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Group Park 2


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Added chairlift, snow cups and food court to ice area. Fixed pathfinding by adding a massive bridge and blocking one of the tram stations (allowing peeps to go into the food warehouse from there and the other side might fix it). Park rating is currently 0 but should raise again when most people have found the exit.

Next In Line: @Wuis, xbalogan, wasdalos007, Broxzier, jensj12
Missed Turn:  Jamaka, Erik, imlegos, Philmon, Zygorator

Community Park V2.33.sv6

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I'm going to work on it tonight, I wish there was a spot I could squish something in, to build something compact out in the open is really weird for me. I tried for like an hour or so, but didn't quite find what I wanted.


EDIT: It might also be cool to implement our names somewhere in the park, maybe by locking a few guests on a hidden spot.

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In that case you're free to start working on it, as you should have been placed before Wuis.

Next In Line:  @UTMAN Wuis, xbalogan, wasdalos007, Broxzier, jensj12
Missed Turn:  Jamaka, Erik, imlegos, Philmon, Zygorator

For the pathfinding, just make sure the path going into the direction of their target makes them reach the target and peeps will follow it. If they have to walk a few tiles the other way they often won't find it. I even found a mechanic heading for twisted mouse stuck inside the house with the food stores a few tiles away.

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Hi there. I'm new in here but I have a small suggestion about one of the coasters in community park. Tesla coaster have to be redesigned to a powered launch or all breakdowns should be turned off, because right now after power cut-off there is high chance of crash resulting in death of guests.

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Tesla has indeed crashed in the last save, but instead of redesigning the coaster (which destroys it's beauty) simply running it with one train works too. You can't force everybody to play without breakdown (it's the fun part of the game right?).

Note to everyone: The ground is meant to be raised before use. Whenever someone builds out it is either at the same height or lower as adjacent sections (with only a few exceptions). You are free to use your imagination and change the terrain to whatever you'd like. Don't feel restricted to what the terrain currently looks like (flat or going straight down to the lowest possible) or where the tram rails is currently (just change it to fit your creation).

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17 minutes ago, UTMAN said:

The next in line is:

Next In Line
:  @Wuis, xbalogan, wasdalos007, Broxzier, jensj12, UTMAN,  Philmon 11
Missed Turn:  Jamaka, Erik, imlegos, Philmon, Zygorator

Guess what! I'm already done! :D

Sooo! I'm going to get a bit of a update of what I've done:

First wanted to get to  decorating Philmon's coaster, but I felt like he might've meant the coaster like that, so I kept that for what it was.

 V Soo after long searching for an area, I've worked along the big river a bit, build a medium sized mine coaster

SCR10.thumb.png.62463dfecdf5312293d35a13                                                                                       SCR11.thumb.png.7bca8a5e74cb24ada87a02b4

I wasn't ready with that, because I felt that it needed a corner with some shops so we got this over here now ^ :D


Total picture:


Next In Line:  @xbalogan, wasdalos007, Broxzier, jensj12, UTMAN,  Philmon 11, Wuis
Missed Turn:  Jamaka, Erik, imlegos, Philmon, Zygorator

Edited by Wuis
Forgot to add who is next in line! :c
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Im not going to be able to work on the park for at least 24 hours, so if anyone wants to take their turn feel free. If Im not here by tomorrow night, feel free to lump me into the missed turns pile until further notice :)
Out of the country to spend christmas with my GF so am using her PC, but dont want to spend too long here for obvious reasons :D

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