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Group Park 3


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I meant the ride ratings, they were halved because the ride had no big drop (look at the github wiki for more on ride rating calculations). The difference in ride layout is minimal but the ratings were doubled. Hope you don't mind (feel free to revert it if you do).

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I built a pirate swing ride, called Fabulous Pirate, and improved the castle near the entrance.


Other fixes around the park:

  • Owning all land, except near the entrance. A border is visible there though.
  • There was a lot of vandalism in the park, no idea why, I fixed it and it hasn't happened so far.
  • Changed the patrol areas a little bit, they were way too big for just one handyman, and hired a new one as well.
  • Set all inspection times to 10 minutes.
  • Changed the scenery here and there, mostly fixing walls.
  • Changed the black spots in the paths to grey, I think this looks nicer, but feel free to revert it.
  • Made the monorail have some supports, as it appeared to be floating. (You can make supports invisible by using the tile inspector, and moving the track piece under the surface element in the list).
  • Placed a few more benches and bins, mostly near the Water Rush.
  • Built a information kiosk, and a toilet.

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Queue: @CAVIAR, Dan, ziscor, qbbq, imlegos, Wuis, SensualEthiopianPolice, Philmon11, jensj12, Broxzier
Missed: CoasterMaster

The OpenRCT Group Park 3.04.sv6

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All additions look great, but a bit dark for a park entrance, let's get that rainbow going. x)

@jensj12 if I would redo the building, would it be okay to get it to a somewhat happier theme? or maybe just go with the lighter brown color for the mansion's walls?

Also, can I please make a new version with a door in front of the new toilets at the pirate corner building? Like this:


It's bugging me. ;;

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Yeah, I agree. Just recolouring it would be enough. And that door in front of the toilet is nice too.

During my turn I noticed that A LOT of people needed to go to the toilet all the time, even though the park is not that big. Made me wonder if it's maybe a bug.

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Yeah I'm fine with a happier theme. I wanted it to be less of a castle and more like a croocked house, but that failed. Do whatever you want to make it nicer. We can always revert it if it doesn't work out as well as the current theming :). You can also recolor some parts of the ride if you want, I've only used 2/4 color schemes.

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Introducing Dark Matter, a relatively compact Intamin Megalite.

A few additional benches and the completion of the fencing around Ghosts & Gardens are also the latest developments within the park.

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Queue: @ziscor, qbbq, imlegos, Wuis, SensualEthiopianPolice, Philmon11, jensj12, Broxzier, Dan
Missed: CoasterMaster, CAVIAR



The OpenRCT Group Park 3.05

Edited by Dan
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We could easily make some room for monorail supports by slapping a hole in the queue line, it's way too long anyways, but I'd rather have the monorail going directly behind the dinghy slide. The best solution in this case I think is moving the coaster (including scenery and some paths) further to the side of the park (and a few units higher or lower, just for fun :P ) so we can put something less thrilling with brighter colors there, but only if Dan agrees.

Building without clearance checks: in general, don't, but please do if it helps you to create better scenery.

On another note, the wireframe land means you can do with it whatever you'd like, don't be afraid to build (or only just start) a huge mountain or a small pit (leave at least 2 units below for extra paths that might be needed).

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I decided to cut my turn short. Here's the things I managed to do:

  • Built a gentle car ride named Ol' Timers (more on this later in the post)
  • Added 2 entertainers (One Pirate Guy that roams around the Pirate Ship and a Tiger at the entrance)
  • Extended the main path around my Attraction, since I blocked the way ahead of the Merry-Go-Round (I apologize if it becomes an inconvenience at any point)
  • Added a bunch of Mechanics, since a lot of messages of rides not getting fixed popped up frequently
  • Added Handymen around the path I extended with a reasonable patrol area
  • Extended the Monorail a teeny-tiny bit

Here's the ride in all it's glory:


Some one suggested we use parts of the European theming, so here is something that uses it heavily.  I used way too much 0 Clearance Checks, but I tried to keep the graphical pop ups at a minimum. 

I also used a little custom object (the white fencing at some edges of the building). Please let me know if the scenery could be improved, since I've never used the European Theme before. 

We need some more restrooms in this park, but I didn't want to build anything anymore so I left that up to the next person in line.

[EDIT: I noticed that the cars were popping through the ceiling in the picture, so I re-uploaded the park. No need to worry about that. :P There's still some glitching here and there, and if it becomes a nuisance you guys are welcome to demolish the ride or modify it in any way.]

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Queue: @qbbq, imlegos, Wuis, SensualEthiopianPolice, Philmon11, jensj12, Broxzier, Dan, ziscor
Missed: CoasterMaster, CAVIAR


The OpenRCT Group Park 3.06

Edited by ziscor
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I can't open the scenario because of the custom scenery item (xxfncl05). Are you sure you had 'export plug-in objects' enabled in the options? I like the theming though.

As it looks now the guests will get stuck trying to find their way between those two rides. So moving either of those rides is now necessary.

Edited by jensj12
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