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  2. Hello, I've been using OpenRCT2 for a few days now with no issues (both offline and multi), but since yesterday, I have a crash to desktop when selecting the game I want to load as a host. Attachment is the crash report by MacOS. Thanks in advance for your help Paul ReportCTD.rtf
  3. Why make a custom object if you're just going to hide it? Just use one of the preexisting invisible stall objects, or hide a default stall with the tile inspector. If what you want is a more generic looking shop and not an invisible shop, then make a custom object (I haven't seen one of these but I've always wanted one; they were in RCT3. Maybe I should make one sometime).
  4. jensj12

    Plain shops

    There are currently two options that don't require any changes to the game: Make custom stall object with a small building. It won't be able to sell multiple types of items, so you'll need a custom stall for every item you want to sell in your park. Hide the building entirely using the tile inspector. Build a stall, open the tile inspector (from the cheats dropdown menu, you need to have cheats enabled in the settings for this), select the tile, select the stall in the list of objects on that tile and click 'insert corrupted element'. The stall is still there, but you won't be able to see it anymore.
  5. did you ever figure this out chris?
  6. Yesterday
  7. It is not letting me play it, my mac is still being a pain. Any advice? Trying to use the wrapper I just dont get it.
  8. ladbroke8745

    Plain shops

    Hi, First post I've written, but I do read the forums from time to time as well as a RCT Facebook group... What I was thinking earlier whilst building scenery around shops was wanting them to be plain so making scenery would be much easier (so a 1x1 box effectively). I've tried building around some of them but because of their icons on top of the buildings. I tend to have to build walls 2 high and the buildings then look weird, and sometimes out of place. Has someone already created something like this? How about a single shop that can be customizable in what the shop sells? What do others think?
  9. Hey everybody. I download RCT2 original through GOG about a year ago and am just now finding out about Openrct2. I downloaded the game using wineskin and have absolutely forgotten how to use it, and I have no idea how to get OpenRCT2 into the game I already have using the wrapper. Can anybody help me?
  10. This was a bug, but a fix has been merged today.
  11. Last week
  12. I noticed after downloading the Open RCT2 launcher that the water textures look more blocky and is hard to see through. I thought it was a glitch with the Underwater View option, but then I saw it wasn't there. I had to turn on Underground View to even see through the water in deeper territory.
  13. Ratings should always be generated, and I'm also sure this problem can be fixed. However, the problem is that we don't know yet what causes the ratings in your park to get stuck. It would help if we could pinpoint it to one particular ride.
  14. Do you think this is a general bug then or will there be a way to fix it?
  15. Yes, I can now load it. For me, it does generate ratings on Slngha if I delete all other rides. I haven't tracked down specifically which ride is blocking the ratings generation, though.
  16. You are using the wrong object. You have to use the " wooden fence", not the "wooden wall" from the mining theme. To be more general, you have to use a fence and not a wall because in RCT2, only the fences can be placed sloped, the walls can't (there are some exceptions).
  17. My slope field is grayed out. I can’t adjust it as shown in Deurklink’s tutorial above. Using latest release. Any advice?
  18. I cannot load that file, because I don't have the GREENTIL.DAT file. Could you upload that file as well?
  19. Hi, the objective in this scenario is having 600 guest, i don't know why your goal have changed. On the other hand, reach 1200 guest in two month is not difficult. Just make the park free to enter and charge 5 or more the roller coasters, and then just spam ad campaigns. Hope this help you, and sorry if something is misunderstood, English is not my native language.
  20. For your most recent attempt on Big Pier... What did your marketing spend look like? How many total rides did you finish with? *How many months before you built one of each type of ride? Are you keeping prices low to reduce churn?
  21. Nothing actually downloads EDIT: Nevermind
  22. Earlier
  23. Hi sorry for the slow reply ive been moving house. I think this should be correct Future Town.zip
  24. @AstruxysThere will be at some point, because we are working on raising those limits. But until then, you will have to limit yourself to 252 small objects, 128 walls, etcetera.
  25. Hmm ok, but there's no way around it? thanks
  26. How many objects do you have selected in total? There's a limit on the number of scenery items you can select, and if it's exceeded you may still be able to select the scenery groups but not all the items in them. You should get a warning message when you select the scenery group if there are items that could not be selected.
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