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Group Park 2


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3 minutes ago, imlegos said:

Also, couldn't we theoretically make every single river rapids scenery into a single thing using the alternate color schemes? This would allow us to at least group together 4 schemes of River Rapids.

On 24-2-2016 at 11:53, jensj12 said:
  • Merge river rapids scenery (we have 14 of them now, should be one or two, depending on the colors)

No-one said we couldn't right?

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xbalogan's time to claim it ended, and I won't be having time to work on it until tomorrow evening (24 hours from now), so if anyone wants to claim it before me, go ahead. I'll move myself to the missed turn list.

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Next In Line: @Wuis
Missed Turn:  Enner, Philmon11, imlegos, UTMAN, jensj12, Wuis, Squab, Przemek, WobblyRails, Racey, qbbq, Broxzier


Isn't that the most exiting line you've ever seen? :D

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"I've been queing for Group Park 2 for ages."

@imlegos There should be a few spots left. I removed two rides and a track scenery piece, along with some information kiosks. You could probably get a giga coaster with a dedicated food court/souvenir stall and a maybe a transfer track, although it might just only be enough for a transfer track and some toilets extra.

I won't work on this park until there is atleast someone else who worked on it, kinda stupid otherwise.

Also, if you got any enhancements for The Giraffe, my first darkride and latest attraction, feel free to change things. 

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NVM, anyway... I've done what i felt safe doing, i noticed we reached the banner limit. so there's that...



Say hello to Backstage Drop, well, atleast what i can do with it.

Excitement: 9.15

Intensity 6.78

Nausea: error not found (4.04)

Community Park V2.84.sv6

Feel free to work on the area around it, as i didn't really know what to do with it.

Claimed: - 
Next In Line: @Wuis, imlegos
Missed Turn:  Enner, Philmon11, UTMAN, jensj12, Wuis, Squab, Przemek, WobblyRails, Racey, qbbq, Broxzier

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There ya go...

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Next In Line: @Broxzier, Wuis, imlegos, jensj12
Missed Turn:  Enner, Philmon11, UTMAN, Wuis, Squab, Przemek, WobblyRails, Racey, qbbq

Merged some river rapids scenery to one (now called official river rapids scenery), added a vertical coaster (scenery is not 100% done yet, feel free to add or improve), added bins and benches and got the guest count from 3500 back up to 5100. Park rating has some issues, seems to be related to litter (removing it makes it jump back to 999).

If you hadn't already noticed, I love vertical coasters. If you thought this was a big coaster, Towers of Terror is still 50% longer than this thing.


There are also multiple places where wooden coasters are used as scenery, might be worth merging too.

Community Park V2.85.sv6

Edited by jensj12
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Finished with my turn. Things I did:

  • The two remaining pieces of the suspense swinger track are now invisible.
  • New park entrance and guest entry point, feel free to decorate these more.
  • Extended the river to get it from a source off-map. Now the river flow is at least complete. Also here, feel free to change it.
  • Removed litter and fixed vandalism - park rating went straight up to 999 again.
  • Connected some area's with 2-wide paths, didn't test them out properly, but I do not expect many people getting stuck there.
  • Places some benches and bins all over the park.

New park entrance:


I didn't not merge any tracks, and did not build any new rides or stalls either. There is space for two more rides in the list at the moment.

Download: Community Park V2.86.sv6

Claimed: -
Next In Line: @Wuis, imlegos, jensj12, Broxzier
Missed Turn:  Enner, Philmon11, UTMAN, Wuis, Squab, Przemek, WobblyRails, Racey, qbbq

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Some things I forgot to mention:

  • Fixed White, Twisted Mouse and FrozenPlants, please notify me if any of these still cause issues.
  • Smoothened land where it hadn't been done properly

Broxzier, did the rating remain at 999 after removing litter? Dropped quite fast again in my turn... (and does so in v86 too) Following some of the staff, I get the feeling that they are negatively affected by double wide paths, walking circles quite often and ignoring things on the other side of the path. Someone should look for spots without handyman assinged and increase the walking range of staff operating next to it (some have really small patrol areas).

Note: Spiral Slide 1 can't be fixed because the path at the exit is not connected and peeps can't get from the giraffe to the rock.

Edited by jensj12
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No big changes, fixed slide 1, moved some toilets around (two places where they were placed next to each other), rearranged some handyman and finished another tower of my last coaster (which I renamed from Big Thunder Mountain to Big Thunder Rock). No screenshot as it are all small changes.

Claimed: -
Next In Line:  @Broxzier, jensj12
Missed Turn:  Enner, Philmon11, UTMAN, Wuis, Squab, Przemek, WobblyRails, Racey, qbbq, Wuis, imlegos,

Community Park V2.87.sv6

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Claimed: -
Next In Line:  @Broxzier, jensj12, Phil
Missed Turn:  Enner, , UTMAN, Wuis, Squab, Przemek, WobblyRails, Racey, qbbq, Wuis, imlegos,

This was terrible to build, and it still looks quite bad. If anyone wants to touch it up, feel free to do so. (Not responsible for death or damage due to rage.) I'm done with this ride forever. Look at the screenshots to see what i'm talking about... it's a Jurassic (Park) river adventure, it takes you through a gentle area, but uh oh! Your boat gets knocked off track! You enter the carnivore containment building! The only way out is... down...


Um, can someone help? I can't upload the park, whenever I try it says "Upload failed..." 


Edit: I can't get this website to work, so just take the park this way: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4e7r4deieeio0kg/Community%20Park%20V2.88.sv6?dl=0

Edited by Philmon11
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