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  1. Go for it! Wow I've been gone a long time!
  2. SpiffyJack

    Group Park 7

    looks great man! your an inspiration to this format!
  3. i remember!!! it was cool... even with all the high tech games out today, i still love the few pioneering game formats that really started the trend of how games are written today. of course RCT and original Doom, Quake, Sim Cities, Annihilation, Zoo to even working with Cliffy B on Unreal and Unreal Gold.. gaaawd and many others that started it all ... computers only handled so much back then and just because something seems to be new now-a-days, nothing is REALLY new in the last 15 years except for cpu output.. yep even music too, Led Zeppelin, INXS, The Cure and SMM? still hasn't been copied yet ... it all updated stuff thats been done before.... you get me
  4. @Deurklink bad ass! you definitely have the concept of elevated construction nailed
  5. just a tip: if you use '@' followed by the name, that person will be receive a notification. Then that person or persons will be guaranteed to see your comment. example: @Broxzier especially for Broxzier cause he's a busy man edit: i know i like to make sure my thank you's get to the person
  6. SpiffyJack

    Group Park 7

    I already know that I'm no good until Tuesday minimum, so moving to the Missed list.
  7. SpiffyJack

    Brent Sigma

    @Deurklink BRAVO! Fantastic concept and execution! Imma be checkin this out closer asap.
  8. SpiffyJack

    My Mega Park

    Very nice... lotta goin there.. did make me chuckle though when you say the Megapark is done, exceeeeeept for... lol. It' all good. Are some of these parks ever, really done...
  9. SpiffyJack

    Group Park 7

    Who the f7ck is IT? Enquirery minds want to know
  10. That's nuts but if you end up throwing up for 15 minutes strait to get back on your feet, I have to ask why. Outside of the artist side of a massive ride coupled with the challenge to go where no man has gone before. then ok.
  11. That's bitchen! Very similar to how I like to build so I appreciate it a bit more.
  12. !!!LEFT TUUUURN!!! i'm almost positive that these stats can be matched with much less. but E for effort.
  13. SpiffyJack

    Group Park 7

    thank god you replied, i was having a hard time taking a nap
  14. SpiffyJack

    Group Park 7

    Boom... there's your long distance birthday gift. hope you like it @Broxzier
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