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  1. Anyone wanna join me as we bring this thread back? @YoloSweggLord @SensualEthiopianPolice @Broxzier Kung Fury is best Fury.
  2. Hello everyone. Officially making a comeback now. A lot has happened over the last year (and more) that I’d love to get into someday, but won’t bore everyone to sleep with here. While some people may know I did already come back, back in October-ish (BlazingEmpireHD, imlegos, YoloSweggLord, cascadia and a few more should be able to attest to that to varying degrees), I hope to make myself useful here once more. So how is everyone? I’ve been focusing on CSO-based scenery-making this whole while so my NCSO is very terrible right now. Hope I can focus on that aspect here with the newest Group Park! Again, feels good to be back guys. Should I post some OpenRCT2 work I got around to this past year?
  3. Hello everyone. This is a message for everyone that uses these forums and has seen me around in their time here. I'm at a certain cross roads in my life where I have to choose between certain things for my future, among them my presence around this project. What I've aimed at for my life is too high for my own sake, and to achieve that I'll have to let go of certain things. I've decided to take a leave for a year from this site and anything to do with OpenRCT2 and RCT2. They are taking too much of my daily hours and I've realized staying away from it is the only way I can do myself justice. So with that, I take a leave from this place for a year. Hope to see you all right here when I come back!
  4. ziscor

    Rapid Group Park no.1

    Claimed: - Players: Broxzier, jensj12, UTMAN, ziscor Cooldown (2): imlegos (1) , cascadia (2) I was kicked off the list. (*cough cough* looking at you, imlegos)
  5. You can use this in the Rapid Group Park 1 or Group Park 4 (whenever it starts) I bet. My meaningless life shan't go without witnessing the Mein Train get built to completion.
  6. I completely forgot your question. But I'm pretty sure that since one of them is a lie, that means two other situations on themselves are possible simultaneously as per the conditions. Based on this, three distinct scenarios can be constructed, out of which 2 will be impossible. If one were to let the 3 play out carefully, they could detect the one which is possible, and precisely which statement of the three is a lie.
  7. ziscor

    Group Park 3

    Allowing Incorrect Checksums when the console clearly says an entire DAT file (I'm assuming) is missing is not nice to do, @Broxzier meant. You should upload ITMZLINE.DAT so the ride does not require one to use "Allowing loading files with incorrect checksums" in the first place.
  8. Hello and welcome to the forums! Hope to build things along with you, mate. Great to hear someone loves decorating Car Rides like me, lol. (Great profile image, btw! )
  9. ziscor

    Rapid Group Park no.1

    "Road" as in the pink path from DisneyProject or the Car Ride track that is like a road?
  10. ziscor

    Rapid Group Park no.1

    I'm sure once Group Park 3 is done, we'll all move on to this project. More people are key to enjoying this format of rapid claiming. I'd claim it now, but I'm waiting to see you veterans build more so I can understand the building style. I hardly build with realism in mind so hope to gain more from this project particularly!
  11. ziscor

    Group Park 3

    Can we kick off the guys in the missed turn list? Seems to me they haven't returned in a while even after several name mentions.
  12. ziscor

    Group Park 3

    Done. Here's the change log: Changed the color of the Monorail for all trains as well as the general track. In my opinion the Monorail track is better off with a color combo that goes suitably well with every other color: black/white. As for the trains, I just didn't like the old colors, lol. Feel free to change. Named all the rest of the numbered handymen actual names. Don't read them, please. I've made a path that leads inside the whole flat ride fest going above. Hope to add a car ride or something in there if possible in the future. If anyone would like to, please utilize that indoor area yourself while letting me know. For now, the path isn't connected to the main peep paths, nor have I built indoors yet through zero clearances. Keep it as it is unless you plan on building a ride or something. Added waiting times for half-loads (min. and max. both) for the above mentioned flat-rides, hopefully rides are more practical now. Cleared some useless forest area I had made in the last turn to make more space; painted it the usual golden-grid texture. The forest cover does occupy a lot of space, I must say. Just putting it out there for discussion: could this park do with a second entrance? I was thinking it might add more evenly distributed peep traffic to the entire park, which might allow neglected rides to become popular. This is all just speculation on my part, but what are y'all's thoughts? Boy, this save file is getting quite large now, amirite? I'd love for us to make this park CC/ Expansion free so it can be considered for the next Title Sequence! The OpenRCT Group Park 3.56.sv6 Claimed: -Queue: @cascadia, wilburg22, jensj12, Wuis, Yimmy, RedScope53, Dan, Philmon11, Broxzier, ziscorMissed: imlegos, SuperVarken, WobblyRails
  13. ziscor

    Group Park 3

    Claimed: ziscorQueue: Cascadia, wilburg22, jensj12, Wuis, Yimmy, RedScope53, Dan, Philmon11, BroxzierMissed: imlegos, SuperVarken, WobblyRails
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