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  1. This scenery group contains custom objects - do you have those objects installed or just the scenery group? If you don't have any objects that are in the group, this would explain why none show up when you select it.
  2. Yeah, there was a bug that caused ratings to take 255x longer to calculate, it's fixed now.
  3. This isn't a bug - setting a higher chain lift speed makes the reliability decrease more rapidly, so setting the chain lift speed much higher than normal has the side effect of making the reliability decay much faster than normal. You can use booster pieces instead, or disable breakdowns.
  4. Huh? If you want to play OpenRCT2, then you obviously need to get OpenRCT2. In order for OpenRCT2 to work, you also need to have the game assets - which can be obtained from either the full game or the demo version. There's no such thing as "OpenRCT2 demo".
  5. You can run OpenRCT2 using the demo version. There is no difference between the demo and the full version if you are using OpenRCT2, because OpenRCT2 only requires the assets and ignores the executable (which is the only thing that differs). There is another demo out there that is missing assets, but the one on this site is not, as far as I'm aware.
  6. There is none. OpenRCT2 requires the RCT2 assets to run, it doesn't matter whether you get them from the demo version or the full version.
  7. Those last screenshots you posted make extensive use of custom scenery - almost all of the objects you see there aren't included with the vanilla game nor OpenRCT2 (currently, OpenRCT2 only adds a small handful of objects to the base game). Unless you have downloaded a park that uses these objects, or visited a server that does, or downloaded the DAT files manually, you won't have these objects available. If you want to start using custom objects, the best place to start is by downloading a custom scenery workbench that has a selection of custom objects included (and pre-selected), as pic
  8. I will probably merge more new ride types in future, not sure in what order or exactly when as I've mostly lost interest in this for now. Currently, I have yet to produce any vehicle sprites of sufficient quality to merge, which is a problem. A diesel powered coaster would be an interesting opportunity to use the engine sound effect, but other than that it's far to obscure to be a priority for me (Not that this is necessarily a problem if the ride type is sufficiently interesting - the vanilla game includes such oddities as the Hooper reverser and Skytrak, and I have considered making an
  9. Yes, it would be a hard job. In order to make OpenRCT2 independent of the original game, all the original graphics and sound need to be replaced. This is what was done for OpenTTD, but with OpenRCT2 there are a lot more sprites - while vehicles in OpenTTD can have as few as 8 sprites, coasters in OpenRCT2 range from several hundred to many thousands of sprites. This has been talked about for a while, but there just aren't enough people currently working on it to expect it to be done any time soon - very little progress has been made so far. If you want to help make it happen, then check o
  10. As I said, it's most likely in C://Program Files (x86) if you installed RCT2 with default options. If you can't find it, try searching your hard drive for "rct2.exe" or "g1.dat" as that should take you there. There's not much point me posting pictures of my RCT2 installation as I have it installed somewhere else. No, the disk version will work fine and there is no difference.
  11. OK, now you are running OpenRCT2. The folder you need to select is the one where vanilla RCT2 is installed - since you're on Windows, it's probably somewhere in C://Program Files and will most likely be called "Roller Coaster Tycoon 2". You should see the rct2.exe executable (which is not used), and the subfolders "Data" and "ObjData". Searching for these files may help you find the folder.
  12. OpenRCT2 does not ask for the CD, it asks for the path where RCT2 is installed. It looks like you are running vanilla RCT2 and not OpenRCT2.
  13. The limits will be greatly increased as soon as the new save format is merged. In the current version of the new save format, you can have up to 256 ride/shop types selected, which is double the SV6 limit (this will likely increase further before the new save format is finished), and up to 5 times as many objects on the map. I think sprite counts can go up to 65536 (up from the old limit of 10000). The new save format will not completely remove the limits, and I don't think that's planned - they will just be increased to the point that that they're not a problem.
  14. Your vehicle needs to be selected in the object selection in order to use it. It should not be necessary to build any additional rides. When it comes to creating the vehicle, you make the same sprites no matter how wide the turns are. Each vehicle has 32 angles of the car, and these same 32 sprites are used for both wide turns and small turns. This also means the default vehicles can handle wide turns already, they just lack the track sprites for it (the track will be invisible). The go karts don't just lack the sprites for these elements, they also lack the code to draw th
  15. Download the objects and put them in your custom object folder There's instructions included with the download. Note that there are three versions of the train included in the ZIP file - two are standard DAT objects and one is a JSON object. I'm pretty sure you can place them all in your normal custom object folder, but the instructions will tell you to place the "official" object somewhere else. Note that you will need to be on the latest develop build to use these, as the single rail track is not available in release yet.
  16. There's a limit of 10000 entities in total (including guests, staff, and coaster cars). There is also a limit of 256 rides on the map. These limits can only be removed with the new save format (which is still in an experimental stage), as SV6 files don't have any room for more data - although the new format isn't truly unlimited either, it just greatly increases the limits.
  17. Do you have any ride in your park that has yet to return to the station? Ride stats are calculated sequentially, so if one ride never gets stats, nothing built after that will either. See if there are any other rides that don't have stats yet and try closing them - the mine train coaster may not actually be the cause of the problem.
  18. It actually already is. But due to the interface being difficult to use on touchscreen, most people prefer Classic on mobile. Although OpenRCT2 currently still uses the same file format as vanilla RCT2, it adds a few new features that are not available in the original game (or Classic). In addition, the code has more sanity checks, so some hacks that are commonly used in OpenRCT2 will crash vanilla (or Classic). If you want your OpenRCT2 park to work in RCT Classic, here are the major things you need to avoid (may not be an exhaustive list): Corrupt Elements Invisible ent
  19. Yes, there's a plugin for that. That's also something that could be done with a plugin, although I don't know if there's an existing plugin which does this.
  20. They were made by @Spacek, you can get them from his download page on NE.
  21. If I recall correctly, there's a binary out there somewhere but the source code was never released, so no way to merge it with the latest OpenRCT2 code. You might be able to find it and get it to run, but you'd be playing a three year old version of OpenRCT2.
  22. To edit the map size and/or land ownership, enable "sandbox mode" in the cheat menu and then open the minimap window. This also allows you to place scenery outside of park boundaries. To edit the available objects, go to "object selection" and to change the invention order, go to "inventions list". These are the same windows you would have in the scenario editor with in the scenario editor.
  23. You can edit the map size, land ownership, research list and everything beforehand, then use the "convert saved game to scenario" to turn the final map back into a scenario. You won't be able to edit the map once in the scenario editor but you don't need to if you get it exactly how you want it first. Also, I'm pretty sure you can load a landscape from a saved game, so you could create a new scenario and then import the map. However, this will remove any rides - if you want to create a scenario that starts with rides already built, converting a saved game to a scenario is the only way I k
  24. There's a plugin which allows you to copy and paste scenery here. But if you want to recreate a scenario from a saved game, why not just remove the stuff you don't want and then do "convert saved game to scenario"?
  25. This isn't a bug; the RCT2 version of the ride doesn't go vertical. It doesn't have sprites for steeper angles.
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