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On 26-11-2015 21:05:38, jensj12 said:

I don't know if something changed to the game or not (if it did, I missed it), but I can open Erik's save now without downloading the scenery and rides myself.

It's nice to know that at last somebody is able to open it...My work isn't in vein then after all :D By the way...Maybe I take a turn as well, I would like to build a Go-Kart ;)

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You're in the missed turns list, so you're free to take your turn whenever you'd like (as long as someone else isn't working on it). Still I'd recommend to not use any custom scenery or rides as others do have problems with it.

The forest racers coaster is going through some trees. Not natural and gives clipping issues.

The new river rapids ride uses multiple rides as scenery. Try to merge those rides or we might hit the attraction limit too soon.

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Go ahead Erik, but as jensj mentioned please no custom rides, since these were giving issues. There already is a go-karts track in the park, but I don't mind another.

I also noticed some trees right on top of paths and tracks during my turn, and removed like 5 of them. Can the person who is building with clearance disabled please be more provident about it?

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This turn I only build one thing, a pirate ship with a saloon in front of it (named Pirate Saloon), and some minor fixes throughout the park.


Download: https://openrct.net/cc/share/Broxzier/105/Community+Park+V2.21.sv6

Next In Line: @xbalogan, jensj, UTMAN, Broxzier
Missed Turn: Jamaka, Erik, imlegos, Philmon, Zygorator

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Forgot to include download link.
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Haha, you replied too fast. I realized it was missing as soon as I posted it, sorry :P

And that's quite easy actually. You can build a very steep tile of land, the one where the two oposite corners would make a difference of two steps, then place it on the top part, and lower the tile using the lowest point. That way the scenery on the top-half of the tile will not be removed.

It's been discussed in the dev chat, and it's considered a bug, just like how you are unable to raise land diagonally when there is a path or track piece above it which is also diagonal.

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