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Group Park 2


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Well, if you take a good look through all land owned, you might find proof we don't take it THAT serious. I don't know about you getting on to the list, I just walked into this topic too, and asked so, so I don't see why you shouldn't be able to join. Hope we'll get to see some awesome creations from you. ^^

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Also, to Whoever goes next...

please decorate the coaster I built, but don't over-do it. I want the open feel of it, but then it does need to have some decoration. Mabye just change the stations/break run to a log building or something. Idk. xD This is why i leave the decorating up to OTHER people.

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You can join this park already. The serious look of the park just challenges you to try new things. I've never decorated coasters before so I'll just try, and others improve it where it's needed. Note that land at ground level means it is unused and you should raise it before using. Aim is to keep the average ground height at at least the height of the park entrance, but you're free to make caves/hills/mountains/valleys/lakes/whatever you need. On average one coaster/tracked ride is built each turn.

Next In Line:  Broxzier, jensj12, UTMAN,  Philmon 11, Wuis, imlegos, xbalogan, Squab
Missed Turn:  Jamaka, Erik, Zygorator, wasdalos007

(are you ready to work on it Brox or should I swap us for today?)

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Someone made a small error during the initial buildup, there's still a guest entry point floating around at the side of the map where the bobsled/chairlift is. Hopefully it can still be fixed as it just made my game crash (might also be a cause of the low guest count). Can be fixed by adding a footpath at that point, wait for the guests to leave and remove the entry point.

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Here is my addition: Poseidon's Rehearsal, a log flume ride.



I also fixed some places where people got stuck. Also the train of Tesla can still get stuck, I didn't get to fixing this.

@jensj12 I did not see any guests spawning near the bobsleigh coaster.

Next In Line:  jensj12, UTMAN,  Philmon 11, Wuis, imlegos, xbalogan, Squab, Broxzier
Missed Turn:  Jamaka, Erik, Zygorator, wasdalos007

Community Park V2.39.sv6

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In that case you may want to see:

https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/pull/2558 (original issue)

https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/pull/2559 (investigation + possible fix)


Can you (windows users) please check if the build from https://ci.appveyor.com/project/IntelOrca/openrct2-ject9/build/ solves the problem with displaying map of park? To see if you're affected first check if it crashes with vanilla build.

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