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Sorry for that. The file was not getting uploaded as a .SV6 before, so I just removed that. If you type that in manually at the end of the file you could open the save file. Pretty coincidental that I did the same thing that Dan did. xD 

Seeing that the save file did not successfully export with the custom object I used, what options do we have now? If I put up the custom object here, can you guys attach that file with a save file and upload it here?

[EDIT: Just refreshed the page to notice that the save file is working for you. This website needs to give updates when someone edits their post :P]

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That one immediatly started updating the object cache and it worked. Please add 'a' to the end of the file name if you're reuploading the game with the same version number.

The last one (3.06a) did have a proper file name, otherwise just add the .SV6 yourself.

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What do you guys think about this? I might want to invert the colors (all grey to red, all red to grey) but I do think as red is kind of the main color of the square it should be present on the biggest attractions around. I also had to keep in mind that it was still a haunted house so it couldn't be too bright anymore, unless I ofcourse make it some kind of fun house. But I feel that ruins the fact of it's original purpose.

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I'm fine with that, or reversed, feel free to revamp the garden theme and ride name as well if desired (or I'll do that once it's my turn again, but that may take a while). 

@ziscor, I saw you built some paths on wireframe land, remove the wireframe before building anything on it next time.

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Claimed: imlegos
Queue: Wuis, SensualEthiopianPolice, Philmon11, jensj12, Broxzier, Dan, ziscor
Missed: CoasterMaster, CAVIAR, qbbq 

Side Note: I removed the European Theming set, and it kept all the georgian objects. So there's that. (No other objects from the set were kept in the file.

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Making rides completely indoor is hard, and takes away the beauty of the ride itself. I would only cover part of the ride, or make it go through smaller castles instead. Castles in theme parks are usually not very big, and often only near the entrance of a ride.

I like that some of you are using fences as decoration more and more :P

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Well, in my defense, I usually don't like how Gentle Car Rides look on their own, so I hide them under a building; mostly bringing them out only for slight sections. I'll see what I can do in my next turn, or you guys are very much free to improve it by yourself. Is the glitching very glaring? I could have improved on that had I not rushed my turn so soon. :P 

But please, if someone is up for it, please change my ride in any way you like (keep the general theme intact, though).

On another note, the castle looks very nice! The hedges look like a moss of sorts.

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For small rides like the gentle car ride you say perhaps, but for coasters not so much. There are very few coaster I know that are completely indoor.

Maybe the far end, furthest from the park station, could be partly out of the ruins, and the rest kept inside. Making the walls thicker by making them 1-tile wide might also add to the look of it.

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1 hour ago, ziscor said:

The hedges look like a moss of sorts.

That was the intended idea, However i do have the Disneyland Procject moss/vine walls i could replace those with. The main idea was too cover up the fact i coulden't place proper Monumental walls ther without clipping issues

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1 hour ago, Broxzier said:

Making the walls thicker by making them 1-tile wide might also add to the look of it.

Problem is, the Monumental Wall set are treated as full tile objects rather then tile edge objects. Same goes for a lot of the expansion wall sets, except for the NA, EU, and Asia walls really.

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