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  1. Actually it says the issue has already been fixed, so updating to the latest develop should solve the problem.
  2. This short video shows how to do it. It's a bit convoluted as the feature is only accessible via the title sequence editor, and the ability to use it in game wasn't really intended, but you can do it.
  3. Because it doesn't take account of the distance it has to travel. You get that message if the train takes longer than a certain amount of time to return to the station, which means that if you have a ride with a very long duration you might get that message even if the train isn't actually stuck. The best option is to keep the path layout very simple - a grid usually works. The AI isn't very smart and figuring out what's causing a particular issue is often difficult - if I get that message I usually try to identify where the guests are getting stuck and where they're trying to g
  4. No it isn't, you can open a TD6 with vanilla RCT2. It only needs to be an SV6 file if the ride is hacked or uses terrain in a way that would make it impossible to place down.
  5. You mean like this?. That is what @jensj12is referring to, but contrary to what he said, you don't technically have to make a title sequence to use it. It's possible to lock the camera in game by opening the title sequence editor via the options menu - although this usage was almost certainly not intended and is a bit awkward, it does work and that is what I used for the linked video.
  6. If you have "export plug-in objects with saved games" checked in the options, the custom objects will be included in the SV6 file and installed automatically (if the user does not have them already). If this option is not checked, they need to be installed separately. This does save on file size but generally makes it much harder for someone else to open the file especially if there are a lot of custom objects - I recommend always exporting parks you plan to share.
  7. PR is short for "Pull Request". A PR is a request for changes to be merged into the develop build. Usually the PR needs to be reviewed before it is merged, to make sure the code style is consistent and that it doesn't introduce further problems.
  8. Looks like this is a known issue and a fix is pending. It appears that the bug was introduced by this PR. The develop version has the very latest code, so sometimes stuff breaks but usually things like this a fixed quickly. You can either wait for the fix to be merged or switch to the release build for the time being.
  9. It seems it's part of UCES, I have attached the file. The rest of UCES can be downloaded from here. kdgenflg.DAT
  10. This isn't a syntactically valid sentence and I can't figure out what you're trying to say. I don't know what object that is but it definitely isn't one of mine.
  11. Umm ... what exactly are you asking?
  12. It's the largest value representable in a 16 bit unsigned integer, so it crops up a lot anywhere that binary is used.
  13. I think this is a good idea as queuing guests do not litter or vomit, so the only way queue paths can get dirty is if a guest queues for the ride, then decides not to ride it (which can happen due to a change in the ride value or entry cost), and then litters on their way out. It is therefore not necessary for queue lines to be patrolled frequently.
  14. The directory you should set as the RCT2 path is the one which contains rct2.exe - if you provided the path to the executable itself, that might be why it doesn't work. If it can't autodetect the location of your RCT2 install, it should prompt you for the location on first start. If this doesn't happen for some reason, look in ~/.config/OpenRCT2/config.ini and set the game_path manually there.
  15. Yes. As of now the limit still appears to be 255 on the new save format branch, but it looks like plans are to increase that to 65535. You can follow progress on the new save format here.
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