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  1. Guests can be a bother at times. Try making your queue lines shorter on those rides they complain about. You can also check and see the number of vehicles on the ride (if applicable) and increase that if possible (within safety reasons if you decide using cheats to increase the number, unless you have the cheat for no crashes enabled). Certain flat rides have the option to change the number of rotations, and in the case of go-karts, change the number of laps.
  2. I was having problems with the Steam version of RCT2 and checked around in the forums there. Several people mentioned using OpenRCT2 to play the game, so I looked into it.
  3. So, what exactly is the limit on banners in the game? I tend to put them up at ride exits to keep peeps from wandering from the main paths and saying 'I'm lost!' Yet, I started playing a new game, only put up like 7 rides, and the game is telling me that there are too many banners in the game, which, I could have sworn there was a much higher limit than say, ten banners. So, does anyone know the limit, and is there a way for it to be increased in a future update? I am currently playing build 6cb9297 on Windows 7.
  4. 11 pages of spam. Poor General Discussions. ;_; Sadly, I don't think there's any corner of the internet safe from spammers.
  5. Ah, okay! I was doing it wrong. I've never used that website before. Thank you!
  6. If anyone finds a link to this archive that would be awesome. For now, I am satisfied going through the zip file that imlegos kindly provided.
  7. Oh my! That'll be a lot to go through if my download time is anything to go by. Thank you! Hopefully what I am searching for will be in there.
  8. So a large number of the tracks I had in filed away on a harddrive were made by members of the RCTmart community, which is long gone sadly, and they require the scenery from Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, which I unfortunately didn't have backed up anywhere. Does anyone here happen to have either of these scenery packs? Also, does anyone happen to have the RCTmart portion of the Disneyland project? There's a link on AmazingEarl's page about there being more, but of course it goes to a dead end.
  9. Arystina


    Whenever I get my game working properly again, I'll have to check it out.
  10. It's on my Steam wishlist. I always wait until I see the reviews before buying though. That, and a decent sale. I hope Planet Coaster has what it promises plus some. It's been awhile since there's been a good coaster-building game on the market (in my opinion).
  11. Arystina


    Nice to meet you! I haven't tried multiplayer yet. I am familiar with whitelisting and trolls though over in the Minecraft community. I actually spent some time as a moderator on a small server that ended up being whitelisted as the griefing just became too much. I suspect such problems are the same with pretty much every multiplayer game. Not sure yet what broke. I ended up filing a crash report on github. The developers are looking into it now and seem to be just as baffled as me. Of course, my luck, I find something nice and shiny and I go and break it.
  12. Arystina


    Greetings everyone! My name is Arystina, or you can call me Ary if you'd like. You might have seen my name around before. I'm kinda all over the place with gaming. Zoo Tycoon, Age of Empires, Sims, Star Wars, Minecraft, etc. I recently dug out my RCT discs and tried installing them on my Windows 7 pc, which I hadn't done since I updated a few years back, and I was saddened by all the graphical errors. Nothing worked right. I thought of buying the Steam version when i saw that many Steam users were having the same issue with that version. Then someone mentioned OpenRCT2. I was skeptic
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