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@Philmon11 Personally I don't like adding scenery to rides built by others. In fact I usually build some scenery first, maybe a station, but not a full ride, and then expand upon both the ride and scenery to make them go together nicely. Maybe you can try adding scenery to it yourself, and perhaps end up with something nice looking. Trees are usually easy to make things look right, and having small buildings that cover parts of the ride is nice to have too.

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2 hours ago, Philmon11 said:

Can the next person who goes decorate the entrance to Hillside Terror (I think thats what it was called) AKA The green coaster next to the log flume in  the beachy area?

I would've done it if you asked so, I didn't feel in the position to build things around it, or adjust the track a little bit to get some scenery working. I can still do something about it my next turn, but you are in front of me. It just didn't look like you wanted the track themed, because it looked different in comparison to the area around it. So ask for help in your initial post next time, say if someone can customise the track and maybe give ideas how you thought about it. Not trying to be mean, although I have the feeling this all is a bit rough, just want to help out. Have fun building next turn!

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11 hours ago, Philmon11 said:

Can the next person who goes decorate the entrance to Hillside Terror (I think thats what it was called) AKA The green coaster next to the log flume in  the beachy area?

I can take a look at it when it comes around to me in a few turns. 

This whole process is nostalgic from 12 years ago...  :P  I can't wait to get the park!

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Minor improvements through the entire park, including: minimal scenery for hillside terror, reworked twisted mouse entrance, some extra stalls and a new ride you shouldn't be able to notice. I might have destroyed some scenery around junior miner when I tried to fix some pathfinding. Tried to fix the floating guests problem but not much luck yet, most of them don't even move (haven't tried the crash-fix from github yet, this map version didn't crash anyways). Guest count is below 600 now.

Next In Line@UTMAN,  Philmon 11, Wuis, imlegos, xbalogan, Squab, Broxzier, WobblyRails, jensj12
Missed Turn:  Jamaka, Erik, Zygorator, wasdalos007

Community Park V2.40.sv6

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@jensj12 Ah, I finally found the entry point you mentioned. It also looks like there is a corrupt tile, or 'black hole' as some call it. I can try and fix this whenever there is no one working on it.


Edit: Fixed it, by simply moving the entry point and then removing all guests. UTMAN has the fixed version. For some reason that many guests triggered the glitchy rendering.

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Claiming it! Do you have to fix that first, or can I work with the V2.41? Because I can wait.

Also because Philmon still hasn't said anything about if I can possibly edit the coaster etc. to decorate it, I'm not doing so. I think I am just going to stick to some changes to the pathing near my newest coaster and a minor attraction, but I'll see what I can think of!

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18 minutes ago, Philmon11 said:

Oh, you can Wuis.

Just realized Jens did that already, although it's minimal, I'll keep it there. Already did quite some changes between  TNT Blaster and the Mine Train, so I expect myself to be ready in a few minutes. Or I might finish stuff up tomorrow.

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That was quite rude of me, ask if I have to wait and then just dig right into the game. I just opened the save file to watch and started messing with things such as: Making a somewhat larger path next to the new launched and- mine coaster, which was rather hard because of the terrain and the Trams. ^^' but also adding benches to some wild attractions who didn't have them yet.

So I sort of just went with it, forgetting that I asked that. I build a mini free-fall ( TnTeen ), which I really wanted to be a Top Spin inspired by Talocan, but after I dug a hole a message popped up saying the attraction was too low. :c

I ended up building a sort of fort around it and also adding some smalls things to the rest of the area. After all I think the area looks rather sweet, it kind of closes off building paths from this side, but if you REALLY want it, I can definitely help you with that. 

The only peek you'll get is this, if you want to see more.Take a look in the fileCommunity Park V2.42.sv6 ) :PSCR12.thumb.png.6161b58ca68921f9170d57d2

Next In Line: @imlegos, xbalogan, Squab, Broxzier, WobblyRails, jensj12, Philmon11, Wuis
Missed Turn:  Jamaka, Erik, Zygorator, wasdalos007, UTMAN


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Claiming it now to fix the guest's entry point.

Edit: Fixed :) This time I only removed all guests that were heading for the park entrance, so everything inside the park remained the same. This only had to run for a few frames to get all peeps hanging there removed.

Community Park V2.42.1.sv6

Edit 2: In the last save there were 7373 guests on that one tile!

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