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  1. Katie's World in RCT1 is clearly based on a real world park. Does anyone recognize othe scenarios as being based on real parks?
  2. I just found this in storage while looking for photos.
  3. If you're going to a completely new file format I'd suggest it be something extensible like XML or similar to the formats used for audio and video. Old versions of such formats can be easily picked up by new versions of the program with no difficulty and usually old versions of the program can pick up new files by simply ignoring the unsupported content.
  4. I looked for it but I guess the title "New file format" conveys exactly zero information about the content.
  5. SensualEthiopianPolice mention of SFGA Green lantern reminds me of a coaster I really cannot stand which I forgot. Since I only named 4 I think I get one more. It's Green Lantern, First flight at Magic Mountain (and clones). All vertical, no horizontal movement and the spinning cars do something truly uncomfortable to my gut. Worst of all, the throughput of the ride is abysmal so you need to wait in a long queue for this awful experience.
  6. Many real parks offer extra cost passes for rides that allow guests to bypass the queue (Flashpass, Fastpass, etc). These could be offered at information booths along with maps and umbrellas. Not necessarily an easy thing to do. Front of line access could be through the exit path (as is often done in real parks) or could just allow peeps to move to the front of the entrance line. Some consideration needs to be given to not allowing the front of line pass holders to dominate the queue. possibly by limiting the number of front of line guests allowed on each cycle.
  7. JJ_Whelan

    Souvenier Cups

    Most real parks offer what are usually termed "souvenir cups". Large, sometimes decorative cups which allow the guest to obtain free drinks during the visit. The cups would be available at any drink stand for an extra cost and usable at any drink stand. I know peeps don't behave exactly like real people but the real parks seem to think the cost is worth the expense. Maybe this is mostly for the increase in park popularity so possibly the number of such cups sold should increase the park rating. I assume the same thing occurs when guests buy things like hats or balloons.
  8. Kong, Mind Eraser, etc, are the Vekoma SLC's (what I call "inverted" rather than "suspended") disliked by Wuis as well.
  9. Responses to my post about building tracks without using game time (https://openrct2.org/forums/topic/2288-building-tracked-rides/) made me think about what is "legitimate" in games like RCT. In a game like this where you aren't really competing against someone I don't think any method is really cheating or dishonest. Anything that allows you to enjoy the game should be allowed. But there is a sort of hierarchy of "cheating": 1. Using less that obvious parts of the game -- Basically "tips". 2. Using legitimate aspects of the game to accomplish something not really intended. I'd call these "tricks" and would classify my tracked rides suggestion here. 3. Using game supplied "cheat" mechanisms. 4. Using things like scenario editors to eliminate restrictions in the original scenario. 5. Using hex editors, etc to manipulate game data files. 6. Using hex editors, etc to manipulate game code. In an Open Source project like ORCT2 you also have the option to actually change the game source code. I usually don't go beyond level 2 for ORCT2 but do use 3 or 4 for rare cases when some game or scenario restriction really frustrates me (I play for fun, not frustration, got enough of that in real life).
  10. I pretty much like all roller coasters but I can name a few I'm not too fond of. -- Boomerangs -- every park seems to have one and I've gotten bored with them, rather spend my time on other riudes. -- Son of Beast at King's Island (now gone so maybe that doesn't count) -- Roughest ride ever. I usually like them somewhat rough but Son of Beast was a back breaker. -- Viper at Magic Mountain -- rough with those ear banging over the shoulder restraints and the multiple loops give plenty of opportunity for the restraints to batter you. -- Kong at Six Flags Discover Kingdom and its clones (e.g. Mind Eraser at Elitch Gardens) -- More ear abuse. I want to praise Magic Mountain for restoring a great coaster, Revolution, by eliminating it's head banging over the shoulder restraints this past year. Maybe you can sense a pattern here.
  11. cparkes92, But there's Shivering Timbers. My #1 ride! And Zack's Zoomer is a great little, one of a kind, woodie, kiddie ride. A nice departure from those cookie cutter steel things you find everywhere else.
  12. I'm a member of The American Coaster Enthusiasts and ride roller coasters everywhere. the club has an annual convention and conferences as well as events at parks around the world. I have a sued wide brimmed hat i wear everywhere. In one instance i wasn't wearing the hat and started talking to another member who said, "Oh! It's you! I didn't recognize you without the hat." So, an easy step to make an avatar with the RCT roller coaster icon wearing a wide brimmed hat.
  13. I bought RCT1 when it first came out and loved it. Continued to play until Microsoft broke compatibility when I purchased a new laptop (I found RCT3 impossible). My hard disk crashed at the end of last year and after restoring the system I found that I had to re-install several apps. That led me to investigate whether RCT1&2 might now be playable. I found the Steam version and from there, found ORCT2. Love it, along with the RCT1 recreations available elsewhere! Now if I could just get to my old RCT1 saved games.
  14. Okay, I'll go along: Dark Star (John Carpenter, 1974)
  15. Not original to me and I don't remember exactly where this tip came from. But the idea is to build a three by three square surrounded by scenery, maybe with a fountain in the middle. This calms troublesome guests to the point where it is safe to put them back in the park.
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