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  1. Deluxe asked me to upload the blank maps of his server onto the forums so...here we go x3 I hope this is the correct place to post them. Deluxe Beach Fiesta (with Path).sc6 Deluxe Corner Beach (with Path).sc6 Deluxe Beach Fiesta Extended (with Path).sc6 Deluxe Corner Beach.sc6 Deluxe Beach Fiesta Extended.sc6 Deluxe Beach Fiesta.sc6
  2. This was a multiplayer park hosted by Deluxe who doesn't have an account here on the forums. I asked him for permission to post pics of the parks here so...yeah, here you go. BTW, there's the save file too!! If you were one of the guys who contributed to this park, please tell me here on ingame so that I can add you in the list Deluxe Beach Fiesta.sv6
  3. I'm not quite sure if this feature exists already but...considering how it's possible to switch inbetween the RCT1's title screen music and RCT2's, would it be possible to have custom title screen music too? Like, you add your own song and it plays when you open the game. If this already exists...can somebody explain me how to do that? xDD
  4. I think it would be simpler just to save the multiplayer park after you finished playing. That way you won't lose stuff and you can continue from where you last left ^^
  5. Racey

    Group Park 2

    Aaand I think I'm done, woeey THIS IS MY CREATION! IT'S A GOOD ONE!!! I felt like creating a small garden place and, poof, here it goes. It features 4 rides including Quickspin, a meh-ish rollercoaster that has an exticement rating of 5.78 or something and only 1 car for no reason Sadly the guests dropped in number. No new guests came within the time I've played simply because the park rating was ranging between 100 and 300 all the time. I had to do a couple of things in order to improve it but still it's not perfect. -I gave patrol zones to more handymen in the
  6. Racey

    Group Park 2

    And I claim the spot I'll try to do things as soon as possible ^^
  7. Racey

    Group Park 2

    This seems like a fun project. Can I participate? ^^
  8. Racey

    Adventure Fields

    The park's looking real nice so far! Gotta love the scenery you made and that Mine Train coaster looks so awesome <3 I definitively want to see more of this, keep going man
  9. I love how you managed to cram so much in such a thin map. That's lovely, it's like Pleausure Island all over again <3 Nice job you all!
  10. ....I never noticed that ;-; Thank you sir
  11. I'm not quite sure if this is the right side of the forum to post this but...would it be possible to show what is the OpenRCT2 version that a host of a server is using? I believe this might help people that want to join a particular server but can't because they haven't got the correct software version; that way they would downgrade/upgrade as soon as possible and manage to join the server in a much fewer time rather than having to go trial and error in order to fetch the correct software version. Would be a similar thing be possible for expansions packs too? While it's true that the late
  12. Racey

    Tiny Crammed park

    Thank you, getting the last build fixed the issue ^^
  13. Racey

    Tiny Crammed park

    I cant join the rehosted server anymore, the game just crashes everytime the load is complete without giving any sort of explanation so...yeah, count me out :c Edit: It seems like I actually managed to hop back in, nvm
  14. My name's Racey. I recently rediscovered Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 and the OpenRCT2 build so...yeah, I guess I'll be part of this now Pleased to meet you all ^^
  15. Racey

    Tiny Crammed park

    Aaah, such a beauty ;v;
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