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  1. These are most likely rides from the expansion packs. If you don't have the expansions installed, these rides will still appear but be invisible. You can either download the expansion objects, or set the object selection not to show them via the "filter" menu on the top right.
  2. This sounds like a bug. I would first try updating to the latest develop version to see if it has been fixed - if not you can report it here. Include the save that causes the problem so it can be reproduced.
  3. If you are using the launcher it will auto update. OpenRCT2 itself does not.
  4. Yeah, the UI can't be scaled independently but you can scale the whole window if the icons appear too small. It's the "window scale factor" in the options, you can also assign keyboard shortcuts to scale up and down if you want to use it like a zoom.
  5. There are/were a couple of Schwarzkopf models with a curved chain lift, and a few others that used track mounted drive tires, but the ones with a spiral lift (like Black Hole) have onboard motors. This site has detailed information on the various lift systems used by Schwarzkopf - many of these ride types are found in game.
  6. These rides had an unusual lift design IRL - there's actually a motor mounted on the train connected to a drive tire, and the lift has a power rail which supplies power to the motor to drive the trains up the lift. The trains are then unpowered for the rest of the circuit. I am wondering if this design prevented the lift from being used as a block for some reason.
  7. It appears that the spiral lift piece is not counted as a block. The downward sloping lift piece won't be either - only an upward sloping slope-to-level lift piece counts as a block IIRC.
  8. Yes, OpenRCT2 will work with any version of RCT2, the Steam version is fine.
  9. Yeah, I'm not sure how easy that is though. In terms of how much drawing code might have to change, and whether or not the current save format could support it (you'd need a free flag in the vehicle struct to indicate a reversed vehicle). I really haven't looked into it so it may not actually be that difficult, but creating a separate object is a method that works right now, if a bit redundant.
  10. I can't build it for Windows. If you want me to try compiling a Linux build I can.
  11. If you're on Linux, why are you following the Windows build instructions? Try this. Also note that the CI compiles binary builds of every PR, but these automated builds are currently failing. This means it may be that the code just doesn't compile, in which case you might have to either fix the problem or try an earlier commit. As I said, that branch is still very much a work in progress. If you want I can have a go at building it later.
  12. The sprites definitely already exist for any car to run backwards (think about it - if a car runs backwards through a circuit it will use the same sprites as if it went forward just in the reverse order). It would be pretty simple to create a reversed version of a train in the form of a .DAT or .json file, as some of the default trains (heartline twister, wooden 6 seater) already have. I am not sure how difficult it would be to create an option that allows any car to be reversed.
  13. Sounds like it must be a bug then. Not sure what could be causing it - you can report issues here.
  14. If you want to play the original RCT2, then yes, you can only do it through Wine. OpenRCT2 however runs natively on Linux. Those tarballs are binary builds of OpenRCT2 for Linux - "i686" and "x86-64" refer to 32 and 64 bit x86 processors respectively (I am not sure what "AppImage" means). If you're on a different processor architecture, you will have to compile from source, which you can find here . I believe it has been made to run on the Raspberry Pi, which has an ARM CPU. Also, some Linux distros may have OpenRCT2 available in their package repositories.
  15. That's very odd. This usually happens with objects from the expansions when the user doesn't have those expansions. I can't think why that would be happening with custom content. If you're on develop, try switching to release (or switching to develop if you're on release) to see if the issue still persists.
  16. What original Linux source? The original RCT2 was never available for Linux and source code has never been released (to my knowledge) - OpenRCT2 is based on disassembled code. As long as you have some version of RCT2 installed you can run OpenRCT2. It is not necessary to use Wine as OpenRCT2 has a native Linux build available (but you can use Wine to install vanilla RCT2, if this is easiest). What files are these? Most features that trainers had have been implemented as cheats within OpenRCT2. A few are available as plugins (for which you need the lastest develop build as plugin support isn't in the release build). I think there might be one or two that are still not implemented. Trainers will not work with OpenRCT2, however, parks that were hacked using those trainers should do. There has been work on a new save format, which you can find here. The limits are significantly increased in that version, but it should be considered highly experimental. The file format is still subject to change and there's no guarantee that parks you create with it now will work in a future version, so I would strongly recommend sticking with the develop build for now unless you want to test the new code.
  17. Mods for OpenRCT2 aren't really a thing, are you thinking of plugins?
  18. Several vehicles were grouped in the original. For example, the Giovanola and B&M hypercoasters are both listed as "Hyper Twister Coaster", the Arrow and Vekoma suspended swinging trains are all listed together, as are the GCI and PTC wooden trains (there's also three types of PTC train in the game, all listed under "Wooden Coaster"). OpenRCT2 just changes how the grouping works. Since research worked per-vehicle in the original game, I wouldn't be in favour of changing it. Especially as a scenario could be intentionally designed so that one vehicle is made available early and a better one is researched later.
  19. The game isn't really complete until it has it's own assets, right now it requires the original game to play. OpenTTD didn't reach version 1.0 until it had open source assets, I wouldn't be surprised if they do something similar here. The save format is also a major change, once that is introduced a lot of limits will be increased and you'll no longer be able to open OpenRCT2 saves with vanilla. They usually increment the minor version number after significant features are added (for example, the next release will be 0.3.0 because the plugins have been added). I don't know if version 1.0 will come after 0.9 or following a really big update like the ones mentioned above.
  20. Running the following command should update g2.dat: openrct2 sprite build data/g2.dat resources/g2/sprites.json
  21. It's OpenRCT2 specific, although it uses track sprites and vehicles that were already present in RCT2. Yes. Because nobody has added those yet.
  22. No, they don't save the sprites inside the SV6 file. I don't know if this requires the new save format (I'd guess it probably does just because of how much it would change - there's bound to be somewhere that assumes only 4 view angles), but that's not what I'm talking about. The original graphics set does not have sprites for 8 angles of most objects. Ride vehicles it does, but pretty much everything else doesn't. So this would require an OpenGraphics set, and would not be compatible objects or graphics made for vanilla RCT2. I think this would prevent it from being merged, because compatibility with parks made for the original is something they want to maintain.
  23. While it's not technically impossible it would be a massively complex change to implement and would only be possible once the OpenGraphics project is completed as the base game simply doesn't have the sprites required in many cases. This would also make the game incompatible with the original graphics set and objects made for the original game, and for that reason I think it's very unlikely to happen.
  24. That is not the problem. The game can load the sprites, but the SV6 format does not allow for additional surface styles to be added. This is not a bug, the surface styles are not currently supported and there is no way to make them work until the new save format is introduced. Unless you're on the (very much unstable) new save format branch, the terrain surface objects won't be loaded, only the edge types.
  25. If you're using the launcher it should have the option to switch between release and develop builds. Otherwise you can just download the latest release from here. Note that the next release build will have plugin support, so if you aren't planning on updating your OS you might want to stop using the launcher and stick with the latest release indefinitely.
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