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  1. TheLazyKitten and me and others indeed struggle for this, we had 255 staff members in our map and it wasn't full yet ( 254x254 ), we were somewhere around year 150, and got very hard to manage a good park rating due to people puking on paths where we are not able to blue print staffs there.
  2. As far as i know that Custom Objects will be loaded from the hoster to your game files automatically, so you have them also. And yes it might take a couple of tries before you get in.
  3. Might re-do this map later on today again :). Almost a year ago and i like to play OpenRCT2 with the people from a year ago again.
  4. Same does happen to me to. I was in a server yesterday and Birthdaybrian joined. I do know the beginning of his ip adress and i asked if that was true and he said yes. Better to know some details of the real player and remember that.
  5. Here is my end result of my Micro park using your Scenario file downloaded from here. All is done without cheating this time.
  6. ^^ Or turn off Vandalism
  7. @janisozaur Yeah i agree with that. My hacked build was not really that stable enough to run it. I did revert back to normal latest build after that. Also it did had some sync problems to others.
  8. Kasper mananged to edit openrct2.dll to get the hacked cars. "Beyond 16". For that he just added a cheat and you must have enabled it in order to set it. Just dont use it yourself It's not stable.
  9. An addon pack from a group or single person. I have OSX el capitan installed in vmware, so i will test it if it will load.
  10. And you know that if you change the cars amount, others will not see it and have rejoin to see it ( tested it with KKLD "Kasper".
  11. Shit happens everywhere you know. My guess is that this has all to do something with the arrest of Salah Abdeslam. Dutch/Nederlands: Het gebeurd nu toch overal en je kan het toch niet tegenhouden zolang ze de grenzen openhouden. En ik denk ook dat het ook te maken heeft met de arrestatie van Salah Abdeslam enz, maar om daar dan een aanslag te plegen is gewoon van de zotten.
  12. Use TCP/UDP and then only Port Forwarding. Took me a long time to find this out on the router also. External Start Port: 11753 / External Endport: 11753 Internal Start Port: 11753 / Internal EndPort: 11753 Just as shown in the screenshot
  13. Update: Just updated to 90665c7 and still seems unstable for me. Something is wrong on my side i guess :). Had problems earlier with wifi not connecting at all. i will reinstall Windows if OpenRCT2 just runs fine on my other pc.
  14. Didn't get it anymore after i posted this. Very strange ofcourse, but now running in Windows 7 mode without the admin rights. I saw you joining Brianbirthday's server to and you left with a No data msg ( as i was getting alot during this problem + crashes ) Edit: Just crashed again after i clicked to post it :P. Same happened as in the video.
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