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Group Park 3


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@SensualEthiopianPolice, you built two coasters in one turn, and that isn't allowed from previous group parks. Just remember, only one coaster per turn! Also, wow do we love coasters! We don't want this park to be just coasters, so also keep in mind what Brox said! Thanks!



Claimed: Philmon11

Queue:  jensj12, Broxzier, Dan, ziscor, imlegos
Missed: CoasterMaster, CAVIAR, qbbq, Wuis

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I built "Kiddie Kingdom!" A kids section of the park, because every park has one. (No adults allowed. :) )

It contains two rides, a train that loops the perimeter, and a red area. I will let anyone edit the kingdom (As long as you don't destroy the rides or the train,) This includes scenery, paths, and of course expanding on it! You may minor-ly edit the train incase any issues arise. That being said, Do not build in the red area. This is a placeholder incase Brox allows us to use custom content. I am saving that for a custom-ride. If and ONLY if Brox says no to custom content may you build there. You may notice a toilet there, that's so if nobody reads this post they know not to build there. (The toilet is named "DO NOT BUILD HERE")

Have fun!

The OpenRCT Group Park 3.09.sv6

Claimed: -

Queue:  @jensj12, Broxzier, Dan, ziscor, imlegos, Philmon11
Missed: CoasterMaster, CAVIAR, qbbq, WuisSCR7.pngSCR8.png

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Well, since I blocked the main path directly (clear violation of rule 7) I think I should move my ride to the left in my next turn to allow for the main path to continue undeviated. Would you guys agree? I wouldn't wanna do all that moving if it's location is fine for everyone...for some reason I'm really anxious about that thing, as must be clear from all my asking about it, since this is the first time I've participated in a Group Park over here, not to mention that's the first thing I built in this project as well. :P 

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A few minor tweaks to Kiddie Kingdom (hope you don't mind, @Philmon11, feel free to revert if they aren't to your taste):

- Coloured each separate locomotive on the Kiddie Express.
- Repainted the raised section of track to more authentic wooden colours.
- Added a hedge around the paving perimeter to stop those pesky kids escaping.

My own addition this time round is Motion Raiders, a 4D cinema situated inside a large modern building with plenty of natural light able to seep in for guests waiting for their turn.



Queue:  @ziscor, imlegos, Philmon11
Missed: jensj12 Broxzier, CoasterMaster, CAVIAR, qbbq, Wuis




The OpenRCT Group Park 3.10.sv6

Edited by Dan
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