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  1. The PR also mentions that you can revert to the original pricing via a compiler flag, so you can have it be exactly the same if you want that.
  2. Pay per ride is usually easier. You generate a steady income that's proportional to the number of rides you have - the small number of guests that might not pay anything is easily offset by the fact that most guests are spending hundreds over the time they're in the park. Coasters are highly profitable - guests will often pay £15 or even £20 for a brand new coaster, and if you're running three trains of 20-30 riders each, you're looking at upwards of £1000 income per ride cycle. In pay per entry parks, you get money when guests enter the park, but you're limited in how much you can charge because they only spawn with so much cash - and once in the park, they're spending very little. There's a soft cap on the number of guest in your park, so once your park fills up, your income becomes severely limited as new guests won't enter until existing ones leave. Therefore, it's harder to make steady profits - you either have to expand rapidly and advertise aggressively so you always have new guests coming in, or try to encourage guests to leave sooner (like by not building food stalls or toilets). You can also profit from food and drink sales, but guests won't buy food as often or pay as nearly as much as they would for rides. They won't refuse to pay for rides, but the amount that they're willing to pay for rides is a lot lower if they had to pay any amount to enter, which makes sense, although it's a bit simplistic - whether they paid £1 or £50 to enter, the amount they'll pay for rides is the same.
  3. You must have had a very old version if that worked before - that was changed years ago.
  4. If you want to try generating new assets with AI, go ahead. But since you still have to develop and train the AI, it's not exactly "automatic" - even if you can make it work this is still a ton of work to pull off. Every ride has its own set of peep sprites, on top of the basic set for walking, sitting etc. That's literally tens of thousands of sprites you'd have to add for every peep variant you want. Not only that, but currently, the ride sprites contain pairs of peeps - you'd have to split those in two.
  5. You're right, it wasn't like this in the original RCT2. IIRC, this is how it was in RCT1, and the feature used to be optional but the option was eventually removed in order to simplify the code. There's no longer the option to have the vehicles displayed as separate rides like they were in vanilla.
  6. Here's the link to their Discord server. Any questions about that server specifically should go here - I doubt the people who run that server are on this forum, and they're the only people who are likely to be able answer. They sometimes set the default role to "spectator" to prevent trolling. When they do this, you should still be able to connect, but won't be able to build unless you have been granted additional permissions. If you don't see the server in the list at all, then the server is probably down, and if you want to know why you'll have to ask the admins. If you can't connect to the server at all, first make sure you're on the right version (the Mozar servers use the release builds). If you still can't connect, check if you can connect to other servers - that way you can tell if the issue is with you or the server. If it's a problem with the server, then again only the admins are going to be able to help.
  7. OpenRCT2 needs the RCT2 assets to run. You can either transfer the files across from a machine that does have a CD reader, or download the demo version and use that instead.
  8. Well, if the length of the cars is indeed the issue, then reducing it should fix it, so that's the first thing I'd try. And if that works, you can submit a PR to the object repository to fix the issue. If that doesn't work, I'd compare the vanilla go kart JSON with the expansion version and look for all the differences, then test them one by one. Code to support wider radius bends was added some time ago, it just needs someone to make a sprite for it. You can hack a wide turn onto the go karts and use scenery to build the track.
  9. I would make the RCT1 version of the car have the RCT1 limits and leave the RCT2 version as it is. All of these rides are single car IRL.
  10. Not really, I still have all the source files, but I just can't get the sprites to look good enough (and I doubt I ever will) so I haven't done much more with it since I made that layout (except to add large half loops, but that was a side effect of implementing them for the single rail track). I might come back to it, it would be a nice track type to have but unfortunately also one of the hardest to get right. I can upload the source code and sprites if you want them.
  11. That's by design. It's intended to operate as a shuttle coaster, the circuit is only completed because the ride type requires it. The "Insectivore" and "Tailslide" designs also function this way.
  12. This scenery group contains custom objects - do you have those objects installed or just the scenery group? If you don't have any objects that are in the group, this would explain why none show up when you select it.
  13. Yeah, there was a bug that caused ratings to take 255x longer to calculate, it's fixed now.
  14. This isn't a bug - setting a higher chain lift speed makes the reliability decrease more rapidly, so setting the chain lift speed much higher than normal has the side effect of making the reliability decay much faster than normal. You can use booster pieces instead, or disable breakdowns.
  15. Huh? If you want to play OpenRCT2, then you obviously need to get OpenRCT2. In order for OpenRCT2 to work, you also need to have the game assets - which can be obtained from either the full game or the demo version. There's no such thing as "OpenRCT2 demo".
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