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  2. We could have a plug-in or built-in option for better physics later on, in the same way that OpenTTD has (though RCT's physics are _perfect_, compared to those of Transport Tycoon, so OpenTTD really _needed_ one). As Jens pointed out, there are too many parks and roller coaster designs out there that would break if we meddled with the physics.
  3. OK, if those are all the files in that folder, you're indeed missing all of the music files, since that is put in css3.dat through css46.dat. Since you have the CD version, I think you have done a "Minimum" install. Please reinstall RCT2 and make sure you choose to do the full install.
  4. Last week
  5. The Data folder is 31.9 MB. I have attached a screenshot of the contents of the folder.
  6. Which version have you installed? If it's the 0.2.3 release build: it contains a bug that stops it from working on macOS. Please update to the latest development build and try again.
  7. Can you give me a listing of the "Data" folder of your RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 installation, including file sizes?
  8. OS: Windows 10 Sound: IDT High Definition Audio CODEC Build: Latest full build (0.2.3 ac7a1eb) I can't hear any music other than RCT1 Title Menu music on the title screen (by transferring css17.dat to my RCT2 folder). Setting the title music to just RCT2 means I can't hear any music at all. All sound effects work, as far as I can tell. I can hear guests talking, screaming while on rides, and clicking on various buttons all have a sound effect. I cannot hear any music while in a park. A Merry-go-Round, for instance, makes no noise even when running (the music is enabled for that ride). I've checked as many sound settings as I could find. All sound sliders on my PC are at 100%. I can hear all other noises and the RCT1 Title Music just fine, and quite loud. I have the Sound Device set to Speakers/Headphones, since I have two speakers that I use for my PC, but changing to Default sound device does not change any of what I've just described. I've attached a recording of the main menu, where I switch the title music from RCT2 to RCT1 and back again. Can anyone help with this issue? I'd greatly appreciate it. track.wav
  9. So as the title states, park or ride entrances and employees are now light sources. This is on Windows 10 64 bit version 1903 build 18362.418. Version of OpenRCT2 is v0.2.3-8c1ccfd. I uploaded the issue to youtube: OpenRCT2 2019-10-16 20-14-14.mp4
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  11. Hey guys, if I join my server, I am a spectetor! How can i get admin / any right to build smth.? I did not found it in the permissions thread. (Or how do I acces to the users.json and groups.json (if it is there possible to give someone admin)?) (Or how can I change the defaultgroup?) I run a headless dedicated server, so a way about the terminal would be perfect, haha. Regards Dustin!
  12. Hi there, I didn't know where to post this but this will do. I am currently intrested in downloading RCT2 but it says I need the content from the base game. I have it from Steam. Will that work for me to play the game? Thanks, Michael
  13. I have a park that I have been working on for a few months now, and when I re-installed ORCT2 to the latest development build today, whenever I would click my park on the saved parks menu, it would just close the menu and restart the title sequence. I believe the problem is the 'Encountered 0-chunk' thing, but I re-installed the game and nothing worked. Any ideas? Here's the file: Przyjemny_Punkt.sv6
  14. Hi all just not long downloaded open rct2 after picking up rct2 again, couldn't believe the added features makes the game that bit better, absolutely love this game as a kid so now as an adult hopefully I can expand more, I am pretty novice so looking forward to seeing builds and helping if I can haha
  15. As long as I've played this game I've been a fan of making it as packed as possible. This is without cheats, done in Steam-based play not on OpenRCT. Got OpenRCT so that I could take pics. Not even finished yet. Some coasters have worn out their luster but park still makes $$$. Will be making this as packed as possible At some point I am going to do this in a giant sandbox and make it even crazier. It evolves over time into clutter and it becomes hard to edit. But so far no guests manage to get lost amazingly.
  16. It'll be released along Half Life 3 and Black Mesa XEN.
  17. i see your point. had other programs been in that list I may not have assumed that openRCT had asked for such permission. Thanks for the info.
  18. Erm, that's not what the dialog is telling you at all. Traditionally, EVERY app can listen for all keyboard input events. That doesn't mean that all apps do so, it just means they can if they wanted to. Of course, this is a security risk (you already mentioned keylogging), so it seems Apple is now clamping down on this functionality. For OpenRCT2, this is fine: we don't listen to keystrokes not directly sent to us. But some programs do: any program that can be controlled while not in focus needs this kind of functionality. (8 cars per trainer and similar programs are examples.) That is why you have this dialog: to enable this functionality for apps that need it. Again, OpenRCT2 should not need this, so you can just leave the box unticked.
  19. macOS Catalina is telling me that OpenRCT wants to monitor the keyboard "even while using other apps". What's going on? This would be malware behavior.
  20. Try waiting maybe 5 minutes on the black screen. The game might suddenly start after that amount of time. After it starts once, it might only take 20 seconds the next time you open it. Unfortunately i have this problem with my old windows Vista laptop. If the game updates to another version, it sometimes takes five minutes to start from the black screen, and there after the game will load in about 20 seconds.
  21. The problem with that is that it would break many existing coasters and parks, and there are problems with physics than just that.
  22. It is being worked on. Expect big announcements in many places once it’s done.
  23. Well, it should be fixed then. 🤷‍♀️
  24. What's the status regarding increasing of game limits (rides, scenery types, ...)? I would be very happy !!!!! :)
  25. Try setting the `drawing_engine` setting in config.ini to `SOFTWARE`.
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