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Group Park 6


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Built a temporary fountain wall to make sure rowers actually return to the dock after they are done rowing on the lake.  Also, sorry @Tune , but had to mess around with your racing ride for a bit to remove a few paths because they were preventing mechanics from fixing the ride.


The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.13b.sv6


Queue: @SpiffyJack, imlegos, giraty, qbbq, TheMightyClem, WobblyRails, Broxzier, Wuis , Jochem, Tune
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26 minutes ago, Tune said:

Is that wall really necessary? I mean, the lake isn't that big, right? 

Also I thought I fixed the path to the exit of the Race track using the tile editor, but I see now I put them the wrong way around. 



The boats keep getting trapped in the now walled off part of the lake. 


EDIT: Also, forgot to say this, but your maze design looks awesome!  :D 

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So I worked on it without claiming it... and I nearly can't stop. I just want to ask you for Wonderland themeing to be added though.

Queue:   @qbbq , TheMightyClem, WobblyRails, Broxzier, Wuis , Jochem, Tune, imlegos, giraty
Missed: jensj12, RedScope53, Cascadia, SpiffyJack

It keeps giving me message than Penguin Tram 2's entrace is not connected but all seems to be connected to me

The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6 2017-06-09 12-42-39.png

The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.15.sv6

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Wonderland only has two votes, but it would fit what you've made very well. Maybe try to just add the objects that you need, or remove the theme again after you're done. The objects that you used will still show up under the question mark tab. I think it's a good idea to select the 8 themes with 5+ votes already, so that at least those pieces are already selected. This also makes it more likely someone will pick those items for their turn.

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1 hour ago, qbbq said:

@SpiffyJack Well then... I suppose my plans for a roller coaster going up and down, between and under the rail tracks will have to wait.

What about something like a Grand Central Station? Not that I have the skill to build that though...

Don't go by what I posted... The Park is yours right now and you can do what you want :D  My post has no bearing

Edit: Although I do think some space is needed in that area. cascadia was the original builder there so I was just suggesting.  

2nd Edit: I do suggest that any building in the center needs to be done well, it won't take much to make it look like a cluster f%ck :D 

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3 hours ago, SpiffyJack said:

@cascadia what do you think about opening up at the two paths shown? Give a little more wiggle room to build the area? Asking you because its your build. I didn't claim but i'm always messing around :D 



That's fine with me.  Just make sure that you replace the lights, benches, and bins on the bridge.

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