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Yup, I also have the problem. It told me that I couldn't construct information kiosk 1, when opened. I closed it, didn't fix it. When I wanted to destroy the dinghy slide, the game crashed. I could see the screen on which it told what it was doing a bit through alt+tab, I think it said: "track map element not found".

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I think we've hit the attraction limit. An overflow caused the first attraction built to be selected, which is an information kiosk. Destoying one allowed me to build another one. What we can do:

  • Merge river rapids scenery (we have 14 of them now, should be one or two, depending on the colors)
  • Wait until the game is fully decompiled and the limits are removed, and start a new smaller park in meantime (a micro park?)

Does anyone know how Ridge Roller crashed? A safety cut-out doesn't stop the reverser tracks from working. (I've never trusted those heartline twisters)

Twisted Mouse is stuck. One train is waiting for a block section that's already empty. Needs resetting. (added to my tofix-list)

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2 minutes ago, Broxzier said:

What do you mean with that?

Like some staff parking lots/roads or staff center.  Make an obvious fence/boundary for guests.  We could also make a nice picnic area/shelter/arena area that you see in normal parks.  Its mostly using all scenery items.  A lot of the custom parks on nedesigns.com have areas such as these as well as front parking lots and REAL entrance areas.

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Just now, Broxzier said:

@Squab Ah like that, I'm totally in for that!

Great!  It is something different that I think people would enjoy.  For those that might still not understand what Brox and I are talking about... here are a few screen shots from STARPOINTE on NEDESIGNS.com.  (Credit to Pacificoaster and CedarPoint6 over there!)





Here is the page link for anyone interested in downloading.  It is a BEAUTIFUL custom park.  http://www.nedesigns.com/park/2914/starpointe/




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I'm cool with the idea of a backstage area, I only wish I could've add more attractions to Ralf, as it was the bad side to the frozen fruit-series (Frozen Eggplant, Carrot, Potatoes, Cabbage). Maybe I can get a entertainer for that area or a "upcoming" darkride. (So the building is there, but the attraction isn't)

Drawing my profile picture at the end of the park would be kind of challenging. But we can make signs in the backstage area with our names.

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@Philmon11, you claimed the park on Tuesday, but more than 72 hours have passed in meantime.

Claimed: -

Next In Line:  UTMAN, jensj12, Wuis, Squab, Przemek, Broxzier, WobblyRails, Racey, qbbq, xbalogan
Missed Turn:  Enner, Philmon11, imlegos

If you build any attraction or stall, merge any river rapids scenery to a yet to choose main river rapids scenery first! Going over the attraction limit will corrupt (?) the first information kiosk and crash the game.

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@Broxzier Yeah, maybe like one point where you still can get all the accessoires, especially keeping kiosks might be useful. Also maybe a more strategic way of placing toilets, I think I saw a few of them standing next to each other, which seems useless to me. And as mentioned some time ago merging scenery made by tracks will be making a few spots for attractions.

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I've got plans to build something (only need to study the scenery part a bit more), but with exams coming in May I don't always have enough time for rct2.

Claimed: -

Next In Line:  Wuis, Squab, Przemek, Broxzier, WobblyRails, Racey, qbbq, xbalogan
Missed Turn:  Enner, Philmon11, imlegos, UTMAN, jensj12

Here's the current list of [fun factor] * [accessability] * [visibility] * [luck]. Top 8 are all pretty close to each other.



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