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Group Park 2


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I just finished ;-;

Didnt really want to add anything more to the park, much like last time I feel there are too many rides yet no room I wish to expand upon yet... So I mainly just did some cleaning and minor altering. Hope y'all like the result :)

Next In Line: Broxzier, jensj, UTMAN, Philmon, Zyhorator, xbalogan,
Missed Turn: Jamaka, Erik, imlegos

Download: https://openrct.net/cc/share/xbalogan/96/Community+Park+V2.17.sv6


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So I decided to click a guest that was heading for something and follow him. Carl F. just left Forest Racers and was heading towards Breathtaking Heights. Following the only path out of there (and often looking at his map) he decided to go over the hills of lumber jack (or was it called something else? the splash ride), over the station and then quickly towards Towers of Terror. He said he had the strangest feeling someone was watching him and that he couldn't find Breathtaking Heights (which he could already see and hear from there). He made it to the top of the stairs and then decided he had been looking for the coaster for too long. He turned around 11 tiles from the entrance, on his way to Dump Zone.

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And I'm done.

I made a new area near Pond Snake, and extended the river leading into this pond somewhat more.

In this new area I build a Mine Ride called Flying Lizard, as well as several shops and toilets.


Next In Line: jensj, UTMAN, Philmon, Zyhorator, xbalogan, Broxzier
Missed Turn: Jamaka, Erik, imlegos

Download: https://openrct.net/cc/share/Broxzier/99/Community+Park+V2.18.sv6

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Well, I built that coaster earlier in a flat park I use for new concepts and ported it to this park with some modifications, ground serves as decoration (with the idea already in the back of my head). That makes it a lot faster than it looks. Fixed the pathfinding issues that came with it and put my name at the back of the list. Any improvements I want will be made in the next turn :)

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