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Okkay, I am kinda done. I didn't do much, because honestly I didn'T know which way to go or what to build. I didn't want to build a coaster since we have a LOAD of them, so I kinda fixed some paths by adding some extra hendyman around the park. Also placing more benches and bins.And I edited Phil's coaster called Tornado. I know I didn't ask Phil's opinion about it, so Phil please check my changes and decide if you want to stick with your old one, or remain the new version. If you decide to stick with your old one, you can revert it back easily :) https://openrct.net/cc/share/UTMAN/84/Community+Park+V2.10.sv6Next in line: Philmon, xbalogan, Broxzier, jensj, imlegos, UTMANMissed turn: Jamaka, Erik

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Alright... so, If i were to describe how my turn went, it would proboally be put in the words of:"Scenery, Scenery, Rain, Lost guests, Scenery, Ride, Scenery, Scenery, Ride, Horrible Attempt At Scenery, Scenery, Save, Done."...Just take the park.https://openrct.net/cc/share/Philmon11/85/Community+Park+V2.11.sv6 Next In Line: xbalogan, Broxzier, jensj, imlegos, UTMAN, PhilmonMissed Turn: Jamaka, Erik

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I still felt bad for the size of my previous build and I felt that there were too many rides around the entrance as is...So instead I did some smaller work, just incorporating the rail-line into the hillside a little better :)I also added a small food court and plenty of seating (Does include a restroom)View imageDownload: https://openrct.net/cc/share/xbalogan/86/Community+Park+V2.12.sv6Next In Line: Broxzier, jensj, imlegos, UTMAN, Philmon, xbaloganMissed Turn: Jamaka, Erik

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Looking good!I've downloaded it and fixed the entrance for twister and the observation tower now. Do you have any idea how these became bugged Phil? Because it's definitely an issue that needs to be fixed.Edit: Done.I didn't build anything new. Just fixed these two rides, changed the two towers to not have any clipping issues, and look a bit better. Also for that swinging ship I changed the path to not go over the path on the ground, that looked a bit odd. Changed some scenery here and there to fit the styles around it, and build a new path where people got lost.Comparison: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/151043Hover over the image to change it.Download: https://openrct.net/cc/share/Broxzier/87/Community+Park+V2.13.sv6Next In Line: jensj, imlegos, UTMAN, Philmon, xbalogan, BroxzierMissed Turn: Jamaka, Erik

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Since we have a huge scenario to fill, I've raised some land in a corner and added some water to it (ok, I just wanted to build a jetski ride). Added a footpath on the tower bridge so mechanics can fix the ride from there. As always, improvements in visuals are welcome.https://openrct.net/cc/share/90/Community+Park+V2.14.SV6Next In Line: imlegos, UTMAN, Philmon, xbalogan, Broxzier, jensjMissed Turn: Jamaka, Erik Tornado flies over a lot of unused land and uses land edges for tunnels. Please raise the land accordingly when building something and don't expect land at the lowest possible level to remain there forever.

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