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How Did YOU Find Out About OpenRCT2?

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I first heard of it when I was looking for an RCT alternative for Linux back in '15 but I scrubbed it off because it was very early and I also found FreeRCT, an attempt at rewriting the entire game from bottom up, also very early. I only decided to give it a go after Vargskelethor's RCT extravaganza stream.

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...Joel. lol

I've been a fan of the RCT games since I got RCT1 sometime back in 2001/2002, then getting RCT2 not too long after. A couple of years ago, I installed RCT2 on my Mac, but I didn't play it as much as I should have in retrospect. It wasn't until Joel's OpenRCT2 stream/video that I downloaded it, and I've been hooked since. I'm not sure if I was aware of its existence beforehand, but I went into the video having grown up with the games, so I would say that was the catalyst.

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On 19/4/2016 at 13:05, ziscor said:

Como sugiere el título, quiero saber cómo llegaron a conocer OpenRCT2. ¿Cuándo fue y cómo? 

Empezaré primero: fue hace casi 1 año, cuando buscaba aleatoriamente Roller Coaster Tycoon en Google. Después de varias páginas de cosas habituales, este enlace me llamó la atención:  https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1149898

Básicamente, este tipo estaba tratando de codificar RCT en Java, y alguien en esos foros dijo 'OpenRCT con multijugador'. Inmediatamente busqué en Google, ¡y sorprendentemente me llevó a OpenRCT2.net! Si hace clic en ese enlace, notará que es una conversación de más de 4 años en la que todos se entusiasman con RCT con multijugador. :PAG Acabo de redescubrir ese enlace hoy y decidí publicar este tema. También tiene una visión bastante interesante de las cosas.

how play rct no window ten Google search

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I wonder how many people Marcel Vos got into Open RCT2...

He got me! At first I was resistant to something that would incorporate Cheats into my nostalgic game. But now I love how it merges all the expansions together and I have never been tempted to use the cheats to win! 

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Sorry for the necro, but I kept running into the limits in the original RCT2 as well as it looked horrible off of my 1440p (now 1600p) display, so I searched for RCT2 increased limits, and found this version. Never gone back ever since and I love how active and responsive the devs are here. And yea, trying to run the steam version of RCT2 on windows 10 pro for workstations was just, well, anticlimatic as it kept hanging up with 32 logical processors and 32GB memory for some reason I will never figure out.

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I got rct2 with my first computer, and even though I knew nothing about the game, I liked it. Then after two years playing, I dropped my PC and the required CD drive was broken, so I wasn't able to play the game anymore.

I tried RCT Adventures on the Nintendo and it was awful in my eyes. I just missed the good old rct2.

Then, I neraly forgot about the game. One Day I found the old CD,  and the CD drive was working! I don't know why. So I played Rct2 and discovered some you tube channels like marcel vos and deurklink that brought me to Open Rct2.

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