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Group Park 3


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How about this:  if that person lets us know a time frame within which they can claim it after having missed their turn, we don't remove their name off the missed turn list. If they can't claim within their own specified time frame... well, that's a good reason to remove their name I guess.

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Finished. What I did:
Created a Carousel for the park. I knew it was missing the carousel music! :)

Created a super super compact waterslide, which only got sub-par ratings. :( 

Created a carousel plaza, for the guests to watch the beauty of the double decker carousel. :) 

That's pretty much it! I'd say I had a pretty good go.

Line:  @Broxzier, CAVIAR, Dan, ziscor, qbbq, imlegos, Wuis, SensualEthiopianPolice, Philmon11
Missed:  jensj12  CoasterMaster





The OpenRCT Group Park 3.02.sv6


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Forgot to post park. And screnshot.
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  • Added a ghost cart launcher (51 km/h)
  • Built a 'building' that turned out worse than expected (as always), but they're getting better every time. Feel free to improve large parts of it (or the entire building).
  • Started the monorail within the same building
  • Hired a few more mechanics/handyman
  • Guests: 447
  • Park raiting: 807 (rising)
  • The save: The OpenRCT Group Park 3.03.sv6
  • The screenshot: SCR77.png
  • And the list:

Line:  @Broxzier, CAVIAR, Dan, ziscor, qbbq, imlegos, Wuis, SensualEthiopianPolice, Philmon11, jensj12
Missed: CoasterMaster

Edited by jensj12
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17 minutes ago, Philmon11 said:

Anyone know why?

This has been talked about a lot before, but it has too do with the fact that this game has weight calculation. Meaning that a dingy full of guests 'weighs' more then an empty one. Likely it was this + the games friction that caused it to fail.


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