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  1. @Soni If youre running windows: when the game stops responsing/crashes Go into the ”task manager” (CTRL+ALT+DEL) and right click on Openrct2.exe, then create a dumpfile These tend to be large if created this way, however, contains a lot of useful information why the game crashed
  2. ”Did you try to restart your PC” always works ;P
  3. Seems like this was patched in ac8353e Download the latest update and you should be good https://openrct2.org/downloads/develop/latest
  4. Does it crash when you try to press retry / abort / ignore? If not, open up task-manager and right click on OpenRCT2 and create a dumpfile to upload here
  5. I see the edit, so I presume it's fixed now, good to hear
  6. OpenGL is experimental which mean it has a lot of bugs Didn't find a report about the issue with Korean letters, made a issue now about it: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/7038 To fix; 1. Go to your documents (C:\Users\{UR USERNAME}\Documents\OpenRCT2) 2. Open config with a text-editor 3. Change either language = ko-KR -> language = en-GB or drawing_engine = OPENGL -> drawing_engine = SOFTWARE_HWD
  7. Yes it is, and opening a issue on GitHub is easier to let developers see what you suggest
  8. When it crashes, does it create a dumpfile? If not, when the game is frozen, can you right-click on the activitiy in task manager and create one? then upload it so we can examine it Edit: You can change the spawn location with sandbox cheat & use the map
  9. Here are instructions on how to add files into exceptions https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?l=en&urlName=How-to-exclude-file-folder-or-website-from-AVG-scanning&supportType=home Like Saxman said, add OpenRCT2 / the whole folder as an exception on your anti-virus, as the game updates all the time etc, false positives occurs when anti-viruses think something fishy is going on
  10. A feature request has been opened up on Github, developers might comment in there instead of here https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/6844
  11. It's better to suggest stuff on the forum/Github issue tracker so it's visible I recommend, like YoloSweggLord said, MusicManager It has been discussed a little bit about adding a folder instead where music files can be stored and remove the '2 track' limit
  12. Does it create a dumpfile? Could you create a dumpfile from the task manager if it doesnt? Have you tried to remove the plugin folder? Have you tried to stable version?
  13. When using the developing version, expect temporary issues to occure from time to time About the text; Indeed a commit messed it up,change language About the crackling: A issue has been opened, it seems to be a slower progress to fix https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/6667
  14. Please note, there is a open issue about this on GitHub https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/6755
  15. Well, if you know the versions name it would be easy Try the stable version or check Github if you find a older commit name/build
  16. Activate the cheat-tab in options,then hold the yellow shovel to see the options, think its called something with 'Disable clearance checks'
  17. The walls you place are within the lines on the tile, if you place it in the other tile, the wall will seem to stick out There is a cheat you can use to place obejct wherever you want The cutaway view might also help you see inside structures
  18. How many coasters are in the park? What commit are you using? Which server is it?
  19. The DEV's are aware of this on GitHub, it's a bug https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/6681
  20. There was a bug with entrances/exits in a older build, try upgrading to the newest
  21. If youre using OpenGL, its in "beta stage" and still have bugs in it
  22. Have never had it happen to myself, have had problems that I cant write in a name tho. Never heard ticks not showing up xox
  23. Make sure the numberpad isnt off Check the shortcut keys if something has changed Not sure if the update has anything todo with it, try the stable version to make sure it doesnt
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