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  1. Why make a custom object if you're just going to hide it? Just use one of the preexisting invisible stall objects, or hide a default stall with the tile inspector. If what you want is a more generic looking shop and not an invisible shop, then make a custom object (I haven't seen one of these but I've always wanted one; they were in RCT3. Maybe I should make one sometime).
  2. How many objects do you have selected in total? There's a limit on the number of scenery items you can select, and if it's exceeded you may still be able to select the scenery groups but not all the items in them. You should get a warning message when you select the scenery group if there are items that could not be selected.
  3. X7123M3-256

    Scenery Work Plane

    So basically what the CTRL key already does? Or am I missing something here?
  4. But the track type isn't the same, so these rides shouldn't be listed together even with the weird OpenRCT2 behaviour (which apparently can't be turned off now?).
  5. What do you mean by sandbox? If you just want a blank map, you can create one in the scenario editor. You can also set it to have no money or objective (OpenRCT2 adds a "Have Fun" objective that isn't in vanilla). OpenRCT2 does have a "sandbox mode", which is accessible from the cheats menu, but it has a specific meaning - in OpenRCT2 "sandbox mode" lets you edit land ownership and park map size during normal gameplay.
  6. X7123M3-256

    Eagle's Flight

    SpaceK made an RMC raptor train so I decided to have a go at building one. I had great difficulty getting the custom supports to line up right, so it doesn't look that great, but I do like the custom train.
  7. Removing all guests every year will make pay-per-ride scenarios a lot easier (I know you can just do it manually, but at least it takes some effort then).
  8. All the diagonal paths I've seen are made using scenery to fill in the gaps on a normal path. You can find some scenery objects like that in the Xtreme97 workbench. It is possible to create a path DAT that has diagonal sprites built in, but I haven't actually seen any. The downside of doing it that way is that it's then impossible to build a sharp corner - the idea is that the diagonal sprite would replace the normal corner sprites, such that a zig-zag path appears as a smooth diagonal. It wouldn't affect how the guests behave, they would still walk in a zig zag fashion. If I ever make a custom path DAT, then I would probably provide a diagonal version of it, because placing diagonal path scenery objects manually is tedious. But I am currently working on my custom RMC track so I'm not going to do that now.
  9. Yes, sort of. You can have a path which has diagonal sprites, but guests still treat it as a normal path (they won't walk along it diagonally). Because it's exactly the same as a normal path except for the sprites, it will not cause issues with the peep AI. Yes, that's what most people do. It's far more common than custom paths which have diagonal sprites built in (I've never actually seen the latter, I just know it can be done). Yes, that's what most people do.
  10. Yes, you can share saved games that have modified train mass. The train mass is saved as part of the train, not the ride, so doing anything that causes the trains to respawn, such as going into construction mode or clicking the close button twice, will reset the mass back to the default. If you want to edit the train mass permanently you would have to change the custom object DAT file.
  11. I think I saw somewhere that you have to have debug tools enabled to get the hyper speed mode? Maybe try that.
  12. I tried rendering some of my B&M models with Oli414's new renderer. I'm not sure these sprites really show the full potential that it has, but they already look better than my existing ones IMO.
  13. X7123M3-256

    Block Brakes

    It's definitely possible because it has already been done. I don't know why the devs rejected it, I think it's a nice feature.
  14. X7123M3-256

    Block Brakes

    I wasn't talking about the images. Unlike lift hills, brakes are considered distinct track pieces, so if you wanted to allow brakes on every track piece you'd have to create a braked version of every track piece. That can't be done until we have a new save format (although if we did have a new save format, we could make it so that brakes are handled the same way as lift hills rather than creating two versions of every single track piece). I already checked, there aren't. We have a few slots for new track types, but none for new elements. This is possible and has already been implemented, but the PR was never merged.
  15. X7123M3-256

    Block Brakes

    This can't really be done.
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