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  1. I never thought of waiting until the login systems come and this is a great idea to do so. I will wait until the login systems come.
  2. Hey everyone. My friend who I gifted him OpenRCT2 requested me to host a public server for him and yesterday, there wasn't any trollings in my server yesterday and there was just a troll in my server now. I was also using a different name also just not to get attracted by trolls. An admin from MoT (60trainhunter) just thought that Satoshi was harassing in Man of Teal again and said that I started the trolling issue. I just told my friend that I can't host anymore because of these issues. I can't take these issues anymore so I'm now going to stay away from multiplayer and get the hell away from the trolls and drama shit. I will tell you guys more story of what happened last Sunday when I was hosting in my server in awhile. I demand that this game should have a login or a banning feature by now because of these issues and I can't take this issue anymore. Right now I'm disappointed of at what happened in OpenRCT2 multiplayer recently because of Satosh.
  3. If I come back to hosting, then I will be using a different name for my server so my server doesn't attract too much trolls anymore.
  4. Hey. I just gifted my friend who hosts his GMod server RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack so he can get OpenRCT2 for multiplayer to play with me sometimes. He scanned his laptop for viruses and found 4 detected viruses on his laptop and a virus located at C:\Windows\System32. His laptop has once been hacked by someone before when I was talking to him. I'm just wanting to know if this game will give him viruses on his computer?
  5. I am thinking of people contributing donations to my server so my mom can pay the electric bill if I host 24/7 with the 250 PSU in the Dell.
  6. OK. I choose the Dell Dimension 2400 that was stored in my basement to be my server machine for this game. I am thinking of installing Linux on that machine. What is the best causal Linux OS that I can install and use on that machine?
  7. I see that I live in an area that has nuclear power plants and the final overnight cost is $8000. And in my state, you pay $13.7 per kWh.
  8. Hey. I am planning on using one of my older computer since someone wanted me to host 24/7 again and I was planning on using a 13 year old Dell Dimension 2400 to host my server on and put Linux on that machine to give the computer more lives. I am wondering if leaving my computer idle will raise my electricity bill up because I had an argument with my mom saying that electronics must be stayed off all night. Anyone who hosts 24/7, has your electricity bill gone higher while hosting all day? And what is the best green (Energy Savings) power supply that I can use for my 13 year old Dell Dimension for my server to keep the bill lower?
  9. Oh and can some mods or admins move this topic to the Multiplaye Discussion section since this topic is about impersonation in multiplayer?
  10. Good News: I just meet with Park Manager of MoT and he said to go in the server where the impostor was playing in and he killed the impostor by removing his key and username from his users.json file. He set me to verified when I no longer have the #2 in my name. I'm so glad that he killed one of my impostors in his server.
  11. Hello everyone. When I was in Man of Teal's second server yesterday, I saw that an impostor came when I had a #2 in my name and I saw my impostor in Skylander's server. This impersonating shit needs to be stopped now and I am planning to do an investigating with MoT owner to get rid of the impostor from the keys in the second server after school.
  12. This is just a random post that I decide to post in off topics category since there were 1336 topics posted on this forum and I thought of taking the 1337th topic post on this forum. Oh and l33t.
  13. 11/25 - 11/28 SAVE: 11.28 Save.zip
  14. SAVE:11.24 save.zip PS: The file's name included the word drama since there were griefers and trolls in my server that Thanksgiving night and drama about memes in RCT2.
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