is to be considered as a cheat.
  26. This staff would have two modes: The first would have the Micro Managers walk around your park inspecting the profitability of rides and adjust the ride price based on its stats and age according to http://tomvanhees.be/rct2/index.php the table The second mode would have the micromanagers walk around the park to inspect rides that are unprofitable, then close, refurbish, and renew them automatically. Obviously they should cost a lot to have. Is something like that possible? Good Idea? Terrible idea? What do you think?
  27. Also, as a note, the stations themselves contain an 18MPH booster for starting the train off.
  28. Ruedii

    Wall Snapping

    It would be nice if walls and ceilings would "snap" to one another when being built. This would allow easier building of tall walls and structures. A button could be added to the options menu or, better yet, to the scenery window.
  29. Validating the SHA-256 checksums shown on a download page doesn't confirm that a download is not malicious - anyone that could tamper with the download page could just change the checksum to match. That's why digital signatures exist. That said, this is almost certainly a false positive. It's a common issue. If you got the binary from the official site (openrct2.io) or this site, and the browser didn't warn you about an insecure connection then I wouldn't be concerned.
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