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  1. Currently you can use the tile inspector to set the ride track to be ordered under the surface; disabling supports.
  2. Apparently Gravitron is a well known producer of Helter Skelters in Europe
  3. If you're using the launcher; did you link it to your copy of RCT2 already?
  4. I mean laptops yes. Mobile devices like phones and tablets don't really have OpenRCT2. There is an expiremental branch but I haven't heard much of it
  5. Scenario play? Yes. Absolutely. Sandbox? No.
  6. Go ahead. If you find something I'll take a look myself.
  7. 1. A 2. D Advertising campaign + Boomerang or modified prebuild w/ On-Ride Photos (Gravity Garden's Treetop Flyer) 3. A (RCT1CF/AA Rotting Heights/RCT2WW Europe-Renovation) 4. C 5. C usually; though without restrictions we'd take E: Build "scam rides" like 1 peice rotos or launched shuttles 6. D in a perfect world; F: set the player to a muted role incapable of doing everything; whitelist if spam 7. B 8. E Build some rides and some scenery and the idle forever not really knowing what to build 9. IRL favorite coaster: Disneyland California's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Favorite type to build: Mine Train Coaster
  8. A whisper in the distance "New save file formattttt"
  9. I've had this idea for a bit now of a Junior Coaster ride vehicle that was a Yoshi followed by several eggs. Due to my lack of drawing capabilities I can't really show it visually. I just thought it'd be an interesting ride. Each car would seat 2 guests (Like other Junior Coaster vehicles). The main body and boots of the Yoshi would be colorable along with the spots on the eggs (The spots and main body color could be linked?)
  10. I thought that was just a model of the Force Coaster; I even built 3 designs based on the common ones listed by RCDB. I'll change it when I get some more listed
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