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  1. I made this 10x10 RMC this evening A video was uploaded here.
  2. In the ride construction window there should be a blue flag - clicking that will display a ghost train which will run through the course continuously until you click the flag again. This pretty much removes the need for the "test unfinished ride" feature - I wouldn't be surprised if it has been removed (but I can't confirm that - they might just have moved it somewhere else).
  3. Transport Tycoon has a well established open source clone (OpenTTD) and they're working on one for Locomotion as well (OpenLoco), but I don't know how far along that is. I am not aware of anything like that for Zoo Tycoon.
  4. An updated screenshot.
  5. These three sites have almost every custom coaster train in common usage: https://www.nedesigns.com/topic/34573/spaceks-custom-rides/ https://x123m3-256.github.io/RCT2/CustomRides/index.html http://ae.rctspace.com/List.htm NEDesigns has a repository with over 20000 objects, but it's rather disorganized. Not everything is listed there, but there are a few rides in that database that are not from the above links.
  6. That's the correct place to put it. Click the "filter" menu in the object selection and check that "custom" is selected - if not, custom objects will not be shown. Also check the terminal output - if an object failed to load there should be an error there.
  7. 8136 is the issue number, you can read the issue for more information. In short, the penalty for excessive lateral Gs was higher in OpenRCT2 than it was in vanilla (which was the result of a previous change), so it has now been changed to match the original game. It does not change the limit, it just reduces the intensity penalty you get for exceeding the limit. The lateral G limits in the unmodded game are not ridiculous, they're actually quite generous - to trigger this penalty you need at least 2.81 lateral Gs which is extremely high.
  8. Yes, I believe OpenRCT2 can load RCT1 save files. However, they won't look quite the same as some RCT1 features are not yet implemented.
  9. New Element has by far the largest collection of custom objects, but it's difficult to find what you're looking for there. I recommend downloading some of the workbenches listed on the right hand side, as they contain a selection of commonly used custom scenery objects. Downloading parks and joining multiplayer servers is another way to get custom content. If you are looking for something specific, it's probably best to just ask - it would be nice if we had a readily searchable database where you could find things easily, but we don't really.
  10. Only by switching to a new save format, which is planned.
  11. To install custom objects, you simply place the files in your OpenRCT2/object folder. If you don't know where this is, click on the red toolbox in the main menu and select "Open Custom Content Folder". You will need to restart the game after adding custom content for the game to find it. Custom content can also be obtained by downloading parks that use it - when you open a park, any custom objects that it contains will (usually) be installed automatically. Same goes for multiplayer servers.
  12. I'm not bullying you. I'm sure the moderators would agree.
  13. Yes they do read it. I read your issues and I saw that you had received comments on several of them and there is in fact a pending PR for the snow you requested. You cannot expect every bug you report to be fixed immediately, especially when it pertains to the Android version - the developers have limited time and must prioritise issues. Also, if you go around insulting people they won't want to help you. Either fix it yourself or be patient.
  14. Lighting effects are not supported in OpenGL mode, you have to set the render mode to "Software (hardware display)". That was also the response you received when you reported this on Github; you don't need to duplicate every issue here.
  15. This already exists. No, it doesn't support Android. I wouldn't expect support for Android soon either.
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