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  2. Good find, that's not intended. I'll try to find a fix for it today. Edit: Actually I think it is intended, at least in-game, to make sure that whatever is "behind" the surface elements gets cleared. I'm not sure if a giant screenshot without the blackness looks good, but I'll try it out. Edit 2: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/pull/9422
  3. Probably not, though it makes sense for guests to not go on unshelterred rides when it's raining. The most realistic thing would be for them to stop heading to these rides when it begins to rain.
  4. Last week
  5. 1) It is supposed to only show rides that the scenario intended. However, I believe there is currently a bug in that, which causes it to show more. 2) This is something you should really have checked yourself. I will answer it this time: OpenRCT2 groups rides in much the same way that RCT1 did, unlike RCT2.
  6. So I just finished linking up RCT1 to OpenRCT2, but I'm wondering, if I play the RCT1 scenarios, will they feature only the rides that the scenario originally had access to, or will it expand it? For example, if I start Forest Frontiers, will I be able to access rides like Enterprise or Jet Skis that originally weren't available for that level? Additionally on a different note, will OpenRCT2 compile rides of similar natures? I like creating at least one of every ride, but when "Rowing Boats, Canoes, and Bumper Boats" are all seperate rides it not only clogs up research by unlocking rides that just use a different carriage design, but also just crowds up the building menu.
  7. In the original RCT2, guests will still queue for unsheltered rides in the rain if they are heading for them. In OpenRCT2, no guests will enter queues in the rain. Is this an intentional change?
  8. I think it shouldn't be difficult as long as the flat rides cover a wide enough intensity range. Some of the thrill rides are as intense as roller coasters.
  9. Asked in Discord. Marcel said most are possible (although harder) but the ones that say sth. like "Build 10 coasters" might not work out. I also found this video
  10. By the way, is it intended that this feature does not work when I view underground?
  11. Afaik Coasters are crucial to increase the maximum number of park visitors, but they are not the only mean to do that, are they? Aside from max visitor count they server other purposes too I think. But I wonder: Can you win all scenarios without any coasters at all?
  12. jensj12

    Visual Bug

    Check whether one of the following things make a difference: Toggle day/night cycle Change the water style in the object selection (in the cheats dropdown menu) Restart the game / load a different scenario (preferably from RCT2)
  13. jdjenk4

    Visual Bug

    Colors seem to be way more vibrant and brighter than normal. The white colors, in particular, are very blinding and seem to be just as white as the precursor white when placing objects and scenery. Makes it very difficult to place objects down when the the colors blend together. I've tried to see if there was a way to dim the colors so they appear more natural to the base game but there is no option to do so. My visual driver is up to date and I have the latest update for OpenRCT2. Even tried to reduce my screen brightness but that hasn't helped at all. My rig specs just in case: GeForce GTX 1660Ti i7-8700K @ 3.7 GHz 16 GB RAM Any help to correct the colors is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  14. Just tested it and it works great!
  15. Dartz's Freebuild is back! After a long absence from OpenRCT2 I have returned and I'm hosting my server once again. The new IP/port is and it should be up for a while this time. Once again no custom content except stuff from Time Twister/Wacky World which you can get from Steam/Discord/GOG if you don't have it already. Enjoy!
  16. A new option has now been added that makes giant screenshots transparent. This is enabled by default.
  17. They are now considered hacks instead of debug tools. Enable the cheats top toolbar button (not the cheats window), and then click+hold the golden shovel that appears.
  18. So...... There's only two options in the debug menu. Show console and Show paint debug menu. Tryed clicking and holding and the keyboard shortcut and still nothing. I want to use Object Selection and Tile Inspector, but they don't show up, even on Cheats they don't show. HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  19. You found the correct location, but correctly selecting it seems to be the issue. Select the RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Triple Thrill Pack folder, not Data or g1.dat.
  20. Looks like you've already found the cheats button. Click and hold that button and enable sandbox mode. Then, go to the map and increase the map size there. This only works if you built the park on a map that was not the max size already, the map size limits haven't been increased yet.
  21. Hey im having an issue where the location of the g1.dat file cant be found yet i can see it clearly in the game folders, can anyone help me? i will attach screenshots if that's possible
  22. In hindsight I can see that the way I phrased it may have come over a bit like I was being a dick. I didn't mean it to be sarcastic in a mean way but I shouldn't have phrased it like that so my apologies! I do very much appreciate the hard work that you guys put into this game as I think openrct definitely has been a revolution when it comes to RCT. Also I am happy to see the bug has been fixed, thanks guys!
  23. As seen in the photo below, my park, in year 69 is basically using up all the land available in my park. Is there an option in Open RCT2 currently that allows me to increase the size of the park?
  24. It shouldn't be too difficult to take the standard palette and just make all colors a bit darker except the greens! I recommend using Paint.net for this 👍 WTRCYAN.bmp
  25. Not gameplay related, but this tutorial shows you how to set up an OpenRCT2 server!
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