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How Did YOU Find Out About OpenRCT2?

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As the title suggests, I wanna know how you guys got to know about OpenRCT2. When was it, and how? 

I'll start first: It was almost 1 year ago, when I was randomly searching Roller Coaster Tycoon on google. After several pages of usual stuff, this link caught my attention: https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1149898

This guy was basically trying to code RCT on Java, and someone on those forums said 'OpenRCT with Multiplayer'. Immediately I googled that, and it surprisingly brought me to OpenRCT2.net! If you'll click on that link, you'll notice it's a more than 4 year year old conversation where everyone get's stoked about RCT with Multiplayer. :P Just rediscovered that link today and decided to post this topic. It has some pretty interesting insight into things as well.

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I found out about it from a stream by a guy named colts18to87td. He was doing a stream of openrct2 "featuring" thecodemaster (some guy that makes custom content for rct3). I actually found out about colts from another mor famous streamer, Silvarret. I asked him how they were playing together and he told me about openrct2. The next day I dug my RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack disk out of the depths of my computer desk drawer and reinstalled it on my laptop. A few weeks later I saw another person streaming openrct2 on twitch, some guy named michielP1807. I noticed his latest follower was Silvarret, I asked about that and he told me that he had subbed him a few minutes ago and that Silvarret had also helped a bit with their multiplayer park. After I entered their multiplayer park (it was a pretty fockin sweet park btw) I asked about the weird ride names and he said that Silvarret had renamed everything. I commented on one of the ride named and HOLY FUCKING SHIT SILVARRET CORRECTED ME LIKE HE WAS IN THERE THE WHOLE TIME LIKE WOW. Also I ended up helping with the park, aka attempting to build a dive coaster that ended up being in the way and then building a pretty shitty flying coaster and I probably ruined their park experience since I haven't seen it being streamed by any of the other collaborators since.

Also sorry for the long story but I felt like that was worth mentioning.

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One year ago I heard about the project from someone in a game developers thread on the FacePunch forums - not the same one ziscor linked. I jumped right in, the idea of working on my first favourite game was just amazing. I've been pretty active in the community and on the developer side every since with just a few short pauses. I see myself somewhat as a bridge between the two, letting the developers know about issues and experience from the player, and letting the community know about what is currently in development.

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I'm pretty much always on the lookout for interesting open source projects I could contribute to, especially game engine recreation. I either contribute to or follow quite a few already, just a personal interest and a way to improve my skills.

I think I may have stumbled across OpenRCT2 when browsing github's projects or some other place and don't really know when I started contributing code.

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Was adding my game Silencer to open source recreations on wikipedia and noticed there was Rollercoaster Tycoon.  I like this game and it is 2D using SDL as well so thought to check it out.  There were lots of bugs when trying to play and my progress would be lost when it crashed, this caused me to submit fixes on GitHub.

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I bought RCT1 when it first came out and loved it. Continued to play until Microsoft broke compatibility when I purchased a new laptop (I found RCT3 impossible). My hard disk crashed at the end of last year and after restoring the system I found that I had to re-install several apps. That led me to investigate whether RCT1&2 might now be playable. I found the Steam version and from there, found ORCT2. Love it, along with the RCT1 recreations available elsewhere! Now if I could just get to my old RCT1 saved games.

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I was looking for scenarios from RCT1 that I could use in RCT2, namely Three Monkeys Park, Alton Towers, and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I stumbled upon OpenRCT2 as a search result.

I think I heard about this project once before then. Not sure why I didn't look into it at all.

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I couldn't get my Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 to properly work on my new computer. It worked, but the screen resolution was too big, and it kept crashing with errors without me even doing anything. 

I searched online and on forums to see if anyone else had these problems, and I kept seeing people referring to this OpenRCT2. I held off for a while for some reason until I finally got it, and it worked amazing.

No errors, nothing and the screen resolution was perfect. This is when I ventured into OpenRCT2 and found the forums (and joined straight away), then noticed you could use cheats and the game has a load of new features. And developers are still making the game better everyday!

Ironically, this was also the first time I've ever seen custom rides/stalls that you can download and use in your parks.

I've been playing the game since it came out (and the first since 99') but never did I venture on the internet to talk about it, which I definitely should have. Then I would have discovered NEDesigns earlier. and all the other old websites (which I've noticed most have closed down). 

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This is a fun topic, glad somebody bumped it!

After a long gap of not playing RCT, I started playing back in 2015 as an escape from the everyday horrors of grad school. I discovered CSO at that time, and built a park using CSO and the 8-cars trainer. Unfortunately, my situation in grad school got worse, lost my funding, and had to find a full time job to support myself and my family. 

Then comes Fall 2017, I'm finished with grad school and have a lot more time. I try to play RCT2, cannot figure out how to get it to work on Windows 10, and like @TCE, discovered OpenRCT2 in the process of Googling for solutions. Now, with most of the 8-cars functions built right in to OpenRCT2, its a no brainer for me.

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Hmm, I remember getting a pirated version of RCT2 after not playing it for many years. However it kept crashing after a few years in any park so I bought a steam version (which sadly didnt help). Then later i somehow found out about OpenRCT2, so after having played OpenTTD i was immmediately hyped :D

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I found about OpenRCT2 in YouTube while watching regular RCT2 videos. However my old computer ran good old Windows XP, and unfortunately OpenRCT2 isn't compatible with it. When I finally switched to newer laptop I copied a bunch of RCT2 files to an USB drive so I could download and play OpenRCT2 as a standalone game.

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