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Group Park 2


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I built one new ride, it's a Wooden Wild Mine Ride called Ruins Racer. Its stats are:
Excitement: 5.73 (might still go up, because I tested it without scenery)
Intensity: 8.51
Nausea: 4.66


Other than this new ride I made the following changes:

  • Build 3 new paths at places where people got stuck (Park rating went up to ~600 pretty fast once they reached the exit)
  • Moved a drink stall from near the lake to the new entrance
  • Placed a lot of benches and bins, mostly in the new area of the park
  • Build a path under the G-flower patch near Giraffe with a handymen, so that the flowers will always be watered
  • Improved some empty places with scenery, mostly near where I built this new ride
  • Used a cheat to get rid of all litter; as a result the park rating went up to 999, but has slowly dropped since again
  • Changed the park name name to OpenRCT2.org Group Park 2, for some reason it had become Comunit

Claimed: -
Next In Line: @jensj12, Philmon, Broxzier
Missed Turn:  Enner, , UTMAN, Wuis, Squab, Przemek, WobblyRails, Racey, qbbq, Wuis, imlegos


Community Park V2.89.sv6

Edited by Broxzier
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Fixed guests getting stuck heading towards backstage drop, nitro, iced thea stall 3 (wasn't even connected to path), poseidons rehearsal and let it go, but still the park rating is not stable (dropped below 300 after cheating it back to 999).


  • Look for more places where guests get stuck (and add paths)
  • Look for places without bins and benches (and add them)
  • Look for places without handyman assigned (and increase nearby patrol areas)

Claimed: -
Next In Line:  @Philmon11, Broxzier, imlegos, jensj12
Missed Turn:  Enner, , UTMAN, Wuis, Squab, Przemek, WobblyRails, Racey, qbbq, Wuis

Community Park V2.91.sv6

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