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  1. I typically run less trains on the coaster than the block sections allow. That usually stops them from waiting mid-track. It often also helps to increase the minimum waiting time a bit.
  2. I think you should be able to save the track.. But i don't think it's possible to save it with this vehicle arrangement!
  3. The weather influences how much guests are willing to pay for food. Also, some kinds of food will not be bought if it's raining. I could not find any other differences in the code between different kinds of food!
  4. It shouldn't be too difficult to take the standard palette and just make all colors a bit darker except the greens! I recommend using Paint.net for this 👍 WTRCYAN.bmp
  5. Not gameplay related, but this tutorial shows you how to set up an OpenRCT2 server!
  6. I decided to make a little video about it!
  7. The ride I build in this tutorial is probably not something you will find in a real park, but it's fun to make and should look cool!
  8. I finally made a showcase video for this park!
  9. This trick is useful if your boats go up the hills too slowly!
  10. This is quite a long tutorial, but it should help you create a really cool looking air powered vertical launched coaster!
  11. Deurklink

    Brent Sigma

    I made a video for this park! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7EQ8i7iD_A
  12. An essential tutorial if you want to make better looking buildings!
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