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  3. Here's just one coaster update: Side-Friction Coaster Requirements: 250 m, 2 drops, 4 m drop 10x5, 251m: It was bugging me that the ride time of the Side-Friction Coaster was so long so I took another shot at it. I had to increase the height from 6 to 7.5 m, but I got even closer to the minimum length requirement. Rather than taking 72 seconds the ride time has dropped to a more reasonable 54 seconds. Side-Friction v3 251.td6
  4. yeah i appreciate them doing this and i hope it works thanks
  5. TomWould

    Cedar Point

    I'm a big fan of cedar point and definitely interested in contributing to this, have you started the water park?
  6. Since a few days, I can't connect to "Mozar's Free 4 All" anymore .....
  7. Earlier
  8. I remember making a let's play going through the content starting when I was 12. It was a lot of fun, and the parks were awesome, but my goodness, I cringe whenever I watch those old videos... which is why I'm sharing the link right here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3ECD418306807D66
  9. Hey, I am still interested in this Plugin, as I am really annoyed by refurbishing 30 attractions at one time every two years in game. I tried it and the window did not open at all. Would you like to update the plugin? Would love it!
  10. If you clicked yes in the dialog asking to send the dump to the developers (if you did not, I just did that successfully), it has already been reported to the developers. See #14198 for another report.
  11. No, not the ride. The program itself.. I designed a rollercoaster, then once the test results showed I selected save track design with scenery, then select nearby scenery. Once scenery is selected, select save. Now for the crash. Select New Folder, and the game loses the will to live. It forces you to close the program. I can replicate it every time I do the above. You can't even upload the dump, because it won't let you do anything until the program has closed. I imagineyou will be able to create the crash yourself though. OpenRCT2-0.3.2-develop-e7adf19-windows
  12. As I said, it's most likely in C://Program Files (x86) if you installed RCT2 with default options. If you can't find it, try searching your hard drive for "rct2.exe" or "g1.dat" as that should take you there. There's not much point me posting pictures of my RCT2 installation as I have it installed somewhere else. No, the disk version will work fine and there is no difference.
  13. Could you maybe add some pictures as in a little tutorial? I have no idea where to find these. Also, should I buy the game online in order to be able to play?
  14. OK, now you are running OpenRCT2. The folder you need to select is the one where vanilla RCT2 is installed - since you're on Windows, it's probably somewhere in C://Program Files and will most likely be called "Roller Coaster Tycoon 2". You should see the rct2.exe executable (which is not used), and the subfolders "Data" and "ObjData". Searching for these files may help you find the folder.
  15. This translates freely to: "OpenRCT2 needs files of a RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 installation. Select the folder in which the files of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 are present" Which folder? Where to find this folder?
  16. OK thanks, how can I run OpenRCT2 instead of vanilla RCT2? I did not recognise any difference Edit: I think I have been asked for the path before, but I couldn't find it.
  17. OpenRCT2 does not ask for the CD, it asks for the path where RCT2 is installed. It looks like you are running vanilla RCT2 and not OpenRCT2.
  18. It's in the left above. I do now realise they may be asking for the cd but I can't put it in my laptop. Are there any other ways to get it to work without using the cd?
  19. Hi everyone, I am using a 2017 laptop which doesn't let me play with my old cd-rom anymore. So I found downloading the game to be an excellent solution to this problem. However, I stumbled upon another problem: I just can't get the game to play. I have downloaded several things multiple times but I just don't get in the game. I'm very noob-ish with anything related to computers, downloading and so on. It's just not in my nature and never has been. Being non-native English doesn't help much by understanding the guides which don't really tackle my problem either. In the beginning if I opene
  20. Some interesting data regarding all of my scenarios and the objectives they have (as of 2021/02/26 I have made 305 scenarios): 79 (25.90%) = "Number of guests at a given date" 59 (19.34%) = "Number of guests in park" 32 (10.49%) = "Repay loan and achieve a given park value" 29 (9.51%) = "Monthly income from ride tickets" 28 (9.18%) = "Park value at a given date" 24 (7.87%) = "Monthly profit from food/merchandise" 22 (7.21%) = "Finish building 5 roller coasters" 22 (7.21%) = "Build 10 roller coasters of a given length" 10 (3.28%) = "Build
  21. The guys haven't completed it as yet. I suspect they may not have a release date for it yet. It can't be an easy task I suspect. I, like others really hope they can do it, but I'm prepared to let them take their time and get it right. None of my comments are in any way meant as a "hurry up".
  22. And here is the second episode! This one explains where you should put any save files or scenarios you come across!
  23. Hey everyone! I am making a series to explain some of the technical stuff that is good to know when you play OpenRCT2! Here is the first episode of the series. It explains how to download and update the game!
  24. Yes mine freeze which results in a crash. I am using build v.0.3.2-416-g052306f99 (052306f on develop)
  25. when does the new save format come out and where is it thanks...so excited
  26. Hi Files dont seem to be here any more any one know where you can get them ???
  27. ALL HAIL THE NEW SAVE FORMAT !!!!!!! All hail those that are making it happen. Awesome job for people not being paid to do it. Who do it because they are that deep into this game. My hat goes off to all the people working on OpenRCT2, honestly.
  28. The limits will be greatly increased as soon as the new save format is merged. In the current version of the new save format, you can have up to 256 ride/shop types selected, which is double the SV6 limit (this will likely increase further before the new save format is finished), and up to 5 times as many objects on the map. I think sprite counts can go up to 65536 (up from the old limit of 10000). The new save format will not completely remove the limits, and I don't think that's planned - they will just be increased to the point that that they're not a problem.
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