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Group Park 6


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2 hours ago, TheMightyClem said:

RIP me.


:D The queue works like this:

* If your in the queue line, you simply wait your turn. When your name gets to the front of the queue, you have 24 hours to claim the park. Once you claim the park, you have 48 hours to do what ever you want. When your done, you upload your work and re enter the queue till next turn.

** The missed queue is for, obviously missed turns, but also if you know your going to miss, and more importantly you don't know what your schedule is going to be. So being in the missed queue allows you to insert your turn at the front of the queue at any time that works for your schedule. 

Once your in the missed queue, that is where you will stay until you move yourself at any time. So RedScope53 is kinda correct :D 

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@WobblyRails: Like explained in the first post:

On 2017-5-21 at 22:57, Broxzier said:

Anyone listed in the missed turn list is allowed to claim the park when it's not claimed already, or move themselves in the front of the current queue so that they may claim the park when the current player has finished

You may put yourself in the front of the que now, so you'll get a turn once TheMightyClem finishes. :) 

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17 minutes ago, qbbq said:

@Broxzier  Object selection window? Sorry... it's been a long time since I've played. Need a bit of a refresher for certain things.


The objection selection window is a tool available in the debug menu for OpenRCT2 which you can enable in Options.  It allows you to add new ride types and objects to a game. 

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13 minutes ago, TheMightyClem said:

Super random question - can I get rid of the brick building in the middle of the map? My little plan has me replacing the shops in the building. I didn't know if that was a permanent structure or if it could be removed.


I built that, and I would prefer to keep it. 

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