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  1. Welcome to the community cubo-C! Glad you're enjoying OpenRCT2!
  2. saxman1089

    Group Park 8

    L3mmy, why don't you put yourself in the missed queue? That's what people have done in the past when they've wanted a break.
  3. Welcome to the community! If you want to build with others, check out our Group Parks and get involved!
  4. Have you checked with some of the long time players over at NE? (www.nedesigns.com) They might have what you're looking for. Let me check with a few people and see if I can find it for you.
  5. This won't work if there's a wall in front of the shop, as there appears to be. Zero clearance and paths don't get along well when it comes to passing through ride tracks or walls. Use the tile inspector and check to see if the path in front of the stall is connected. If not, fix it by clicking the little box to make it connect!
  6. Okay, I took a look, and I cannot find any simple reason for this. Time to call in the big guns, and report it to Github. Attach the save file when you do.
  7. I love these. I am really hoping when you're ready, that the devs decide to put it in the game, maybe along with your double-spine Intamin track too?
  8. Hmmmm. Would you be willing to provide the save? Would be easier to troubleshoot in-game, especially if you say there are no "infinite-loop" rides. That seems to always be the culprit.
  9. Good to see you discovered, imo, the best features of OpenRCT2!
  10. So there’s a few ways. One of which, you can head over to www.nedesigns.com and download some workbench parks. Once you load the park in-game, all the custom objects and rides they obtain will be automatically added to OpenRCT2. You can also do this with any of the parks over there, I’d suggest checking out any of the “Head-2-Head 8” parks, as they have a ton of custom scenery and rides that will get you a really good set of objects to play with A second way is to put any manually downloaded objects into your OpenRCT2/objects folder. You can do this with any of the individual objects
  11. Are you adding the continuously looping ride mentioned in the original post? It must never return to the station, or else the stats will be calculated for that ride and for all other rides. Make the continuously looping ride and test it first, then use the console to change the ratings of your coaster.
  12. I'm not sure exactly what it is tbh. One on my list of a few bugs I've failed to report because I'm a jerk of a community member....
  13. Sorry, I should've been more clear about this. Broxzier gave good instructions though!
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