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Tyvm @Broxzier

Just thought about something, on the left side of the entrance, totally in the corner there is this log flume. I've made an addition to that log flume (a flat ride and a food court) but after me posting pictures of it, people said they wanted that area to be redone, which I am totally cool with. But is that still the case? Especially at the creator of the log flume's side. 

Also I will try to get a darkride in, in my next turn. I will be destroying either Supperman (Junior Coaster) or Merry-Go-Round(Actually a Pirate Boat, previously known as Beach Banana) along the pier as they are both not well themed and the Pirate Boat has a duplicate very closeby. And I think a darkride will add a more diverse set of attractions in the park. I will probably also make changes to the attraction which doesn't get removed, to make it more fitting for it's surrounding area.

TL;DR: the water themed area of the log flume might need to be rethemed/removed. Probably building a darkride, removing either Supperman (Junior Coaster) or Merry-Go-Round (Pirate Boat), retheming the other.

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Sorry guys!  Super busy this week... I cannot claim either until Thursday so I am going to put my self to the missed turn list.


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Next In Line @Przemek, Broxzier, WobblyRails, Racey, qbbq, xbalogan
Missed Turn:  Enner, Philmon11, imlegos, UTMAN, jensj12, Wuis, Squab


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Just now, imlegos said:

We are not deleting tracked rides, except for subpar man. Because that ride is kinda lame.

Yeah, Supperman was made in a rush and was designed to be a normal-sized junior coaster, the one(s) that are also in the park are kinda big to be fair.

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Let's first merge some of the rapid rivers that are used all over the park. Some are merged already, but some aren't. This will probably make space for 3 or more rides already. Then we can delete some stalls, for example in the area next to the lake. There are quite a bunch of stalls that serve food/drinks. Only one or two would be enough.

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During my turn I spend most time filling in some empty spaces, and making the borders of the map more border-like, by placing trees and such near them. I also fixed some ride issues that didn't get fixed, and opened a few rides that were in test mode.

bKMxnwh.jpg       RZjiRuJ.jpg

^ Filled spaces with mostly trees, because they are easy to place on sloped areas. ^ Border with some plants and such growing there.

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Next In Line @WobblyRails, Racey, qbbq, xbalogan, Broxzier
Missed Turn:  Enner, Philmon11, imlegos, UTMAN, jensj12, Wuis, Squab, Przemek

Community Park V2.82.sv6

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Those River Rapids 4 till 7 don't seem to be anything?! Shall I just remove them? 

Also got down to removing one river rapids scenery nearby the Logger Rapids, I find it hard though, as I suck with the trick to get fences in the air sloped.



-Removed several information kiosks and merged an information kiosk


-There are still visible tracks at the suspended plane coaster.


-Removed Supperman, it was silly and not proud of it.

-Changed Pirate Ship near Harbor Twister to fit more in with Harbor Twister including name, colour and flower changes.


-Currently building a darkride themed around a Giraffe, the theming in the building doesn't fit that requirement, but it's just for raising the ratings.

PS.The ride isn't too big is it?


---Update 2---

I am a bit further, but I was thinking about naming and realised the names for this darkride, the coaster and the enterprise beside it were, to be fair, too long. I think I got more names which are too long, so I am going to narrow them down or totally change them.

Suggestions for the names and for anything else is MUCH appreciated even if you only want to give criticism.

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Next In Line @Raceyqbbq, xbalogan, Broxzier, Wuis
Missed Turn:  Enner, Philmon11, imlegos, UTMAN, jensj12, Wuis, Squab, Przemek, WobblyRails

Community Park V2.83.sv6


*New Attraction: The Giraffe

Had a tough time with this one, it being my biggest building ever build and one of my first darkrides in this game. I think it turned out rather well, but on some points I was tempted to get a 10x10 clear scenery tool.  I like the shaft-like things on the middle roof, the giraffe on the square and the wall of the third and last part of the building. Also in the end I discovered that the monorails moved way to fast on that circuit to get a decent capacity, so I had to up the cars per train.


*Removed the little log flume, as it was hard to get decorated and with the attraction limit, it felt to be more in the way than of purpose

*The coaster and the enterprise have new names; Gila Monster and Orange Baboon Tarantula, the latter still being quite lengthy. Gila Monster's trains has got a new color scheme.

--Further changes--

-> Removal of several information kiosks.

-> Merged a rapid river scenery piece.

->Removed Supperman, it was silly and not proud of it.

->Changed Pirate Ship near Harbor Twister to fit more in with Harbor Twister including name, colour and flower changes.

--Further Notes--

-> There are still visible tracks at the suspended plane coaster.

-> I probably made like 4 or 5 spots for attractions free, quite weird if I say so myself. But keep in mind these spots might want to be used for facilities rather than attractions.

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It looks like this project is dying, but there is still so much space that can be used. Come on people :P

Edit: Maybe we should have a second entrance at the end of the park, it doesn't seem to be very crowded there at all. There should also be a guest spawn point there of course.

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That is such a good idea! As the backstage area would look way more realistic with an entrance nearby. Same for the carpark. Maybe we could even make like a bigger entrance building, as the entrance now is rather tiny as it only being the preset entrance.

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Next In Line: @xbalogan, Broxzier, Wuis
Missed Turn:  Enner, Philmon11, imlegos, UTMAN, jensj12, Wuis, Squab, Przemek, WobblyRails, Racey, qbbq


Hey there. I have too much on my plate right now so I cannot afford to spend time on this project. Sorry! I added myself to the end of the list.

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On 11/13/2015 at 10:05, Broxzier said:

Looking good, indeed a bit big but it's fine with me. A lof of the scenery tracks for Lumber Jack can be combined, I'll try to do that, otherwise someone might hit the max ride limit in the end and not know where it came from.Next in line: Broxzier, UTMAN, jensj, imlegos, Philmon, xbaloganMissed turn: Jamaka, ErikI'll start working on it in a bit.

I was looking at the history of this project, and saw this on page 4. I find this slightly funny considering the current situation.

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