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  1. Googling for solutions to play RCT 2 in proper resolutions etc. Got tons of fake solutions and then the awesome OpenRCT2 actually popped up
  2. WaxWeazle

    Muting sound

    That'd be nice too Rune! Even though I don't feel like the toolbar's that overpopulated, a shortcut wouldn't take away any places and you'd have a quicky to mute music
  3. WaxWeazle

    Muting sound

    Was wondering if there could be a quick button to mute the sound alike RCT1 had. I often used it as I tend to watch a movie or series or listen music or voicechat with others while playing games, usually a quick click is faster than changing the menu settings
  4. I actually do have the clearance checks disabled. I assume I only have to turn it on when I actually am using it instead of continuously having it on then? I thought it was an option could be on 24/7
  5. If CS means Custom Scenery, then yes. I have custom scenery added to it. I sent my map to him but I assume it didn't work because of the custom scenery then. I'll throw my stuff his way and see if it's fixed afterwards
  6. Tested on version: (last tested on top) v0.0.4 aac0430 v0.0.4 c8015ca I'm starting to think I'm good at breaking this game.. I started my own custom scenario, which is a 203x203 map ( a bit too big after playing for a moment I realized that lol). After a while, I noticed some things weren't right like a big pack of guests missing or rides just not getting fixed, dirty paths never being cleaned, etc. 1. Random footpath being deleted. I had built a ride complete with scenery. My park said it had 450+ guests, yet the amount I saw walking around couldn't even be above 200. It took me a moment wonder what could be wrong but then I decided to check through the scenery of the ride and saw that they were all caught up on the exit path, which randomly had a few pieces removed. The guests couldn't actually get away from the ride. (Fun fact: I clicked on 15 of them and 11 of them had "leaving the park" with a very sad face.. lol) 2. Monteurs not fixing rides I have some custom rides from websites and I quite fast figured out that some of them for some reason need me to put a footpath underneath the exit for them to actually enter the ride to fix it, but even after this they just wouldn't fix their assigned rides. I hadn't even built that far away or that many attractions, yet for some reason the monteurs kept walking back and forth on the same damn path, LITERALLY, I followed some of them after they received a call for a ride, they walked right up to the exit, suddenly turned around, walked back the rest of the exit, then turn back, etc... It wasn't like they couldn't find the rides either because I specifically had assigned one of them to 1 ride only to check as I knew that ride often broke. Result: ride broke, guy was on that ride only so barely any 'walkway' selected for him to walk on, yet he kept going back and forth without fixing it. 3. Handymen not cleaning up Ironically, the handymen had a similar issue as the monteurs... They literally walked over paths that had puke on them, ignoring the path, plants didn't get water, bins weren't emptied.. I specifically set them to walk on a certain part and check that regularly but for some reason it didn't seem to help. Any idea as to why this could have happened? Is it my game that's being a dick to me, or did I piss off my clients and were they on strike?
  7. Both our internet connection's stable enough Imlegos, we play games quite often together and have no issues whatsoever. It only happens to this game, RCT2 MP when we get this issue. I think it's just because of the custom map that the issue occurs because when we choose an empty scenario that's from the game itself, it doesn't seem to give any issues.
  8. WaxWeazle

    Path error

    Ah, yeah I restart my game if I have it and it disappears then. Seems I swapped this one around with my park topic -.-"
  9. Yes, but it'll have a popout, wheras the link will show you the full resolution image instead I did think this was posted in build logs though o,O >> Runelaenen: moved it
  10. Well, though I don't have the imagination I used to have, I'm trying to get into it properly as in the past when I was younger I didn't really care much for the scenery, though now I do a lot more! Started a custom empty huge grid and just trying to get random ideas and popping them up, but I'm quite bad at it Started off with this, hoping to get a bit more today URL for fill image; http://i.imgur.com/eguPxR5.jpg
  11. WaxWeazle

    Path error

    Have only noticed this when building, sometimes (randomly?) a piece of path suddenly disappears and a white path (like when editing) is in its place continuously. You can place a new piece over it but I'm not sure what to do to get rid of it and fix the issue. Here's a screenshot of what I mean; Hope it hasn't been adressed yet, sorry if it has!
  12. So me and my friend are trying to play together on RCT2, created a park and threw the server on and it worked at first, we joined eachother, we started to play and this popped up; We decided to both install a newer version and when we try now, as soon as my friend is trying to join me (custom map, 203x203), his ping shows as 375 and instantly disconnects. When asking him what happened, he said he just got disconnected while downloading the map. Is there something we can do to fix this? We haven't tried the very latest build yet but we did update ours to a newer one to see if it'd make any difference.
  13. Funny enough I now automatically turn on 0 Clearance and have tried that, Imlegos, but for some reason I couldn't build the water 'through' the attraction.. The scenery stayed perfectly in place underneath the water but the attraction wouldn't work for me. Shall try again in a bit!
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