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  1. But it's limited by the sprite system that Chris Sawyer made
  2. Really loving these two songs! Great find there NightHawk and thanks ­čśä
  3. Tried what you have told, none works. I'll check the forums then. EDIT: After several rechecking, turns out the issue was with the "enable lightning effect". I remember enabling it to see how it looks during the night. Thanks!
  4. Recently on my personal project park, I noticed the palette is brighter than it should be. I have tried to backtracking where the problem first came but comes with nothing. As a comparison: Left side is the bugged one, right side is the normal one. How does this happened in the first place? I did nothing out of ordinary such as sv6 hex editing, just cheats within the game The save is attached here. Thanks Opera of the Wasteland3.zip
  5. lol wtf Will try during the night!
  6. You could use vertical drop's default train which is 6-seater at least for now
  7. giraty

    Group Park 8

    No inspiration at all. Sorry for delay. While Sapota127 said that he wants to be removed from the list due to time constraints Claimed´╗┐: Queue: ´╗┐Bangaled, L3mmy, The_Saladman, UTMAN Missed: 1081p, Deurklink,, ´╗┐Redscope53, Wuis, Thibo110´╗┐2´╗┐, Broxzier, giraty @Bangaled
  8. giraty

    Group Park 8

    Whoa, nice build! Claimed... Claimed´╗┐: giraty Queue: ´╗┐Bangaled, L3mmy, The_Saladman, Sapota127, UTMAN Missed: 1081p, Deurklink,, ´╗┐Redscope53, Wuis, Thibo110´╗┐2´╗┐, Broxzier´╗┐
  9. giraty

    Group Park 8

    Added 2nd chainlift with path next to it. Wanted to build a coaster but I'll wait to see how the park will go for few turns. Claimed´╗┐: Queue: @UTMAN´╗┐, Broxzier, L3mmy, giraty Missed: 1081p, Deurklink,, ´╗┐Redscope53, Wuis, Thibo110´╗┐2 UTMAN is next The OpenRCT2 Group Park 8.38.sv6
  10. I found a link that describes how the games was build from the start until the release of RCT1 in 1999. I think it's a good read and since it's a bit hard to find, I'll post it here. http://www.nicscorner.com/evo_of_rct.htm Enjoy!
  11. giraty

    Group Park 8

    Claimed! Claimed´╗┐: giraty Queue: UTMAN´╗┐, Broxzier, Missed: 1081p, Deurklink,, ´╗┐Redscope53, Wuis, Thibo110´╗┐2´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐
  12. giraty

    Group Park 8

    I guess I'll go back to this after L3mmy's turn. Need something fresh after thinking from a challenge I'm doing now
  13. Are you the game developer? No, right? Come on, stop shaming my country
  14. I'm currently stepping in to put Indonesian translation. Just wait, there's 5000 lines to do
  15. I'm not sure are you serious or not
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