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Group Park 6


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8 hours ago, Tune said:

@cascadia it seems this happened at 6.20.

I don't know how, but seems you messed something up. :S 


Whoops- I don't know what happened to the Kalahari Run rock, but I had something weird happen while trying to terraform some land, so that's my fault- thought I had that reversed, but apparently not.  Sorry about that.  :S  Apologies.

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8 hours ago, Broxzier said:

@cascadia Don't you think that observation tower is a bit too extreme? :P That is goes higher than the launched free fall makes sense, but it goes more than twice as high!

More than thrice as high even!


2 hours ago, SpiffyJack said:

GAWWWD... Will I ever break the habit of right clicking an image and expecting it to pan??... I even do it with the opening title sequences..  uggg probably not 

Heheh, I have that a lot too. The worst thing is when it's on YouTube videos, I just want to do things different then. :P 

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The park now features a bicycle rental place, which is located near one of the stations. Currently guests need to bring back their rented bikes, however, if proven useful, more of these will be built, so that they act as yet another transport service to various locations.



The ride is not open yet, because the invisible track is not complete. Be careful when changing the main roads (the ones next to the tram lines), as there are now some invisible tracks on top of them.

During my turn I've also fixed a disconnected path, and hired some extra mechanics.

Queue: imlegos, giraty, qbbq,TheMightyClem, Wuis, Jochem, Tune, Broxzier
Missed: jensj12, RedScope53, Cascadia, SpiffyJack, WobblyRails


The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.22.sv6

Edited by Broxzier
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4 hours ago, imlegos said:

I may have to hold off for a few weeks, things are getting a little hectic. Yellowstone+New House=No time for imagining mines


Understandable, you want a partner to work on your attraction? I may have a little time and I like your style from what I've seen.. a No will not hurt my feelings :D  

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3 hours ago, giraty said:

Sorry it turned out to be a clusterf*ck, but I like to cram things. Also I can't do much about the tram station next to my area

Queue: @qbbq qbbq,TheMightyClem, Wuis, Jochem, Tune, Broxzier, giraty
Missed: jensj12, RedScope53, Cascadia, SpiffyJack, WobblyRails, imlegos


The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.23.sv6

The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6 2017-06-21 22-53-52.png

I think you forgot to turn off clearance checks because your rollercoaster is going through the exit of the maze ;P @giraty

Edited by Jochem
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