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  1. If you're using the launcher it should have the option to switch between release and develop builds. Otherwise you can just download the latest release from here. Note that the next release build will have plugin support, so if you aren't planning on updating your OS you might want to stop using the launcher and stick with the latest release indefinitely.
  2. IIRC, the release version still doesn't have plugins, so you could try switching to the release version for now.
  3. If you're referring to OpenTTDs 32bpp graphics set, no that does not exist for OpenRCT2 - it still relies on graphics from the original game. If you're talking about some kind of upscaling algorithm, that has been tried, but, the only upscaling option present in the official release is nearest neighbour (which won't make it look less pixellated, but does allow you to make the display larger, useful for high resolution monitors).
  4. This means that innoextract either isn't installed or isn't in your PATH. If the latter is the case, you can either supply the full path to the executable or add it to your PATH (I'm not sure how to do this on Mac though). Also, this forum doesn't have much activity lately, maybe try the OpenRCT2 discord instead.
  5. OpenRCT2 can work with the asset files from RCT Classic but you'll still have to copy them to the right location for it to find them. Also, some RCT Classic assets can't be loaded - see the wiki page. OpenRCT2 supports Android but not iOS (at least not officially - I did see someone who got it running on iOS a few years ago but you will have to have a rooted device and compile it yourself). The issue with touchscreens and OpenRCT2 is that OpenRCT2's interface is designed for a mouse and is difficult to use with a touchscreen (unlike RCT Classic which was made for mobile). It's not that it won't work with a touchscreen, but you'll probably find it frustrating to use. Most will prefer RCT Classic on mobile devices, however, nothing stops you from installing both if you want.
  6. Go to the options window, select the tab with the gears, and under "Show toolbar buttons for" select "Cheats".
  7. As far as I can tell, that page can be edited by anyone, so you could just add it yourself.
  8. Shell scripts are just lists of shell commands - whatever you would type on the terminal is what you write in the shell script. But `ls` is a Unix command so this code looks like it's written for use on Linux or Mac - you will probably have to modify it to use it with a Windows batch script.
  9. What do you mean they "won't work"? Is there an error message? Nobody can tell you if there's a fix if you don't say what's wrong.
  10. I've not tested it but I'd assume it is - as far as I'm aware every version of RCT2 that has been tested works.
  11. The station limit cannot be circumvented without the new save format. On the new save format the limit has already been raised, but that branch is not stable yet.
  12. You could try to extract the relevant code from OpenRCT2 but it's going to be quite complicated - in order to calculate the ratings you need the stats, and to get those you have to run the entire physics simulation. A better idea might be to try to implement the coaster generator within OpenRCT2 itself as a plugin - or use some kind of heuristic.
  13. Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 isn't really discussed here because this is a website for OpenRCT2, not RCT in general. You can find RCT3 players on other sites such as RCT Go. It should be obvious that adding a coaster cam to OpenRCT2's existing isometric renderer is entirely impossible. There is a guy experimenting with a 3D rendering backend that supports it, but for this to be made fully functional, every existing asset would need to be replaced with a 3D model, which may one day happen but isn't likely any time soon.
  14. Search for "rct2.exe" and select the folder it's in. You might have to include hidden directories in the search - I'm not sure where Wine puts its files on Mac.
  15. Glass objects have a separate sprite for the glass parts. In the objects I looked at, this was always a solid color - I'm not sure if it has to be. I don't know anything about the object editor though.
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