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  1. I'm not so sure about that. Floorless twister train can have 8 cars and Hyper-Twister (wide) can have 9 cars (10 if you include lead car without passengers).
  2. In builds 1636, 1637 and 1638 sounds of coaster trains dissapear when the coaster is going faster than 80kph+ and reappear when it will slow down. Tried with few coasters and sound dissapear on all of them.
  3. VUL7UR3

    Château, WIP

    This is the park I've been working on for last few days. Do you have any tips on building good looking stations? Link to album on FlickR: https://flic.kr/s/aHskp5To4C
  4. VUL7UR3

    Group Park 2

    Hi there. I'm new in here but I have a small suggestion about one of the coasters in community park. Tesla coaster have to be redesigned to a powered launch or all breakdowns should be turned off, because right now after power cut-off there is high chance of crash resulting in death of guests.
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